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Industrial toxins build up in animal fat; this may account for the relationship between animal fat consumption and disease. Feeding meat and bone meal to farm animals may also result in the biomagnification of industrial pollutants. An effective way to detoxify the body of industrial toxins, then, may be by choosing a plant-based diet (see also here). Xenoestrogens (industrial chemicals with estrogenic effects) have been associated with early onset puberty in girls and lowered sperm counts in males. And thought to be due to phthalates in chicken, chicken consumption during pregnancy has been linked to the feminization of male genitalia.

Fish, fish oil, and eggs have been identified as the top three sources of certain industrial toxins in the diet (see also here). Factory farmed fish have been found to have the highest levels of DDT, PCBs, and dioxins (compared to wild caught fish). Tuna has been found to be especially high in mercury (see here, here). But all types of fish have been found to be contaminated with industrial toxins and, thus, microalgae based DHA is a better option for long chain omega-3s (see also here).

Other items to avoid: french fries due to acrylamide, foods containing high fructose corn syrup due to mercury contamination, certain types of plastics due to BPA, scented household products, Ayurvedic medicine (see here, here, here, here), creatine supplements, and protein powder supplements.

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