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Qué tomar después de una cirugía

La medicina es complicada. Una de las razones por las cuales los investigadores experimentan en animales es para poder causar lesiones de forma estándar y uniforme y probar posibles remedios. No puedes coger a 50 personas, abrirlas y ver si...
Anti Cancer Potential of Sweet Potato Proteins
Salud y Nutrición

Sweet Potato Proteins vs. Cancer

Sweet potatoes can be considered a superfood. They are one of the healthiest and cheapest vegetables on the planet. (And one day, perhaps, even off the planet, as NASA has chosen the sweet potato for space missions.) A study out...
Salud y Nutrición

Who Should be Careful About Curcumin?

Following flax and wheatgrass, turmeric is the third best-selling botanical dietary supplement, racking up $12 million in sales. Currently, sales are increasing at a rate of 20%. "Curcumin is a natural plant product extracted from the turmeric root and is...

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