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  • Michael Greger M.D.

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  • Daria

    As a school nurse I am interested in effective non-toxic head lice treatments. I googled for Paramide Plus and found you. I checked with the local pharmacist but he couldn’t find anything about it. Where else might I look to find this product? I did find a place where a parent used Suave coconut shampoo and conditioner with good results. I will check the label when I get off work to see if there is any coconut derivitives in it. That would be a cheap solution for my chronic head lice families who can’t afford all the treatments. Thanks for any info.

    • jimmy


  • DrDons

    Hi Daria, I found this article interesting as well but I imagine Paramide Plus is a European product since like you I had no luck. I searched under folk remedies and found two interesting sites: and
    You may have already come up with something… as a school nurse I imagine you see it on a regular basis.

  • johnduda

    As a father of two young daughters in public schools, we have had several head lice infestations in my family. After much trial and error and literature review, (e.g. we found that liberally soaking our hair in olive oil, wrapping our heads in saran wrap or a shower cap and then a towel and sleeping that way works perfectly. Even our 4 year old tolerated it well and we felt much better about this treatment than applying insecticides that clearly didn’t work anyway. Coconut oil might be easier because it is less ‘runny’, but I’m going to stick with what has worked several times for us.

  • Sebastian Tristan

    I also looked for this shampoo to no avail.

    • Sarah V Lucas

      Literally any conditioner or oil will work for the treatment of headlice. Just coat all hair and leave it for a few hours, then comb out the lice with a nit comb.

  • Chris

    Diatomaceous earth works wonders!!!!!

    • Vegan4health

      Could you describe in what way you use it to have the wonderous effect?

  • john taylor

    Diesel fuel works great for head lice. Don’t have to put on a lot and one dose does the job.

  • Spacec4t

    I tried the chemical approach, my kid’s scalp got irritated and the lice didn’t disappear. I tried tea tree oil ( Melaleuca Australiensis), 10 drops per tsp of shampoo ( about a quarter size amount in my palm), letting it sit 10 minutes on the child’s scalp. That worked perfectly and caused no irritation. Also, washing all bedding, clothes, hats in hot water and drying them in the dryer, freezing stuffed toys or washing them but air dry or Low Heat Dryer.