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Volume 3 covers the peer-reviewed scientific nutrition literature published between spring 2008 and spring 2009.

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Pets & Human Lymphoma

Is having a cat or dog associated with a higher or lower risk of developing...

Is Sodium Benzoate Harmful?

When combined with ascorbic acid in soda, sodium benzoate can form the potent carcinogen benzene.

Diet & Hyperactivity

Are soda-drinking teens more hyperactive because of the sugar, caffeine, or preservatives?

Sugar vs. Corn Syrup

Mercury content aside, is high-fructose corn syrup worse than table sugar?

Mercury in Corn Syrup?

Fifty different brands of high-fructose corn syrup-containing foods were tested for mercury.

Kuna Indian Secret

What do the Kuna Indians drink that may help account for their apparent low chronic...

Update on Chocolate

Results of a major international scientific conference summarized.

Sleep and Immunity

Is the link between immune function and a good night's rest a myth?

Optimal Sleep Duration

What may be the optimal number of hours to sleep, on average, every night to...

Update on Spirulina

Concerns about spirulina supplements extend to liver toxicity.

Is Chlorella Good For You?

Chlorella does not have the toxins that may be present in blue-green algae supplements and...

Fungal Toxins in Apples

Researchers report levels of a fungal toxin in organic and conventional apple juice.

Peanuts in Pregnancy

Should pregnant women avoid peanuts to decrease their child's risk of peanut allergy?

Fill in the Blank

What four letter food is associated with reduced blood pressure and body fat?

How to Prevent Diabetes

The protection of plant-based diets against diabetes appears to extend beyond weight control.

How to Treat Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association diet head-to-head against a vegan diet.

Meat and Mortality

The massive NIH-AARP study looks at the relationship between meat consumption and total mortality, cancer...

Veggies vs. Cancer

A landmark study pitted 34 common vegetables against 8 different lines of human cancer cells.

#1 Anticancer Vegetable

There are two superfood classes of vegetables most adept at blocking human cancer cell growth...

Antioxidant Level Dynamics

Using an argon laser to measure human antioxidant levels in real time, researchers uncover how...

Fecal Residues on Chicken

Researchers use laser imaging to determine the proportion of retail chicken contaminated with fecal matter.

Carcinogens in Roasted Chicken?

Our bodies are less efficient at detoxifying heterocyclic amines—carcinogens formed from cooked muscle tissue—than once...

Muscle Tremors and Diet

Essential tremor, one of the most common neurological conditions, appears to be linked to meat...

New Corpse Smell

Compounds released from the putrefaction of flesh can cause a common form of seafood poisoning.

USDA Parasite Game

What percentage of retail beef samples are infested with Sarcocystis parasites?

Maternal Mercury Levels

The resulting loss of child intelligence linked to maternal fish consumption is estimated to cost...

Fish Fog

The link between fish consumption and neurobehavioral abnormalities in adults is likely related to mercury...

Artificial Coloring in Fish

Canthaxanthine feed additives given to farmed fish may be linked to a condition in consumers...

Are Iron Pills Good for You?

A question as to whether cancer and Alzheimer's disease can be considered "ferrotoxic" diseases.

Juice Plus+® Supplements

What the peer-reviewed scientific literature has to say about Juice Plus+® supplements.

Glyconutrient Supplements

What the peer-reviewed scientific literature has to say about glyconutrient supplements.

Arsenic in Rice

Ways to decrease one's arsenic intake from rice.

Arsenic in Chicken

The poultry industry feeds their birds millions of pounds of arsenic-containing drugs every year.

Flaxseeds vs. Chia Seeds

Flax and chia seeds can both be considered superfoods, but which one has the edge?

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