Almonds are exceptionally healthy nuts. Research has shown that almonds and other nuts do not tend to contribute to weight gain, and in fact may help with weight control. They may also protect against DNA damage and lower cholesterol. The benefits of almonds can be reaped when eaten either cooked or raw.

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  • Fighting Inflammation in a Nut Shell
    Fighting Inflammation in a Nut Shell
    The equivalent of eating a single walnut half per day appeared to cut the risk of dying from inflammatory disease in about half, whereas fish did not appear to play a protective role. That may be why...
  • Is Peanut Butter Good for You?
    Is Peanut Butter Good for You?
    An update on the healthfulness of nut consumption and whether the cardiovascular benefits extend to peanut butter.
  • New Cholesterol Fighters
    New Cholesterol Fighters
    Eight products put to the cholesterol-lowering test.
  • Repairing DNA Damage
    Repairing DNA Damage
    Greater DNA repair capacity may explain why those eating plant-based diets appear to have fewer breaks in their chromosomes as they age.
  • Raw Food Nutrient Absorption
    Raw Food Nutrient Absorption
    We should prepare vegetables in whichever manner entices us to eat the greatest quantity.
  • The Best Nut
    The Best Nut
    Which type of nut has the highest antioxidant content?
  • Milk Protein vs. Soy Protein
    Milk Protein vs. Soy Protein
    Casein and soy protein appear to have different effects on one's waistline.
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