Doctor's Note

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Little did I know how good it was! Check out: Better than Green Tea? The impressive manganese content of hibiscus tea may exceed recommended limits at high intakes, though, so we probably shouldn’t drink more than a quart a day.

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. And check out the other “HHH” videos (Harmful, Harmless, or Helpful?). Also, there are over a thousand subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them as well!

    • Guest

      Hi Doctor. Hibiscus petals are notoriously high in acid content. Is it
      likely that drinking hibiscus tea over a long period of time may damage
      tooth enamel? Thanks

      • Kim Churchman

        Not if you rinse your mouth with water after, and avoid brushing your teeth for a half-hour after.

  • HereHere

    Boy, you didn’t even say why it is helpful. Vit C? This is my favorite tea. It would be so cool if it was something more than just Vit C.

  • Toxins

    Hey there HereHere!
    To answer your question, if you look at the study, I quote “The [hibiscus tea] did not induce DNA fragmentation. The results suggest that [hibiscus tea] extracts have antimutagenic activity against 1-NP and decrease the proliferation of HeLa cells, probably due to phenolic acid composition.” Basically, it protects your DNA from damage which implies that it is a good source of antioxidants. For more on phytonutrients like phenolic acid see the videos here:

    Hope this answers you question on its benefits!

  • jmboss

    What about the high iron content in hibiscus tea?

  • I just picked some of this stuff up and noticed that it has licorice in it. Should I be concerned?

    •  Licorice can be harmful but like many potentially harmful compounds “The dose makes the poison”. The amount of licorice in your tea is probably very small and would be fine. I would avoid if pregnant or possibly pregnant. View more information on licorice at Look at Even water felt to be one of the least toxic substances can cause death if consumed in high quantities as one women unfortunately found out in a radio contest called, “Hold your Wee for a Wii”, in Sacramento CA in 2007. Be well.