omega-3 fatty acids

The health benefits that are believed to be associated with Omega-3 fatty acid intake include: decreased inflammation, help for arthritis, and reduced symptoms of depression. Omega-3 may even boost health and intelligence of babies whose mothers increase Omega-3 intake during pregnancy. While often a recommended source of Omega-3, fish and fish-oil supplements may not be safe due to the presence of dioxins, PCBs, mercury, and other industrial pollutants. Farm animals such as chicken are likewise no longer a good source of Omega-3 due to genetic manipulation. Omega-3 enriched eggs can be a source, but eggs are loaded with cholesterol and arachidonic acid (see here and here). Two excellent sources of Omega-3 are flax seeds and algae-based DHA supplements, which are bioequivalent to fish oil but do not have the harmful industrial toxins.

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