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  • editor d

    So how do you feel about a little olive oil in a stainless steel pan for cooking up say a stir fry? Something in the area of a couple tablespoons. If that’s no good then what do you recommend? BTW I love this site.

    • Toxins

      Try cooking with water. I do and the vegetables turn out the same consistency

  • This video is titled “deep frying” but does this also apply to normal frying? I love coconut oil for all its topical uses, and my roommate recently started using it in the frying pan, in place of butter/nonstick spray. A few friends of mine told me that this is dangerous as it becomes carcinogenic (they said it especially happens with cold-pressed oils). Are they right? Thanks.

    • Toxins

      Coconut oil is covered by Dr. Greger. It is indeed an unhealthy food to use, as are all oils.

      Coconut oil manufacturers constantly point a finger to the medium chain saturated fatty acids being used for energy expenditure and therefore not being disposed of as fat in adipose tissue. Coconut oil does indeed contain medium chain fatty acids and this may be metabolized differently but there are very few studies to make the conclusion that coconut oil is “ok” or that medium chain saturated fats are negligible. A tablespoon of coconut oil has about 12 grams of total saturated fat. about 8 grams of this is medium chain saturated fat and about 3.7 grams of this is long chain saturated fat. We have an abundance of evidence concluding that long chain saturated fats are harmful so we cannot consider this oil a healthy option based on that alone.

      As far as minerals and vitamins go, there is not one significant vitamin or mineral in coconut oil. The only vitamin present in a tablespoon of coconut oil is .1 micrograms of vitamin k which does not even register as a percentage of daily value. Its also absent of any omega 3 fats. Just looking at coconut oils nutritional profile we see that it is clearly a junk food. Junk food is by definition empty calories.

  • Frances Morey

    What about peanut oil? It was suggested to me because of the smoking point being the highest of the oils.

    • Toxins

      Peanut oil is extremely rich on omega 6, with a ratio close to 4400:1 of omega 6:3. An adequate ratio is 4:1 so this far exceeds what we should strive for. This is important because if the ratio is off, then omega 3 ALA cannot be converted to DHA and EPA.

      • Liz

        0_0 IM afraid to sak about Canola oil, but I may learn something

        • So – in terms of carcinogens and Omega 3 oils, Canola is the healthiest other than flax. I have heard that Canola is bad for frying because Omega 3 oils, while being heart healthy, oxidize more under heat, so it’s possible that your best bet for oils is in salad dressing.

  • Patricia Dula Bartee

    I work in a restarant that changes there deep fryer grease 1 time every 2 weeks. I have asthma and before the 1st week is out I’m using my rescue inhaler. This has been going on for years now. Is this dangerous to my health?

    • Tamzin

      NO SH*T, SHERLOCK. quit!!!

  • Luc This study including the use test with coconutoil, finds less acrylamid after fying with saturated fats. Coconutoil should do rather well then, right?

  • Kayla

    Canola oil is extracted from rape seeds, high in omega 3 which at high temperatures turns into trans fats. Worse than saturated fat for cholesterol levels. Canola oil should only be used unrefined, cold pressed, and for salads as all omega 3 oils denature at 325F or 160C. As advised by Dr. Greger avoid deep frying.

  • Matt

    Recommending canola as a preference for deep frying as a healthy choice is a bit like recommending coca cola to athletes because dehydration is so detrimental to performance.

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Good analogy, but I never heard him recommend deep frying in canola oil. What he says is “canola was the oil generating the least amount of potentially toxic chemicals” however this doesn’t mean canola oil-based deep fried foods are safe and healthful.

  • UpBeet

    How bad is it to deep fry potatoes with avocado oil at around 300 degrees F. ?

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      I’m not sure. If you are deep frying it looks like canola oil is best, but I would flood the meal with other whole foods like raw and steamed veggies to help counter the higher fat meal. Using sweet potatoes and/or blue, red, and gold potatoes are a better choice.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Another win for canola oil, I use expeller pressed canola oil from Trader Joes.