The Safety of Tarragon
Health & Nutrition

Tarragon Toxicity?

Decades ago, concern was raised about some of the components of the herb tarragon. The European Union’s Health & Consumer Protection Scientific Committee on Food concluded that one of the constituents may act as a carcinogen and damage DNA, and...
Can Too Much Nutmeg Be Toxic?
Health & Nutrition

Nutmeg Toxicity

The spice nutmeg appears to have a relatively narrow margin of safety. In my research on cinnamon I ran across a peculiar paper entitled “Christmas Gingerbread and Christmas Cheer: Review of the Potential Role of Mood Elevating Amphetamine-like Compounds.” The...
Does Cinnamon Help Lower Blood Sugars?
Health & Nutrition

Cinnamon for Diabetes

The use of cinnamon to help treat diabetes remains controversial. We know that cinnamon is so good at controlling one’s blood sugar that you can cheat on a diabetes test by consuming two teaspoons of cinnamon the night before your...
Health & Nutrition

Should We Avoid Titanium Dioxide?

Two potential risk factors that may increase the risk of inflammatory bowel diseases (such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease) are animal protein and nanoparticles such as titanium dioxide. Of all dietary factors, animal protein from meat and fish is most...
Health & Nutrition

How Chemically Contaminated Are We?

Every few years the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention measures the levels of chemical pollutants in the bodies of thousands of Americans from across the country. What did the latest report tell us about our toxic burden? Find...
Health & Nutrition

Lead Poisoning Risk from Venison

The reason animal products trigger inflammation in the body within hours of consumption is thought to be due to the residual bacterial toxins that survive the cooking process (as l detailed in my blog post How Does Meat Cause Inflammation). The...

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