cervical cancer

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  • Amla Versus Cancer Cell Growth
    Amla Versus Cancer Cell Growth
    Indian gooseberries (amla), an important plant in Ayurvedic medicine, may have anti-cancer properties, as well as cough-, fever-, pain-, stress-, and diarrhea-suppressing effects.
  • Pets & Human Lymphoma
    Pets & Human Lymphoma
    Is having a cat or dog associated with a higher or lower risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma?
  • Cancer Fighting Berries
    Cancer Fighting Berries
    Do organic strawberries block human cancer cell growth in a Petri dish more than conventional berries?
  • Red Tea, Honeybush, & Chamomile
    Red Tea, Honeybush, & Chamomile
    Studies on the growth of human cancer cells in a Petri dish suggest herbal tea benefits.
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