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Coffee and Cancer
What About the Caffeine?

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. And check out the other videos on coffee. Also, there are 1,449 other subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them as well!

  • Toxins

    Caldwell Essyslten says that we should avoid coffee because it damages our epitheleal cell walls

  • NickB

    Great new web site! I really like the format of the short videos, esp. since you provide shots of the papers that you are summarizing the information from.

    One comment about the “coffee is good for you” message in this video. It is not supported by one of the articles you show an image of. Specifically, the article “Trigonelline Is a Novel Phytoestrogen in
    Coffee Beans” by Allred et al concludes that Trigonelline that is found in coffee “stimulates the
    growth of estrogen-dependent breast tumors in vivo”.

    Coffee good for you? I have significant reservations as to whether this is really true.


  • Interesting video, but I’m staying away from coffee. Most coffee drinkers I know look unhealthy. I’m not saying it’s the coffee, but there’s something about that lifestyle that I want no part of. Plus, how good does it taste without the milk/cream/sugar — the nasties?

    • Toxins

      I agree, coffee is not necessarily heart healthy either because of the caffeine. We must weight out the pros and cons. I, like you, choose not to drink it as i prefer to be stimulant free!

  • Michael Klein

    Question on purines and gout:  I just started the plant based, “face free” diet as advocated in Fork over Knife.  During the past 10 years, while eating a typical American Diet (low fat, but with dairy and meat), I have experienced gout like symptoms in my big toe and ankle and can definitely associate it with eating lima beans (one of my favorites).  Can I expect this issue to remediate with the new diet?  Currently scared to eat limas, and tread carefully when trying new varieties of beans.

  • Michelvoss

    Lallemand LS et al. A Structural Basis for the Biosynthesis of the Major Chlorogenic Acids Found in Coffee Plant Physiol. 2012 September; 160(1): 249–260.

  • Mark Hazell

    What kind of tea do you use instead of coffee?

  • inomniaparatus

    I tried coffee once and got addicted for a year. Then I started getting insomnia, palpitations and other problems. I decided to quit drinking. I felt so much better after about a week and never touched coffee since. I believe the risks outweigh the benefits with coffee. I’d rather eat my veggies, beans, whole grains and fruits and use sunscreen to decrease my risks of getting skin cancer. I also read this article 2 years ago and through my own experience and what I see happen with regular coffee drinkers, I’m happy I quit drinking coffee.

  • Anne

    Any thoughts/studies on the ‘benefits’ of medical marijuana? and, can a person O.D. on pot, as an article from Britian just suggested?

  • Roberta

    Michael and Staff, your work is the most significant right now in our country,(since we influence the world). You have certainly influenced my and husbands health. I tell everyone about this site. My birthday present from hubby will be a donation.

    • Toxins

      That is very kind of you to support this incredible resource!

  • Dawn

    I have heard that coffee can cause hormonal imbalance leading to the formation of ovarian cysts. Have you heard anything about this? Also, although you advocate green tea consumption, I have heard that it is very high in fluoride and that fluoride causes cognitive decline. Any thoughts on this?

  • Gigi Favata

    does coffee really stunt your growth

  • Diana

    How something so acidic can be healthy?

  • Tatiana Kamyshanskaya

    Please, lets look at this video about coffee

    My question: can I get rid of all those newly-manufactured adenosine receptors my
    brain made, or am I stuck feeling like a zombie for the rest of my

    Thank you!

  • Jason Sherman

    Hi Dr. Greger. I am a fan. I have a question. The last sentence says “Greens beat out beans (and pretty much everything else)” but didn’t we learn that beans are the single determinant in global life expectancy?

  • Mark

    Hold on, studies have showed that coffee raises cholesterol levels whilst green tea lowers them. If you are a cholesterol hypothesis fan as Dr Gregor appears to be then coffee could be a bad idea for some

    • gr

      I got the impression that he was a fan of green tea… Not coffee, you might want to watch the video again for clarity