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More than half of the content of fast-food burgers from eight businesses was found to not be musclemeat. Raw or cooked, hamburger and other meat may have endotoxins that can contribute to inflammationUndercooking poses food poisoning and even risk or death. The frying of burgers and other meats may produce carcinogens. Fast food burgers have a high glycotoxin content which may contribute to premature aging. They also have significant amounts of cholesterol, saturated fat,and trans fat.  A bunless (and therefore carbless) burger may lead to a higher insulin spike than a cup and a half of white flour pasta. In terms of uric acid production, though, fish may be worse than burgers.

To deal with health concerns, proposed ideas have included putting fruit extracts and flaxseeds in burgers and distributing statins with fast food meals. The food industry uses a number of tactics very similar to the tobacco industry to downplay the health risks associated with ultra processed foods such as hamburgers.


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