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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. And check out the other videos on protein. Also, there are 1,449 other subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them as well!

  • Toxins

    Why is it that the study referenced says that the digestibility of plant based foods is not as good as animal based foods? Where does this myth perpetuate from?

  • Liviu Deacu

    There is another possible explanation for the higher albumin level in
    vegans: albumin is a heterogenous class of protein, so its aminoacids sequence is not constant; it can vary to certain limits.
    It is possible that albumin serves as a sort of aminoacid buffer (store) to contain excess/waste aminoacids from vegetarian diet to avoid excess gluconeogenesis due to unbalanced aminoacid intake from vegetarian food. These molecules could break down some days later when the subject changes the protein sources profile in order to provide missing aminoacids, while other albumin molecules are build up with different excess aminoacids from the current diet. Just a speculation.
    We shouldn’t forget that the cells are provided with aminoacids as protein source, not with albumin.

  • Sagar

    How much protein should a vegan consume after exercising such as lifting weights or aerobics exercises. Does eating protein it help in the recovery process?

  • Chelsey

    Hello, I’ve been vegan since January. Blood tests have shown my Albumin and platelet levels are low. My doctor wants me to eat meat, I don’t know what to do. I’m 25 and female.

    • JacquieRN

      Hi Chelsey. Did you have a blood test before changing to a vegan diet with the albumin and platelets within normal range – meaning do you know that the diet is the cause of these low values? Low albumin and platelet counts can be caused by a variety of conditions- so your MD has ruled out everything else except for diet?

      If everything is healthy for you, continue to learn about your eating/nutrition, have MD monitor and maybe you can share information with MD!

      Low Albumin: So as a vegan are eating nutrient-dense plant protein? For starters check this information out:

      Low platelets: A low platelet count can be caused by diet, but this would be exceedingly rare without other more prominent signs and symptoms. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are 2 vitamins that are required for platelet production which can be deficient in some cases. You should be tested for levels of these two vitamins as a part of your work-up. Since the body stores B12 it takes years for a vegan to become B12 deficient not usually a few months as in your case-so this is puzzling. Nonetheless be sure and get your B12.

      Check for and get enough through fortified breakfast cereals, fortified soymilk, and fortified meat analogues contain a reliable source of the vitamin. Nutritional yeast, such as Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula, is also a reliable source.

      But supplementation is easy, cheap and worry free:
      For more B12:

      • Chelsey

        Hi JacquieRN

        Thanks for your considered reply. Unfortunately I don’t have blood tests to
        compare pre-vegan. My Cumulative Liver
        Function Test came back normal and Cumulative Electrolytes were normal too, but
        Creatine was on the low side. However my
        Vitamin D level was significantly low, but I attribute that to not getting out
        in the sun (now supplementing).

        Iron was low but I have being taking Ferro-tab which has
        bought things back to normal. FT4 was
        low in the thyroid so I now take Thyroxine.
        I’ve been treated for Major Depressive disorder and panic disorder for
        the past 11 years and have taken lots of medications in that time.

        Vitamin B12 is at 313 pg/mL and Red Cell Folate is 549 ng/mL
        (I’m from Australia.) The test says
        they’re both normal.

        Thank you for the links, I like to eat beans but will
        attempt to get more dietary protein, I’m looking at a vegan protein powder.

        I suppose I’m a bit nervous as to whether I’m doing the
        right thing, especially when most say I need to eat meat, but in my heart I
        want to be vegan.

        Thanks again

  • vegan gram

    Hi Doctor Greger..I have been vegan for 5 years and I seem to have a significance of hair loss. I have had my thyroid checked and iodine is in tac and folic acid in tac, I take B-12 also. I have noticed low protein levels in my blood work. I have added more higher protein foods such as seitan and tofu to my diet and I seem to feel better and be showing more hair growth again. I still consume a lot of beans and whole grains, veggies, fruit and greens in my diet.

  • Nic Mitchell

    I recently started donating plasma at a local donation center here in Utah and when I told them I ate a predominantly vegan diet the nurse performing my physical exam became worried and very concerned as to whether or not I would be able to continue donating long term. I recently downloaded your Daily Dozen app have have been following it and love how simple it makes eating healthy. With all that being said, do I need to worry about my protein levels dropping or becoming “abnormal” with plasma donation?

    • Make sure you are eating lots of nuts, legumes etc, and taking vitamins. Stay away from vitamin d supplements though because they are made from animals.

      I ways eat a peanut protein bar afterwards and take my vitamins. I’m not vegan though, but I don’t eat a lot of meats. It’s just that it takes your proteins and you vitamins and minerals floating in 90% water.

      If you drink lots of water before you will get done faster.

      Also make sure you take probiotics. Without milk you get less lactobacillus which is a friendly bacteria. Good bacteria in you gut helps you process the cellulose better.

      • Joe

        There is now vitamin D3 that is vegan. My Kind from garden of life has it in a spray and also a chewable tablet. It is made from lichen and is actual D3 and not the D2 which is not very absorbable by the body. Also a good vegan probiotic is the Up4 adult 15 billion probiotic.

  • vva

    In nephrotic syndrome during relapse what diet should be recommended?
    Can a protein diet be given when the kidneys a re spilling proteins?
    And which source of proteins is the best for the kidneys?