Doctor's Note

For more on noni juice toxicity, see Safety of Noni and Mangosteen Juice.

For some context, check out my associated blog posts: Is Noni or Mangosteen Juice Safe? and Soy milk: shake it up!

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  • Veguyan

    Noni may kill us. After that, it is not clear what you are saying.

  • Woodstufhp

    Question: you say Noni Juice……you are talking about the bottled noni juice ($40. a bottle!)  What about the fruit fresh off the tree…….juice rendered and consumed.  I know of a 75 year old man in perfectly good health that eats the fruit like apples….Others say that the fresh noni juice can be consumed for a month or two then should not be for 5 or 6 months.  Can you offer input?  It might just be the processings of the $40 a bottle Noni Juice.

  • Ruthhodsonreed

    Where is the research on Noni juice?  I have been affiliated with them for about 15 years never heard of these claims, they do have a research staff that claim it is totally safe, and in fact boosts immunity.  I am shocked and want the truth please.   Thanks

  • Lillis

    You should investigate Noni more. Especially from the company Morinda (TNI), as their Noni Juice is in Europe classified as a safe novel food:

    And about the acute hepatotoxicity I found an interesting article:
    Ingredients other than noni may be culprits in acute hepatotoxicity in 14-year-old boy.


    We would appreciate it if you could mention any studies done for a particular fruit, called guyabano and its benefits, i think they call it graviola, thank you very much.

  • Lillis

    “Hepatotoxicity and subchronic toxicity tests of Morinda citrifolia (noni) fruit.

    Morinda citrifolia (noni) fruit juice has been approved as a safe food in many nations. A few cases of hepatitis in people who had been drinking noni juice have been reported, even though no causal link could be established between the liver injury and ingestion of the juice. To more fully evaluate the hepatotoxic potential of noni fruit juice, in vitro hepatotoxicity tests were conducted in human liver cells, HepG2 cell line. A subchronic oral toxicity test of noni fruit was also performed in Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats to provide benchmark data for understanding the safety of noni juice, without the potential confounding variables associated with many commercial noni juice products. Freeze-dried filtered noni fruit puree did not decrease HepG2 cell viability or induce neutral lipid accumulation and phospholipidosis. There were no histopathological changes or evidence of dose-responses in hematological and clinical chemistry measurements, including liver function tests. The no-observed-adverse-effect level (NOAEL) for freeze-dried noni fruit puree is greater than 6.86 g/kg body weight, equivalent to approximately 90 ml of noni fruit juice/kg. These findings corroborate previous conclusions that consumption of noni fruit juice is unlikely to induce adverse liver effects..”

  • Jason

    Doctors and pharmaceutical industry must hate noni juice because
    noni juice works like wonder on hypertension. It lowers blood pressure big time! We know how much money medical industry makes with hypertension drugs!

  • Thinkabouddit

    Natural News just printed that noni stimulates the immune system to reject tumor cells:

  • barbarabrussels

    I think the 40 bucks per bottle would kill me even faster.

    • Ras Bongo Natty Tafari

      Haha…..that’s a heart attack right there….

  • Andrew

    just like studies with small samples do not demonstrate effectiveness, isolated liver failure may not be actually caused by the fact someone is consuming a product. more background info is required. With $28B being spent on juice supplement using isolated cases of liver failure to demonise a product is as unrepresentitive as a dodgey sponsored study. However don’t think I support the miracle juice industry as I expect it is of little actual benefit when compared to product cost. Dr Gregor it would be great if you didn’t just point the finger at mlm companies like they are evil; as a couple of rotten apples don’t mean all apples are bad.

    How many die from taking prescribed pharmaceutical products each year in the US or die in hospital as a result of medical errors?

  • Heather Lane

    yeah, what about consuming the fruit right from the tree? or the leaves in tea? or the bark?

  • Sonia

    I love your videos in general but this is a bit to pat for my taste. I’m not questioning the possibility that there’s some scammy juice concoction out there with toxic ingredients (noni isn’t too sweet so many formulations mix it with other juices) BUT to make a broad blanket statement like that with no real clinical data is a bit much.
    I had a severe ulcer a few years back (from NSAIDS) a good brand of pure noni juice brought me much relief and back from the brink so I could eat again.
    Later on a dear friend hooked on opiates (from surgery) asked me if I knew a painkiller that wasn’t addictive and I recommended noni for her. She grabbed a few bottles (of a cheaper not as expensive brand) and it worked like a charm. Less pain and she eased of the pills and into better comfort and health.

  • Roberta

    Pubmed published recent research in May of 2016 that showed Noni leaf superior to a specific chemo drug for lung cancer. However the study was done on rats and only the leaf ,not the fruit was mentioned