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How Many Cancers Have Been Caused by Arsenic-Laced Chicken?

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. And check out the other videos on chicken. Also, there are 1,449 other subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them as well!

  • Lolas’ Reydio Show

    thank you very much for this great truth

  • drrggibbs

    3-Nitro has been withdrawn from the market.

    • Michael Greger M.D.

      That is just one of the many arsenic-containing feed additives approved for use in the United States. It’s great that sales of one of them, 4-Hydroxy-3-nitrobenzenearsonic acid (3-Nitro®), was suspended, but we need a ban so all of them are pulled from the market. See Food and Water Watch’s report last year “Poison Free Poultry.”

  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Also be sure to check out my associated blog post Dr. Oz, apple juice, and arsenic: chicken may have ten times more!

  • Kay

    I eat a plant-based diet for good reasons, but friends and family tell me they feel they ‘have to have meat’ to feel good. I don’t agree, but that’s their opinion. I am wondering for their sake, does buying simply “organic” chicken solve this arsenic  ingestion problem? Or would it have to be organic, free-range? Or kosher? Does the arsenic feed only apply to factory farm chickens that  are not organic?

  • LumLum2500

    I watched your video “Pandemic Prevention:  Bird Flu and Emerging Infectious Diseases.”  If you put it on this web site more people will quit eating chicken.

  • beccadoggie10

    The USDA does NOT allow arsenic in organic poultry.

    “Farmers and ranchers must accommodate the health and natural behavior of their animals year-round. For example, organic livestock must be:
    Generally, managed organically from the last third of gestation (mammals) or second day of life (poultry).
    Allowed year-round access to the outdoors except under specific conditions (e.g., inclement weather).

    Raised on certified organic land meeting all organic crop production standards. Raised per animal health and welfare standards.

    Fed 100 percent certified organic feed, except for trace minerals and vitamins used to meet the animal’s nutritional requirements.

    “…Managed without antibiotics, added growth hormones, mammalian or avian byproducts, or other prohibited feed ingredients (e.g., urea, manure, or arsenic compounds).”

  • Hans Lak

    Chicken Meat contains Arsenic? FDA… so what?

    Do you think its time for CHANGE? FDA
    could easily and immediately fix the problem,” said Paige Tomaselli,
    senior staff attorney with CFS, “but instead puts its head in the sand.
    We can only conclude the FDA is catering to the companies that continue
    to sell products containing arsenic that ends up in our food supply.” Is this a PROBLEM?
    David Gross •

    There was a big scare when Dr. Oz found arsenic in apple juice.

    Then rice.

    There is a difference between inorganic and organic arsenic.

    Total arsenic may not be something to worry about.

  • david monkey

    what can I eat that is not poisoned? Meat, veggies, and fruits all are full of crap, now what? Where do you go, what can you eat?

    • Elizabeth W Hudetz

      And then of course since we’re killing all the bees…
      Remember when all food was organic?

    • Dawn C

      David Monkey–I feel the same way!

  • sarah

    where does brown rice fall on this graph?

  • Koo

    I’m amazed! Thanks for the information. Now please what do you think about
    1. The chemicals they use in growing and preserving fruits and vegetables?
    2. Is drinking distill water better than tap water since tap water has been found to contain many chemical?

  • Jan Fredericks

    The agri-business for farm animals is evil. They don’t care about animals or people. Thank you for telling the truth. The FDA is also finally talking about removing antibiotics from farm animals.

  • fatty

    You should quit eating processed meats and lower your food bill by half and all the fat and toxic stuff, but you have to think differently. A baked potato, carrots, succotash and apple sauce is a meal and the meat doesn’t have to be there. For some protein wolf down some nuts or seeds. IF people eliminated meats they could eliminate the huge refrigerator.

  • fatty

    All other meats have increased in price by a lot. Even turkeys, but chicken is staying the same. So why do the others have to raise their prices? Turkey has increased by triple in the last five years. How can they make chickens with no increase? They say no hormones, but strange how it takes a chicken the whole Summer to reach full size but they can do it in six week sin a chicken house. So just quit eating the crap and eat sunflower seeds. Because the stuff is toxic.

  • Bob Morris