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  • Alcohol Risks vs. Benefits
    Alcohol Risks vs. Benefits
    Does moderate alcohol consumption extend the lifespan of healthy people?
  • Oxalates in Cinnamon
    Oxalates in Cinnamon
    How much turmeric and cinnamon is too much?
  • Apples & Breast Cancer
    Apples & Breast Cancer
    Can an apple a day significantly reduce cancer risk?
  • Hot Dogs & Leukemia
    Hot Dogs & Leukemia
    How much cancer risk can be avoided through lifestyle change?
  • Dietary Brain Wave Alteration
    Dietary Brain Wave Alteration
    A neurological basis for humanity's love affair with Camellia sinensis?
  • Repairing DNA Damage
    Repairing DNA Damage
    Greater DNA repair capacity may explain why those eating plant-based diets appear to have fewer breaks in their chromosomes as they age.
  • Flawed Study Interpretation
    Flawed Study Interpretation
    It all depends on how you define "very high" fruit and vegetable intake.
  • Cancer Fighting Berries
    Cancer Fighting Berries
    Do organic strawberries block human cancer cell growth in a Petri dish more than conventional berries?
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