abdominal fat


Abdominal fat has been linked to meat, egg, and milk consumption. Poultry consumption, in particular, appears linked to an expanding waist circumference (see here and here). Meat has been shown to decrease levels of adiponectin, a hormone which may help protect from cellulite. Processed sugary and fatty foods are low nutrient, high calorie and may have addictive properties. Even artificial sweeteners may cause weight gain. Obesity can start in adolescence.

On the other hand, plant foods may have slimming effects (as with beans such as soy, and nuts) and enhance abdominal fat loss from exercise (as with green tea), though some plant foods, such as grapefruit, have just as much effect on weight loss as water.
Nuts may help achieve a slimmer waist, less weight gain, and lower one’s risk of obesity by boosting our metabolism, satiating our appetites, and may have less calories than previously thought because of fecal fat loss. Dried fruit has similar effects.
Losing an extra few pounds of belly fat may be the best way to prevent prediabetes and protect babies during pregnancy, since pollutants are stored in fat cells.

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