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Fight Aging with Brain-Healthy Foods

What is the best source of lutein, the primary carotenoid antioxidant in the brain? "An extensive [scientific] literature describes the positive impact of dietary phytochemicals [plant compounds] on overall health and longevity…However, it is now becoming clear that the consumption...
Health & Nutrition

Are Energy Drinks Beneficial?

What effects do Red Bull and Monster brand energy drinks have on artery function and athletic performance? Given the “global popularity” of the multibillion-dollar energy drink industry, it is critical we determine if the beverages have any “potential adverse effects,”...
Ginger powder
Health & Nutrition

Ginger Powder as a Pain-Killer

There have been at least eight randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials of ginger for pain. You may recall that I’ve previously explored the use of spinach for athletic performance and recovery, attributed to its “anti-inflammatory effects.” Most athletes aren’t using spinach...
Green cabbage
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Cabbage Leaf Wraps for Arthritic Knees

Unbelievably, a randomized controlled trial of cabbage leaf wraps for arthritis was published. In a section of the British Medical Journal called “Minerva,” where interesting little snippets are compiled, a picture was published of a woman who had taped a...
Health & Nutrition

Spinach and Berries to Prevent Muscle Soreness

What are the effects of spinach and berries on oxidative stress, inflammation, and muscle soreness in athletes? Higher fruit and vegetable consumption was “positively associated with muscle power” in adolescents, but they aren’t the ones who really need it. What...

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