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Soy isoflavones are a particularly powerful phytonutrient. Learn more about their breast cancer-fighting possibilities:

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  • Plant-Based Prevention

    • Michael Greger M.D.


  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. And check out the other videos on cancer. Also, there are 1,449 other subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them as well!

  • SuperNurse

    Why did the Veggie bacon in the diagram show to have saturated fat? Although it was only 0.2g, I thought that saturated fat only comes from animal based products?

  • wickedchicken

    I eat a LOT of spinach. But, I use those pre washed, ready-to-eat bags. Now I hear that these could have no antioxidants left due to the pre-wash solution??? Devastating, as I am so lazy and hate washing spinach [always end up crunching grit!]. Whatdya think doc?

  • Ccj5036

    Four years ago I had a small skin cancer (basal cell) removed and was told to use a lot of suntan lotion and that I would possible have a reoccurrence within five years. I have been avoiding the sun ever since, trying to never spend more than a few minutes in the sun without lotion on. Fifteen months ago we switched to a plant-based, no added fat diet and I have been wondering about lack of sun exposure and Vitamin D3. Does the plant based diet give me a “get out of jail free card” so that I don’t need to worry about a few minutes of sun exposure each day? Any studies on vegans and skin cancer?

  • Traportka

    Please help, please.  My son, 14.5 yrs old has Crohn’s.  I am trying to slowly fade out of the SAD, Standard Amer. Diet, and introduce a semi-vegan.  Everytime I research it, I get bits and pieces of the info. and then a lot of tapes and books to buy.  Our budget doesn’t allow for me to indulge much, if at all.  How do ,I not only learn quickly, but teach two teenagers how to eat healthy when they are literally hungry all of the time?  I grew up on the SAD, so I am a bit behind the 8 ball on this one.  With that being said, I’m eager to learn for the sake of my boys.   My biggest dilemna is they both go to boarding school and are literally living on processed food 4 days out of the week.  I have resolved to supply them with their food for the week with homemade whole food.  Where and how do I begin?

    • WCabrera

      I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s diagnosis!  You are in a great place to get help.  I’d highly suggest hunkering down and watching all of these videos and read the blogs.  You will educate yourself and learn how to care for your son quickly. When you’re in a crisis, nothing is too difficult.  I’d highly suggest cutting out ALL fast food with no exceptions.  If it does not grow in the ground, don’t eat it.

      Another resource that will help you in your quest to heal your son of Crohn’s is  He has some specific protocols for Crohn’s patients.  It’s tricky.  

      The inflamed bowel desperately needs the phytonutrients to heal from the very thing that causes them to react.  BUT….it will work.  Join his member board and ask him directly AFTER you read his book, Eat to Live.

      There is much hope. 

      Keep your head down and move forward!  What seems so foreign now will be second nature soon, and your son will be living a thriving, healthy life!


      • Traportka

        WC, it was very kind of you to take the time and share your knowledge and this info.  Can’t thank you enough or tell you how much I appreciate it, but I really do. 
        Thank you for the blessings.  I’ll make sure I pass it on  : )

        • Nelson Drake

          Hi Traportka – The China Study is a great start in undertanding what our bodies, organs and cells go through each time we consume anything made from an animal.  If man made it, or it grew not attached to the earth don’t eat it.  I am pretty sure Crohns is linked to dairy and animal product consumption.  Also watch: A River of Waste; the truth on factory farming; free on youtube.   Food Inc and Fast Food Nation are also great. This site is my number one choice to learn and educate yourself. One think you should change yesterday, is all dairy products. Don’t bring them into the house at all. Three months after my family and I went cold turkey vegan; my personal achievements are these 1) no more migranes (used to get one every 3 weeks) 2) no more seasonal allergies (had spring fever for 17yrs!!) 3) no more dandruff (20+yrs of this) 4) reducing my weight by as much as 15lbs, and not reducing my caloric intake, in fact i think i consume over 4000 plant based calories.  My colleagues and friends see the improvements in my skin. The skin is the teller of what we put into our bodies.  Best of Health!

  • green smoothie lass

    I blend & drink many green veggies & fruits daily. Can you please recommend the best way to ensure the greens are free of harmful bacteria (just read that raw greens are responsible for half the cases of food borne illness-can’t imagine rinsing is effective on bacteria hiding in the nooks & crannies of curly kale) and advise as to the possibility of thyroid damage from too many oxalates. How much is too much kale/spinach/chard?
    Also–is the blackberry gel used in oral cancer studies available or purchase? Thank you.

    • Laura

      Most of those bacteria come from the and processed-in-the-field, packaged raw greens. Although there may be some slight risk to all things these days, opt for the greens pulled from the ground and brought to market with a tie around them. They are safer.

  • Ram

    hello Dr.
    Hope you are doing well.
    I would like to have your comments on herbal treatment of poly cystic ovarian syndrome

    • It has been several years since I did an educational presentation involving nutrition and PCOS so I did a brief pub med search. It is a complex and fairly common syndrome. Not much has changed. Insulin resistance is an important aspect of PCOS and the best approach is a low fat diet… eliminate animal products because that is where patients typically get 80% of their fats but also plant fats such as processed oils. It is the fats that interfere with the insulins ability to get glucose into the cells and also down regulate genes interfering with the mitochondria’s ability to metabolize glucose. Low fat diets also increase steroid binding globulin in the blood thus lowering free hormones. High fiber diet also helps remove steroids from the gut so they are not reabsorbed into the body. Phytosterols and fiber seem to be a helpful factor as well. I would suggest you review the four videos on fiber and phytosterols beginning on August 13 with Higher body fat is associated with worsening of PCOS. Fat loss is best accomplished by reducing your diets Calorie Density. For fat loss I recommend two resources. The DVD by Jeff Novick called Calorie Density: How to Eat More, Weigh Less and Live Longer and the presentation by Dr. Doug Lisle, How to Lose Weight without Losing you Mind, can view for free on internet, I would emphasize a sound nutritional approach before using medications. I am not aware of any herbal remedies which are supported by sound peer reviewed scientific articles.

  • Ruben

    Can hypothyroidism be reverse with plant-based diet (the type of Hashimoto’s or autoimmune)

  • Derrek

    Is whole wheat flour ok? Would about using a food processor or blender?

  • Ricky Gladney

    Hey! Just finished reading your new book and been eating good! Kinda a silly question but, is it normal for your poop to be green? Other than that, I’m doing great after just 2 weeks my blood pressure is way down I feel great and I got lots of enegry. Thanks for all you do. You saved my life. I didn’t realize how bad meat was for you. It’s too bad but it’s reality!

    • EvidenceBasedNutrition

      Excellent, Ricky!
      Having more green bowel movements is natural when increasing the greens you are eating and there is no need for concern.
      Check out this video on the Bristol Stool Scale along with more info on bowel movements here
      Congrats on making the shift! And the increases in energy and improvements in BP. So glad to hear it!