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  • Michael Greger M.D.

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  • I know it’s pretty gross, but the “[p]roposed benchmarks for the number of times hand washing should occur
    by each employee… [is] 29 times per hour for restaurants” is quite high.

    • Ellen

      Think of the time involved in.washing your hands “29 times per hour” as a restaurant worker. To comply with the regulations you must wash with hot water for at least 20 seconds, then dry hands for a few seconds, then put gloves back on. In total, this would require over 30 seconds each time, meaning HALF YOUR TIME AT WORK would be SPENT WASHING YOUR HANDS.

      It is not practical.

      When I was visiting Paris I noticed that at sandwich shops, one person handled the cash. Other workers ONLY prepared food. This would certainly help avoid cross-contamination, although it does not solve the problem entirely.

      I doubt that American establishments would be willing to pay an extra person to do this.

      • Toxins

        Whilst in France this summer, all of the employees at the Boulangeries (bakeries) handed me my whole wheat bread with their bare hands and took my money at the same time with their bare hands. I doubt sanitary practices are emphasized over there.

        • Tan

          LOL. Did you eat it?

  • Occams_Razor

    Distressing news for a vegan that likes to eat out.

    • Tan

      Eat vegan at home (whole foods), and you win in every way you can think of.

    • Dom

      I’d recommend you avoid eating at non-restaurants as much as possible because I promise you raw meat contamination gets on everything.

  • Dom

    As someone who’s worked as a cook I can confirm that this is very true. Even though you will wash you hands when you’re not busy if the order’s are piling up you just don’t have the time.