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  • Michael Greger M.D.

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  • Lucille Petrich

    Are there any particular vegetables or fruits which help fight ovarian cancer?

    • Jddh

      Hello L. Petrich;
      Yes, there are many. Garlic, asparagus ( for a glutathione detox boost), cabbage, onions, made up in a home made broth with only a pinch, if any , sea salt.  Beets (raw juiced).
      6 Organic carrots, 2 oranges and 2 organic beets juiced daily.Fresh organic  Cucumbers with skins on. Mangos with skins ON.  Broccoli STEMS. 

      Phytochemicals are the key to unlock our cellular receptors. the ones that unlock the phase 2 enzyme, which is the primary detox process of the human body undertaken by the liver. It is the phase 2 enzyme that we activate for reversal of cancer. The very best foods we can use to unlock this are in the parts of our food that we discard too often. The skins, seeds, and stems. Many of the seeds, such as apple, avocado, etc can be ground in the form of a smoothie with the fruit. In a pineapple, add the stem, rip off the pineapple leaves and use the stem parts under the leaves….loaded in phytochemicals. The spark plug to activate our bodies into action.

      Carrots help rid the body of tumors and strengthen the immune system. Falcarinol slows the growth of cancer cells. Falcarinol is a NATURAL pesticide in a carrot, it protects the roots from fungal diseases while it grows.
      Carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables eaten every day is very important. Foods such as Carrots,oranges, broccoli, romaine lettuce and spinach, with carrots being your best choice. Fresh is best, but steamed lightly will only result in about a 30% loss of falcarinol and if boiled about a 70% loss.
      warmest regards
      Janet H

  • Tblakeslee

    Another possible explanation is the quality of meat in the US vs UK. Hormones, antibiotics and corn finishing could make US meat less healthy.

  • M_hemerka

    yet another thing to consider is variety.  Apparently the variety we enjoy in North American is not the same in the UK. Less variety =less nutrients.

    • guest

      Please remove the above name ASAP thanks!

  • matan

    Is there a connection between the amount of meat you eat to the harms on the body, or like the IGF-1 a few “slips” harm the body like consistent meat consumption? (in most cases)

  • Skeptic

    Illogical statement. Eating a less diverse diet of high nutrient foods, is far more nutritious than a very diverse diet of nutrient poor foods. Also, eating a large variety of metal filings and pesticides is far less nutritious than eating a lot of kale.