Image Credit: rosmary / Flickr. This image has been modified. the first month is the first non-commercial, science-based website to provide daily updates on the latest in nutrition research, presented in short, easy-to-understand video segments. A labor of love brought to life by the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation, reached nearly 100,000 people in its first month, thanks in no small part to Kathy Freston’s glowing review on Huffington Post, and favorable mentions from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Forks Over Knives, the must-see documentary I had the honor of co-hosting at the D.C. premiere.

So far, the most popular new videos were Calculate Your Healthy Eating Score, Antioxidant Content of 3,139 Foods, Pork Tapeworms on the Brain, and Chicken Consumption and the Feminization of Male Genitalia, along with the accompanying blog entry Eating Chicken May Lead to a Smaller Penis. The two other most popular posts were Dr. Oz, Apple Juice, and Arsenic: Chicken May Have 10 Times More and Vegan B12 Deficiency: Putting it into Perspective.

Though a new video is added every day, the site launched with hundreds of videos covering more than a thousand topics taken from my annual Latest in Nutrition DVD series (all proceeds to charity). Of the older ones, the #1 Anti-cancer Vegetable video consistently ranks as the most popular (prequel here) followed closely by the Bristol Stool Scale, classifying the fecal form of omnivores versus vegetarians and vegans. Thousands of Vegans Studied made a similar comparative analysis of obesity rates.

Videos from my 50-part Harmful, Harmless, or Helpful? series also continue to rank highly, such as Is Vinegar Good For You? Peanut butter? Kombucha tea? So do the ones with practical tips, such as a cheap way to buy goji berries and Cold Steeping Green Tea, highlighting surprising new data on what may be the healthiest way to prepare tea.

And this is just the beginning! If you haven’t yet, please bookmark the site, subscribe to the daily video and blog feed so you don’t miss a day, like and follow on Facebook, and follow on Twitter. Finally, a reliable source on the latest in nutrition to share with friends and family—please help me spread the word!

-Michael Greger, M.D.


Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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  1. Congrats to Dr. Greger! His summaries provide an accurate distillation of the science in the many, convoluted, and voluminous nutrition studies that are coming at us at a relentless pace. I just love the colourful, and somewhat whimsical, graphics in the “Fact or Fiction,” and the “Helpful, Harmless, Harmful” episodes. This is a first-rate, quality site, and we should all take advantage of this valuable resource.

  2. Why is this statement in the above article? “Need to buy Adderall online to use it? Have look at this website to buy Adderallonline.” Is it just an ad?

    1. I don’t see that statement? It sounds like you might need to use an ad-blocker. NF has absolutely no advertising on the website. It’s run completely on donations.

      1. I also see the same odd statement. It is written within the text of Dr. Gregor’s posting, and is the last sentence of the paragraph that that begins “Though a new video is added everyday…”

        1. Hmm, that’s so odd! What browser are you using? Can you take a screenshot and email it to me at tommasina [at] ? Thanks for your help with this!


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