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Volume 4 covers the peer-reviewed scientific nutrition literature published between spring 2009 and spring 2010.

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Update on Herbalife®

The liver toxicity associated with Herbalife® supplements may be due to vitamin A toxicity.

Update on MSG

The reactions attributed to monosodium glutamate do not appear to hold up to scientific scrutiny.

EPIC Study

The role of fruit and vegetable consumption in preventing cancer.

Best Cooking Method

Which are the gentlest cooking methods for preserving nutrients, and which vegetables have more antioxidants...

Deep-Frying Toxins

Volatile toxins created by deep-frying may pose a respiratory risk.

Benzene in Carrot Juice

Which beverages have been found to have benzene levels exceeding safety standards?

Zinc Gel for Colds?

Is zinc-containing nasal gel helpful, harmful, or just a waste of money?

Rose Hips for Osteoarthritis

A cheap herbal remedy may significantly reduce the pain associated with both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid...

Diet and Lichen Planus

A common plant may successfully treat oral lichen planus, a painful condition affecting the lining...

Low-Fat or Whole Food?

Which type of plant-based diet has been shown to maximize cholesterol reduction?

Statin Muscle Toxicity

Video updated 3/5/2012 to reflect new FDA warning labels citing risks of confusion, memory loss,...

Largest Study Ever

The largest prospective nutrition study ever published suggests animal fat may play a role in...

Wart Cancer Viruses in Food

The wart-causing viruses in animals may present more than just a cosmetic issue for consumers.

Hepatitis E Virus in Pork

The discovery of infectious hepatitis E virus in retail pork products may help explain the...

Greasy Orange Rectal Leakage

Certain fish accumulate waxy substances within their bodies that can present an unpleasant surprise to...

Bristol Stool Scale

Classifying the fecal form of omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans.

Chicken Out of UTIs

Half of retail poultry samples were found contaminated with strains of E. coli linked to...

Drug Residues in Meat

The U.S. Inspector General cites the USDA for failing to safeguard the meat supply from...

Mad Fish Disease

Researchers raise concerns about the feeding of cow brains to farmed fish.

Exercise and Breast Cancer

How many minutes a day of moderately intense exercise is necessary to significantly decrease breast...

Healthiest Chocolate Fix

Which has the highest levels of beneficial phytonutrients: baking chocolate, chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, dark...

Soy Milk Suppression?

Does soy milk have the same tea phytonutrient-blocking effects as cow's milk?

Asian Paradox

Why do people living in Asia have lower heart disease and lung cancer rates than...

Iron during Pregnancy

An argument that non-anemic women should choose plant-based sources of iron, and not supplement during...

Can Folic Acid Be Harmful?

New research on the human metabolism of folic acid suggests natural sources of folate are...

Crop Nutrient Decline

How much has the nutrient content of food crops declined over the last 50 years?

Gut Flora and Obesity

How one may be able to modify one's own gut flora to facilitate weight loss.

Acne and Cancer Connection

The hormones present in cow's milk may help explain the association between certain diseases and...

Anabolic Steroids in Meat

The implantation of hormones into U.S. beef cattle may have adverse human health effects.

What’s in a Burger?

Cleveland Clinic pathologists dissect fast food burgers to see what's inside.

Protein and Puberty

The type of protein young children eat at a critical age may affect when they...

Allergenic Fish Worms

The role of a parasitic worm in allergic reactions to chicken and fish.

Fish Intake Biomarker

Blood arsenic levels may be an accurate indicator of seafood intake.

Hair Testing for Mercury

Due to the state of the world's oceans, human biomarkers for fish consumption now include...

Inverted Rabbit Sign

The very real and potentially disastrous effects of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vegan Protein Status

The anti-inflammatory nature of plant-based diets may explain higher blood protein levels in vegans.

Plant-Based Diet and Mood

The putative role of arachidonic acid, a fatty acid found in animal products, in mood...

Are Dates Good For You?

Do the beneficial phytonutrients in dates make up for their high sugar content?

Is Kimchi Good For You?

Epidemiological evidence that kimchi consumption may significantly increase cancer risk.

Is Licorice Good for You?

The safe upper limit of licorice consumption, and why pregnant women may be at particularly...

Mitochondrial Theory of Aging

The role of the detoxifying enzyme superoxide dismutase in staving off aging, cancer, and dementia—and...

Convergence of Evidence

Profile of an editorial published by Dr. Dean Ornish in the American Journal of Cardiology...

Melatonin & Breast Cancer

There are components of our diet that may increase cancer risk by mimicking the role...

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