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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. And check out the other “HHH” videos (Harmful, Harmless, or Helpful?). Also, there are over a thousand subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them as well!

  • NCVegan

    Hi Dr. Greger,
    I am glad to hear that coffee is helpful! Does the literature indicate any differences between hot brewed coffee and cold brewed coffee? I have read that hot brewed coffee is more acidic than cold brewed coffee.
    Thank you!

  • Bob Levin

    Hello Dr. Greger,  My 41 year old daughter has leukemia (both AML and ALL) and is about to receive pre-transplant chemo and radio- therapy, the transplant to be provided September 11th..  We are now eating a plant based diet.  Do you have specific recommendtions for this type of leukemia?

    Thank you very much,

    Bernard Levin (email:

  • Mark Hazell

    Does it matter if the coffee is roasted or not? How does that affect its healthy-ness?

  • Ashley

    it says just 2 cups of coffee raises homocysteine by 11% in 4 hours

  • Guest

    Here is very interesting post

    If you drink coffee 3 cuts a day, it raises
    homocysteine in by 1.26 mumol,

    but with 200 mg folic acid it reduces it below level of the non-coffee drinkers by 0.17 mumol

  • Ashley

    Here is very interesting post

    If you drink coffee 3 cups a day, it raises
    homocysteine in by 1.26 mumol,

    but with 200 mg folic acid it reduces it below level of the non-coffee drinkers by 0.17 mumol

  • Kaleb

    Have you seen the new ‘weight loss holy grail’ or Garcinia Cambogia? I am skeptical on this substance that has been promoted as a breakthrough in the world of dieting.

    • Kaleb

      it is represented as the ‘all star’ supplement in javita coffee

  • Carol Avila Elder

    What about the claim that coffee destroys the nerves? Are there harmful natural chemicals in the coffee bean?

  • Linda C

    As someone who has had intermittent cold sores my whole life, I am wondering what research might show about prevention and treatment. I took lysine daily years ago, until I read that it can increase cholesterol. Now, I use it topically and take it as a supplement only when I feel a fever blister coming on. Curiously, my dad and I got them; my mom, brother and son have never had them.

  • Mery Daae

    so for someone with high blood pressure, osteoporosis and high cholesterol (my mother) would you say harmful or good if 2 cups a day paper-filtered for cancer and Alzheimer’s prevention? Thank you!

  • Tobias Brown

    Is instant coffee better or worse than regular types? I’ve decided that good brands don’t taste so bad after all and… it’s a lot less work than my only method, the best one, that is, the stove top moka machine method. :)

  • Gwendolyn

    Hi Dr. Greger ! I have bladder leakage and am really hoping you could tell me if it is possible to have
    this stop. I heard of Kegels, there any other remedy ? I sure hope so !

  • jssimbulan

    Hi Dr. Greger,
    I have type 2 Diabetes (A1C9.2) This is my 2nd month becoming Vegan and I definitely love it. However, I’m confused about coffee consumption and how it affect sugar spikes. I have searched online for the answer but have come up short. I substituted coffee for hot ginger tea for breakfast. Should I go back to coffee to help with diabetes? If I would go back to coffee, it would be made black with Truvia or Brown Coconut sugar. please help.
    Thank you,
    Joseph S.

  • JunkFoodVegan

    Does coffee really causes hair to grey prematurely?

  • Hi! If you say filtered coffee: does they have to be from paper filters or are stainless steel filtres recomendable as well in order to not raise cholesterol?