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  • Are Avocados Bad for You?
    Are Avocados Bad for You?
    The insecticide and fungicide compound found naturally in avocadoes (persin) may damage the DNA of normal cells as well as cancer cells.
  • Research Into Reversing Aging
    Research Into Reversing Aging
    The first dietary intervention shown to boost telomerase activity.
  • Carcinogens in Roasted Chicken?
    Carcinogens in Roasted Chicken?
    Our bodies are less efficient at detoxifying heterocyclic amines—carcinogens formed from cooked muscle tissue—than once believed.
  • How to Upregulate Metabolism
    How to Upregulate Metabolism
    A biochemical clue as to why vegetarians tend to be significantly slimmer than the rest of the population.
  • Is Mangosteen Juice Good For You?
    Is Mangosteen Juice Good For You?
    Mangosteen juice may be an expensive way to make yourself sick.
  • Repairing DNA Damage
    Repairing DNA Damage
    Greater DNA repair capacity may explain why those eating plant-based diets appear to have fewer breaks in their chromosomes as they age.
  • Raw Food Diet Myths
    Raw Food Diet Myths
    Some nutrients are destroyed by cooking but some nutrients become more absorbable.
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