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What Do Avocados Do to Your Cholesterol?

Can guacamole lower your cholesterol as well as other whole-food fat sources like nuts, or is that just spin by the avocado industry?  “Avocados are the richest known fruit source of phytosterols,” the cholesterol-lowering nutrients found in plant foods, brags a review sponsored by the HASS Avocado Board....
Coconut oil
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The Dangers of Oil Pulling 

In my previous articles on oil pulling, I discussed how the ancient practice may be no more effective than swishing with plain water for plaque and gingivitis, doesn’t whiten your teeth, and may even worsen dental erosion. What about oil...
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Check Out My Daily Dozen Resources

By now, you are probably familiar with my Daily Dozen checklist, a simple tracker that can help you get into the habit of including some of the healthiest of healthy foods and exercise into your everyday routine. But, if you need...
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Oil Pulling May Worsen Dental Erosion

A review of the effects of oil pulling concluded that, indeed, the ancient practice “may have beneficial effects on oro dental hygiene,” or oral and dental health. I’ve talked before about studies investigating oil pulling and dental health, but what...
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Does Oil Pulling Help Dental Plaque or Gingivitis?

Oil pulling is put to the test head-to-head against chlorhexidine mouthwash for oral and dental health measures.  What are the potential risks and benefits of the ancient practice of oil pulling, in which oil is swished or “pulled” between the teeth for 15 minutes or so and...
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Oil Pulling for Cancer? 

What evidence exists to suggest oil pulling can effectively treat serious diseases, such as paralysis, meningitis, cancer, and AIDS?  I’ve produced videos on how coconut oil is safe to put on your hair or put on your skin, but you certainly don’t want to eat it. In fact, you may not even want...
Fasting for weight loss infographic
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Fasting for Weight Loss Infographic

Fasting has been branded the “next big weight loss fad,” and about one in seven Americans report using some sort of fasting as a means for weight loss. This infographic is a guide to explore some of the key facts to...
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Treating Canker Sores with Honey

What works better against aphthous ulcers? Honey applied with a cotton swab three times a day after meals was compared head-to-head against an over-the-counter soothing pain-relieving paste and a prescription steroid cream.  We’ve known about painful aphthous ulcers, commonly referred to as canker sores, for thousands...
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Testing Wheat- and Dairy-Free Diets for Autism

What happens when children with autism on gluten- and casein-free diets are covertly challenged with wheat and dairy? The first randomized, control study of a gluten-free and casein-free diet for autism found that parents reported their kids did significantly better in...
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Dietary Placebo Effects in Autism

The original randomized controlled trials of gluten- and casein-free diets may have been complicated by parental expectation bias. My video Are Autism Diet Benefits Just a Placebo Effect? begins with graphs depicting the findings from the first randomized, controlled trial...

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