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¿Son buenas o malas las lectinas?

La traducción de este texto viene de la mano de nuestra voluntaria Elisabel Gómez. ¿Podrían las lectinas ayudarnos a explicar por qué hay menor tasa de cáncer en personas que consumen más legumbres y cereales integrales? Las lectinas son las...
Salud y Nutrición

Chocolate Is Finally Put to the Test

Botanically speaking, seeds are small embryonic plants—the whole plant stuffed into a tiny seed and surrounded by an outer layer packed with vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals to protect the seedling plant’s DNA from free radicals. No wonder they’re so healthy....
Salud y Nutrición

What to Eat to Cure High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure ranks as the number-one risk factor for death and disability in the world. In my video, How to Prevent High Blood Pressure with Diet, I showed how a plant-based diet may prevent high blood pressure. But what do...
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Plant versus Animal Iron

It is commonly thought that those who eat plant-based diets may be more prone to iron deficiency, but it turns out that they’re no more likely to suffer from iron deficiency anemia than anybody else. This may be because not...
Beans Beans They're Good For Your Heart
Salud y Nutrición

Hummus for a Healthy Heart

I’ve talked previously about the anti-diabetic and anti-obesity effects of various phytonutrients in beans, but beans have protective effects on the cardiovascular system as well. As one academic review suggested, plant-specific compounds can have a remarkable impact on the health...

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