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Eating a varied plant-based diet containing foods such as Indian gooseberries, spinach and apples may provide protection against kidney disease, whereas foods such as white bread, french fries, and betel nuts may promote kidney cancer. Drug residues found in meat (especially veal) could be also be nephrotoxic.

Consumption of star fruit has been linked to acute renal failure. Additionally, natural compounds in licorice and turmeric may adversely affect one’s kidneys at high enough doses. For certain people, eating too many beets may increase risk of kidney stones.

One study recently linked total meat and processed meat consumption (see also here and here) to the risk of kidney cancer as well as many other forms of cancer. Poultry workers, who are exposed to poultry viruses at a higher rate than the general population, also had higher kidney disease rates. Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs), found mostly in chicken and pork, are another potential cause of kidney problems. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, but can be prevented, treated, and even in some cases reversed with a plant-based diet.

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