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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. And check out the other videos on cholesterol. Also, there are 1,449 other subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them as well!

  • Gio

    Why won’t you attempt to debunk this study? Because it goes against you think may be true?

    • MS

      I’d be interested in an analysis of this as well. This article discusses the issue of cholesterol levels – even saying that moderate levels and elevated cholesterols MAY prove not only to be harmless, but in some cases actually beneficial.

  • vernondemille


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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Also be sure to check out my associated blog post Vitamin B12: how much, how often?!

  • Qpbd clean arteries

    I am following the PBD to reverse heart disease written by Caldwell Edelston . my question is if nuts are so good for you what is the science for not consuming them in trying to reverse the disease you have??

    • Jay M

      Dr Caldwell Esselstyn’s recommendation to avoid nuts is based on his experience with treating patients who already have advance CVD and plaques in their arteries. Maybe the studies that Dr Gregor sites are not based on such individuals.

  • jeffrb

    I would like to know when the conclusion that red yeast rice was a natural statin was made for this article. From what I understand it is useless now as the drug company sued to have the natural statin removed,because they have a patent on it. I am at the point where I do not believe anyone anymore when it comes to food and medicine. It’s criminal. In the future you should cite the source as well as the date of the citation being used. You could be out of date.

    • Thea

      jeffrb: Did you see the “Sources Cited” section above? Perhaps that would answer your question???

  • Annette

    My husbands Dr ask him to take 1000 mg 2x a day of flax seed oil. Since flax oil does not do a thing, how much ground flax would equal 2000 mg. I put 2 tbsp in his oatmeal the days he eats oatmeal. My husband is not vegan, wish he would go vegan but he has tried but does not like not having his meat. Love you videos… :)

  • birdofparadise

    Aloha Dr. Gregor,
    I was unsure where to pose this question so I’ll do it here. My husband
    suffered a stroke this past December due to a “solidly blocked left
    carotid artery”. His doctor as well as other info I’ve looked up
    online & in books suggests he will need to live with a blocked carotid as
    there is no way to remove the plaque since they will not perform surgery (too risky) nor use the super powered drug to remove blockage (I was told they only use this when there is still some blood flow immediately following a stroke). He is primarily vegan though he does eat lowfat yogurt, sometimes ghee. He was a heavy smoker and has weaned himself down to 3 cigarettes a day & is trying to eliminate them completely. He refused statin drugs such as Lipitor which did not go over well with the medical establishment. He is taking red yeast rice and aspirin daily. Is it possible to clear the blockage in a fully-blocked carotid? If so, how?

    for your help.

    Andrea from
    Honolulu (BTW–we look forward to hearing your lecture at the Veg.
    Society of Hawaii on Tuesday (June 10). Thanks for all your good work!

  • Jerry Fessler, md

    You state that cheerios have a tablespoon of sugar per serving, but the nutrition label on the side of the package says 1 gm sugar per serving -which I think is only about 1/4 teaspoon of sugar.

    • Tanya

      I noticed that too. It appears to have 1 tbsp of sugar per BOX. Even the flavored Cheerios don’t have 1 tbsp per serving, nor did they at the time of this video’s publication.

  • I have a question about the kiwi lowering LDL. So I went and read the abstract referenced in PubMed. Unless I was reading it wrong, there was no significant difference between baseline and 8 wk values for TGs, total and LDL cholesterol, but there was a significant increase of HDL by 8 weeks which would decrease the LDL:HDL and TC:HDL ratios. Did I read that incorrectly?

  • Todd

    Hi Dr. Greger,
    I’ve followed a vegan diet for 23 years, but it’s only been in the last 5 years that I’ve largely cut out fried foods and soda. My cholesterol is not where I want it. LDL is 106, and HDL is 42. I do moderate-brisk walking, but only 30 minutes per day. What is the single most effective thing I can do to improve my cholesterol numbers?

    • Thea

      Todd: Dr. Greger has several videos that highlight foods that are shown to lower cholesterol. Instead of looking for a single thing to do, how about tweaking your diet to try to include as many of those things as possible? Seems to me that would give you your best chance of success.

      Also, Tom Goff did a post recently talking about a study that shows that obese poeple may have a tough time lowering cholesterol regardless of diet. And so getting into a healthy weight may be an important step. (I have no idea what your weight is. So, I don’t know if this applies to you or not.) The link in Tom’s post didn’t work for me, or I would have repeated it here. Maybe he will post it again.

      Good luck.

  • what about giving a 13 year old boy flaxseeds in order to lower LDL cholesterol of his? Could there be any side effects? Τhak you!

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      I have not seen any data to suggest teenagers cannot handle flaxseeds. I would suggest more than just using flax but having a healthful diet full of fiber to help reduce cholesterol. Here is a video about the nuts and bolts of cholesterol lowering. For more on cholesterol and ways to reduce LDL I suggest watching more videos! See if any of these links help.

  • ptrjnf

    again it is all in the details…… in the study of the kiwifruit and HDL i have one important question. were the kiwifruit consumed with the skin on or were they peeled ?

  • ptrjnf

    again it is all in the details…… in the study of the kiwifruit and HDL i have one important question. were the kiwifruit consumed with the skin on or were they peeled ?

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Great question the answer is not in the abstract let me pull the study and find out. Thanks, ptjnf

  • Jay M

    Freeze-dried strawberries lower serum cholesterol and lipid peroxidation in adults with abdominal adiposity and elevated serum lipids.

  • GNUisance

    I’m on the McDougall program and the doctors said my good cholesterol was low and my bad cholesterol was a tad high. I’m vegan, I don’t eat cholesterol. What’s going on? Are they going to make me eat fish?

    • Thea

      GNUisance: Did they say what the actual numbers are? “High” and “Low” don’t really mean anything. How long have you been on the McDougall program? These are some answers that might help people come up with a good response for you.

      Whatever the answers to the above questions, I can’t imagine that eating fish is the answer to your medical condition. You can find lots of videos/information on this website for combating cholesterol problems. And I have some thoughts for you if you want my 2 cents.

      Here is Josephs great contribution to the topic of cholesterol:

  • Regina

    I just heard about a fermented Japanese soybean product called “natto,” which, anectdotally, lowers cholesterol. My friend claims that her cholesterol lowered by 30 points in one month with one daily serving. Any study data on this? It appears that the product is fermented in a bacteria called Bacillus natto. Do we have any data on the statin content of this product? One drawback is that the product seems to have a lot of MSG in it. If it lowers cholesterol, what is the drawback of the MSG?

  • Joseph

    A recent video recommended a 0% intake of saturated fat. Other videos say nuts are healthy, but a single serving of walnuts contains 2 grams of saturated fat. Why is that and what should we do?

  • Lindsey Bashore

    A friend of mine just wrote to me that she just received results of a blood test that showed her total cholesterol at 325. As a result, her doctor put her on 10 mg of statin. She asked me what I did to lower my cholesterol (Dr. Esselstyn’s diet). She says she is a vegan, so I’m limited in what I could suggest that she change. Besides one Brazil nut a week, what other foods would you suggest she add or delete in order to get her cholesterol down from such a high level?

    • Thea

      Lindsey Bashore: Dr. James Bennie tells a story about a patient who was vegan and seemed to have an unusually high cholesterol level. It turns out, this patient ate a whole lot of avocado each day. It’s my understanding that a high fat diet can keep one’s cholesterol levels up, even if the person is not eating animal foods. So, the key for your friend may be to eat those whole plant foods that you know that Dr. Esselstyn recommends. Is your friend really eating low fat whole plant foods or just abstaining from animal foods?

      To address your question about other foods to add or delete, check out the NutritionFacts topic page for cholesterol – especially the last paragraph:

      Another thought is: If your friend really is eating a diet like yours, it could be that she has a genetic condition that keeps her cholesterol levels high. In that case, as long as she keeps with the Esselstyn diet, she *may* not need to worry about cholesterol. That’s a guess on my part after hearing someone I respect talk about how such a diet would prevent the cholesterol from oxidizing and thus doing damage. I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds plausible to me.

      Does that help?

      • Lindsey Bashore

        My friend has since divulged to me that her Thai diet,(she’s in Thailand) although it has no animal flesh in it, contains eggs and milk!! Aha!! I explained that is where much of the problem is and she has pledged to eliminate those ingredients plus all oils in cooking. Hopefully that will make a big difference in her next lipid tests. Thank you for your attention. I’ll also mention the avocado issue, in case she is eating those. Lindsey

        • Thea

          Sounds like a good plan!

          As an aside, I love Thai food. It is so tasty and easy to get vegan in restaurants. But it’s usually drenched in oil when eaten in restaurants in America at least. I’m glad you mentioned the oil issue to your friend as well.

          I hope your friend is able to solve her problems. And because I forgot to mention it earlier, Good For You for fixing your own cholesterol problem!

  • Michael

    Dr. Greger, Thanks for the fabulous info. Can you summarize the relative benefits of freshly ground flax seeds vs. organic filtered Flax seed oil (refrigerated and in a dark bottle)? Thank you