Broccoli can be considered a dark green leafy vegetable, may help lower the risk of mouth throat, lung, breast (see also here, here), ovarian, endometrial, and cervical cancers. Raw broccoli specifically may also help bladder cancer survival. Broccoli may even protect against DNA damage. Broccoli is most nutritious when steamed, raw, or microwaved and less nutritious when baked, boiled, pressure-cooked, or fried (see Sometimes the Enzyme Myth is True). Microwaving broccoli for more than 2 minutes, however, will significantly decrease its nutritional quality. The nutritional content of broccoli, along with that of many other crops, has on average decreased 15% in the past 50 years. Researchers can now measure broccoli consumption through a urine test, something which will help improve the accuracy of broccoli studies. Broccoli is also a good source of antioxidants, although adding some additional herbs and spices to it can dramatically increase the antioxidant level exponentially (see also here). Broccoli and broccoli sprouts are probably the best food to eat to detox. Vitamin C is also present in broccoli. Eating 100 cups of broccoli a day appears to be the safe upper limit for broccoli consumption (see also here). Eating broccoli without chewing after gastric bypass surgery is also not a good idea. Broccoli sprouts, when grown at home, are probably the most affordable health food there is in terms of bang for one’s nutritional buck. They are considered safer to consume than alfalfa sprouts.

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    Sometimes the Enzyme Myth Is True
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    How Much Broccoli Is Too Much?
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  • Liver Toxicity Due to Broccoli Juice?
    Liver Toxicity Due to Broccoli Juice?
    6,000 cups of broccoli a year is probably too much.
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