Yerba mate (see also here), french fries, some artificial red dyes, sodium benzoate in some brands of soda, cell phones, conventional apple juice, Indonesian tofu made with formaldehyde, animal products, meat (see also here), processed meat (see also here, here, here, here, here, here, here), roasted meat (see also here), grilled and smoked meat (see also here), cigarette smoke, fast food, deep frying, putrescine, lutein supplements, poultry wart viruses, tanning beds, and scented household products may be carcinogenic. Avocados may be harmful based on in vitro (test tube) experiments, but more research is required.

Apples, broccoli, and white tea may contain “anti-carcinogens” and protect against cancer. Citric acid is harmless.

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  • Vitamin C-Enriched Bacon
    The addition of vitamin C to processed (cured) meats such as bacon may actually make them more carcinogenic.
  • Carcinogens in the Smell of Frying Bacon
    Carcinogens in the Smell of Frying Bacon
    Frying bacon outdoors decreases the concentration of airborne nitrosamine carcinogens.
  • Prevention Is Better Than Cured Meat
    Prevention Is Better Than Cured Meat
    The levels of nitrosamines—considered the most carcinogenic agents in cigarette smoke—were recently measured in an array of processed meats including chicken, turkey, and pork.
  • Are Nitrates Pollutants or Nutrients?
    Are Nitrates Pollutants or Nutrients?
    Phytonutrients such as vitamin C prevent the formation of nitrosamines from nitrites, which explains why adding nitrite preservatives to processed meat can be harmful, but adding more vegetables and...
  • Bacon and Botulism
    Bacon and Botulism
    The nitrite preservatives in processed meats such as bologna, bacon, ham, and hot dogs form carcinogenic nitrosamines but also reduce the growth of botulism bacteria, forcing regulators to strike a...
  • When Nitrites Go Bad
    When Nitrites Go Bad
    Nitrites in processed meat form nitrosamines, a class of potent carcinogens found in cigarette smoke, which may explain why hot dog consumption has been associated with the two leading pediatric...
  • Carcinogenic Putrescine
    Carcinogenic Putrescine
    Biogenic amines such as spermine, cadaverine, and putrescine are chemical compounds of decay that may have adverse health effects. Which foods are most contaminated: beer, blue cheese, feta cheese,...
  • Throw Household Products Off the Scent
    Throw Household Products Off the Scent
    Volatile chemicals in consumer products such as air fresheners, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets may be hazardous.
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