Aluminum in Vaccines vs. Food

Aluminum in Vaccines vs. Food
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What is the #1 source of aluminum in the diet?


Speaking of toxic metallic elements, there continues to be growing concern about aluminum exposure and the development of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. But how are we exposed to aluminum?

This is how much we get cooking acidic foods like tomato sauce in an aluminum pot for an hour. Aluminum is also added to childhood vaccines as an immune irritant to improve efficacy. But it’s come under fire from some parenting groups. This is how much you get smoking a pack of cigarettes, and this is how much you get if you use aluminum-containing antiperspirants. But researchers just found a food item that blows these other sources away.

What do you think it is? Is it Brussels sprouts? Many of you wish it were Brussels sprouts! Cheese, chicken, eggs, fish, or shellfish?

The highest natural levels of aluminum are found in shellfish, but the highest level overall is in cheese. Why? Just like the poultry industry adds arsenic to chicken, the dairy industry adds aluminum to cheese, the #1 source of aluminum in the diet.

Why would they do that? The aluminum salts produce a “smooth, uniform film around each fat droplet” to prevent something called fat “bleeding,” and to give the cheese a softer texture, and “desirable slicing properties.”

So if you’re a parent worrying about the aluminum in vaccines, every grilled cheese sandwich you give to your kids is like injecting them with a dozen aluminum-containing vaccines.

To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Greger may be referring, watch the above video. This is just an approximation of the audio contributed by veganmontreal.

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Speaking of toxic metallic elements, there continues to be growing concern about aluminum exposure and the development of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. But how are we exposed to aluminum?

This is how much we get cooking acidic foods like tomato sauce in an aluminum pot for an hour. Aluminum is also added to childhood vaccines as an immune irritant to improve efficacy. But it’s come under fire from some parenting groups. This is how much you get smoking a pack of cigarettes, and this is how much you get if you use aluminum-containing antiperspirants. But researchers just found a food item that blows these other sources away.

What do you think it is? Is it Brussels sprouts? Many of you wish it were Brussels sprouts! Cheese, chicken, eggs, fish, or shellfish?

The highest natural levels of aluminum are found in shellfish, but the highest level overall is in cheese. Why? Just like the poultry industry adds arsenic to chicken, the dairy industry adds aluminum to cheese, the #1 source of aluminum in the diet.

Why would they do that? The aluminum salts produce a “smooth, uniform film around each fat droplet” to prevent something called fat “bleeding,” and to give the cheese a softer texture, and “desirable slicing properties.”

So if you’re a parent worrying about the aluminum in vaccines, every grilled cheese sandwich you give to your kids is like injecting them with a dozen aluminum-containing vaccines.

To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Greger may be referring, watch the above video. This is just an approximation of the audio contributed by veganmontreal.

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Doctor's Note

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    1. Hi Doc-
      We are reading some alarming statistics on amounts and effects of aluminum in childhood vaccines.
      Would love to hear your take on this issue….

      1. Hello!

        Long time follower. Saw you speak in Montreal!

        I’m curious to know your take on vaccines, specifically vaccines for young children and any research you may have come across.


        1. From what I’ve been researching, the difference in vaccines vs cheese in Dr. Greger’s video is two-fold. First when we vaccinate, it goes directly into the bloodstream bypassing all avenues of the digestive system, so all of the aluminum is absorbed, the second problem is that if you look at the ingredients in the vaccines that contain aluminum, most all, if not all, contain Polysorbate 80 which allows the aluminum to cross the blood brain barrier. I don’t know if there is anything in cheese that allows for this also, it’s possible, but I haven’t researched that, but then I don’t eat cheese anymore either.

          1. Thanks leslie you are correct. They can also add MSG, gelatin, formaldehyde, animal parts from sheep/horses/monkeys/dogs in vaccines.
            Not healthy or vegan in any way. NOW they want to add “E-Coli”. speak out and tell the truth about vaccines, they are poison chemicals..
            The mis-leaders NOW want to force everyone to get them, ignoring any health freedom or exemptions for us. The mainstream media,
            government and medical system support vaccines (but there are some dissenters) Learn the truth.
            see, for the truth, or,
   namaste’, rachel

          2. Hi Leslie, I agree, that’s my understanding of the absorption difference between aluminum ingested with food verses aluminum directly injected into the bloodstream. It’s not really a fair comparison since entry way into the body is very different plus the type of aluminum is different in food vs. vaccines. My understanding is that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines are created using nanotechnology for the purpose of ensuring the vaccines can cross the blood brain barrier and be more effective in the body. It seems rather unfair to dismiss concerns of parents groups about aluminum in vaccines even if it’s a small amount. If children take all mandated vaccines, its about 6,150 mcg of aluminum, which seems like a significant amount.

    2. Hello Dr. Greger,

      I appreciate you writing about heavy metals, specifically Titanium Dioxide, which I personally have experience with it’s toxicity.

      I am interested to know your opinion on vaccines.

      Thank you!

    3. Hello,
      Is there a difference between when aluminium is ingested and when it is injected into the bloodstream directly?
      Also It would be great to have a series on Vaccines (all the claims from pro and anti) investigated.
      Thank you,

    4. Dear Doctor Greger,

      I love, what you are doing and teaching. I have heard you speaking in multiple summits. Thak you for that.
      It seems to me, that the doctors are failing us, due to inadequate curriculum at the medical universities. And the vaccination seems to be even bigger problem than common farmaceutical drugs. You love to immerse into the science. Could you please please have a look at these documents and write me, if my concern is right? And if the information is right, would you consider to share the information with your audience?

      and lastly: Cancer the forbidden cures – Something from the history of western medicine from 20th century… How the medicine was turned into a business especially min. 11:27 to 22:38

      Thank you for all that you are doing.

      Loving regards from
      Czech Republic
      Iva Fasinova

  1. Dr. Greger, can you point me to more information about the latest research on the link between Aluminum and neurodegenerative brain disorders? Is there new and or more research suggesting a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association seems to still be suggesting that it’s a myth. Perhaps it takes a long time or more compelling research to change their recommendations.

  2. This video ends with: “Every grilled cheese sandwich you give to your kids is like injecting them with a dozen vaccines.”

    Is this really true?

    I thought this information was so compelling that I went around telling it to everyone after I first watched it. I was met with a lot of skepticism.

    So, I tried to do my own research. What I came up with is that only “processed cheeses” have large amounts of aluminum added. According to Wikipedia, a processed cheese is a cheese product that is made *from* normal cheese.

    I’m sure some parents really do give their kids that processed stuff. However, plenty of parents also are likely to use normal/regular cheese. So, is the ending sentence missing a qualifier word? Ie, should it be: “Every grilled processed cheese sandwich you give to your kids is like injecting them with a dozen vaccines.”

    Or did I not do enough research? When I tell people this stuff, I want to be accurate. Thanks for any clarifications you can provide.

    1. The aluminum is indeed added in the processing, but that is what American cheese is, processed cheese (American cheese is the cellophane-wrapped slice that one typically makes grilled cheese sandwiches out of. In fact that’s why you make grilled cheese sandwiches with American cheese because it melts easy (thanks in part to the added aluminum)). I’m not saying that chronic aluminum ingestion is necessarily pathogenic. The risk of aluminum, as I noted in the video, remains an unanswered research question (see this review last year for example). I do think it’s reasonable, however, until we know more, to try to decrease our exposure.

      1. I get that the “American Cheese” brand is “processed cheese”. And it may be true that lots of people use that brand to make grilled cheese sandwiches, but certainly not everyone. My family (not me any more) makes grilled cheese sandwiches only with regular cheese. My family eats lots of regular cheese, but doesn’t touch processed cheese. When I told my mom about how much aluminum she was getting, it was not true. Yes?

        You didn’t say “processed cheese” anywhere in the video. I just listened to it again for like the 7th time. The words in the video only say “cheese” time and again and the graph also only says “cheese” – meaning that all cheese is given aluminum salts. This is not true from what I am able to determine.

        I think it is an important distinction to make. I don’t want to run around telling everyone that cheese has all this aluminum when in fact only some “processed”/fake cheese have it and regular cheese does not.

        Your point about the pathogenic nature of aluminum being unknown is well-taken. As is the part about wanting to limit aluminum in our diet. I think most people would agree with that – which is why I wanted to tell people about this.

        As something of an aside: I recently got a recipe book called “Uncheese…” (The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook: Delicious Dairy-Free Cheeses and Classic “Uncheese” Dishes) It has a recipe for “Geez Whiz” which is suppose to be something like processed Cheese Whiz. I haven’t eaten real Cheese Whiz in many years, so I can’t say for sure, however, I think the Geez Whiz is pretty authentic tasting and has an authentic texture – and it is pretty healthy too. I mention this just in case someone wonders if there is a way to get that processed-cheese experience without the aluminum.

        1. I’ll have to try that recipe! As noted in the video, if your cheese does not soft, easily melting, and with “desirable” slicing properties than it is unlikely that the dairy industry added aluminum salts to it. I guess the only way to be sure is to contact the company directly (since it is just used in processing they don’t have to list it in the ingredients),

        2. I’m amazed at the lengths people will go to avoid a particular substance while ignoring the facts. Cheese, as in all dairy, is harmful. Casein, the protein in dairy, has been proven to cause cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease. Dairy is also the cruelest industry on the planet. Maybe the safest, and smartest thing to do is avoid dairy altogether.

          1. I agree, but as a vegan, boy do I know how hard it was to give up cheese. That’s the one thing most vegans find the hardest to give up. If you don’t mind processed, Earth Balance is -to me- better than butter. Daiya is alright for cheese, but there still must be something better. I just have found (or made) it yet.

      2. What about the difference in the effects of aluminum when it is added to the bloodstream during vaccination, versus into the digestive tract through contaminated food? Isn’t having the aluminum (or mercury or whatever) injected directly into the blood and circulating to the brain more neurotoxic and disruptive to the developing brain?

        1. Thank you for your question. I do agree with you that the heavy metal content of vaccines are of concern and there have not been many longterm studies to evaluate the effects in humans. Dr Greger mainly concentrates on evidence based nutrition and therefore the topic of vaccines are beyond the scope of this site. Toni Bark, MD is an expert on this area so perhaps you can look up her articles and videos for further information

  3. You know, injecting something directly into the bloodstream is NOT the same as ingesting it. So… it isn’t a fair comparison.

    Either way, I wouldn’t want to eat that much, though.

    1. You’re absolutely right becochic, but in the calculation I took into account the relative bioavailability of the aluminum ingested orally.

  4. I use a Body Deodorant Stick called “Crystal” which says it has “No Aluminum Chlorohydrate” but it has Natural Mineral Salts, and Ammonium Alum.
    What are your thoughts on this form of aluminum?

    What do you use for deodorant?

  5. What about the use of aluminum foil in cooking, such as lining a baking pan with aluminum foil when roasting, or wrapping it around corn to cook on the grill; thoughts?

    Medical students learn that substances behave differently when they are injected or ingested – why do so many appear to forget this basic fact?

    As with other substances, water behaves differently when injected, in fact it is dangerous.
    Injections containing only water should never be administered because they cause irreversible damage: hemolysis/bursting of blood cells.

    That is why if injection of water is required it must be mixed with another substance to regulate isotonicity so that blood cells will not be damaged. One example of a substance which is often used for this purpose is sodium chloride. An injection of 0.9 per cent sodium choride is ideal as it presents least damage to blood cells.

  7. Thankyou Sandy for clarifying this, I was about to lose my mind b/c my daughter as a toddler ate a slice of cheese every day. She hasnt in a long time, but here i am thinking she is going to get some kind of cancer or alzheimers!

  8. I’m having trouble scrolling through the comment thread, I can only see the top one and cannot scroll through the rest, it just doesn’t move.

    1.  I do not eat the “cheese food” slices at all as I consider it to be fake cheese.  But I do get other types of cheese with food such as the white cheese on a pizza or the feta in a greek salad for example.  Am I getting aluminum poisoned?  After watching the video I got the idea that I need to eliminate all types of cheese, but the comments suggest otherwise.

      1.  Non “processed” cheeses may be less likely to have aluminum which is a worry and should be minimized. There are however many other reasons to avoid cheese which is highly calorie dense, contributing to obesity, contains cholesterol & saturated fat, contributing to arterial disease, and contains chemicals such as dioxin see to the risk of cancer and hormonal considerations. In children dairy products have been associated with early onset of puberty (something I believe most parents would like to delay for reasons along with the health benefits of delayed puberty) see…

        1. Interesting how you did not mention the Rotterdam Heart Study which showed that eating hard cheeses was associated with a 57% decrease in cardiovascular events. Show me any other action that can lower heart risks by over 50%!
          Your vegan agenda is evident in your choice of data to highlight.

          1. The current science supports a whole food plant based nonGMO diet with adequate B12 intake. This is consistent with our biological design as “hind gut” fermenting herbivores. Beyond human health there is also the environmental impact of raising animals not to mention the suffering involved… not only the animals but the workers in the associated industries. So I guess my “agenda” would be more aptly labeled “global health”. Back to the study… I’m not sure I have reviewed that particularly study but would be glad to if you sent me the link… a quick pubmed search didn’t turn it up. Most studies that are used by folks to support their beliefs that consumption of animal products are beneficial are usually poorly done, relative studies and/or cite statistics without understanding. The saying, “s/he uses statistics like a lamp post more for support than illumination” comes to mind. In my CME talks with clinicians I recommend three references: first, Dr. Gilbert Welsh’s presentation, “Two Most Misleading Numbers in Medicine” available for free on the McDougall website under free lectures; second read the Nordic Cochrane Collaboration pamphlet, Screening for Breast Cancer with Mammography; and third, Dr. Goetzche’s book, Mammography Screening: Truth, Lies and Controversy which details all the studies done and is a great introduction to the practical issues of interpreting clinical studies. The most frequently cited CV study is the Lyons Heart Study which is an example of an intervention which showed improvement over the control group. That doesn’t make it the best intervention. Another study that comes to mind is the DASH study. I think it is important for clinicians to make sure that their patients are prescribed the best approaches and not a better approach (e.g. Barnard diet over American Diabetic Assn. Diet, Esselstyn(not Ornish) over the American Heart Assn. diet). I’ll look forward to the link.

  9. Dr Greger,

    Do you know if veggie “cheese” such as Veggie Shreds/Slices has aluminum added so that it will melt easily?


    1. Veggie “cheese” is made from soy. A huge amount of soy is genetically engineered with organisms from another species so that it resists incessant spraying with as many as three different and very toxic weed killers. I’ve never seen any certified organic veggie cheese.

  10. I would like to know if you have an opinion on the dangers of using aluminum  cookware.   I have a lovely old-fashioned silver-plated aluminum teapot which my mother brought from England in the 50`s.  I love this little pot but barely use it because I’m worried about the connection to alzheimers.  I am vegan so don’t load my body down with animal product toxins so I’m hoping that perhaps my body can handle low levels of aluminum.  Is there a “safe” level to ingest on a daily basis.

  11. i find all of the information in these videos fascinating. however i also find it VERY DISTURBING! what i mean to say is, why should eating healthy food be so expletive, expletive confusing?
    why must a person have to resort to becoming a research analyst only to find that some time down the line that the research has been refuted or revised?
    a person like myself who doesnt actually perform any of the research but is merely interested in making healthy choices is at the mercy of statistics. one day this is good the next day that is better. CHAOS!
    something in my gut (pardon the pun) tells me that our lives should not be dictated to by science. am i wrong?
    sincerely waiting some sort of response.

  12.  Hey Tina

    Despite what you’ll hear from fad diet book authors and internet bloggers, the world of science doesn’t drastically change it’s opinion on important matters very often at all. There’s always the odd scientist that likes to bend the truth of course or out right lie even.

    Sometimes things will be called harmless, later to be called harmful. Sometimes things will be called harmless and then later found to be healthful, but not many things make the leap from harmful to healthful.

    Often research is said to say something it doesn’t in the media. Like how tea and coffee were said to be dehydrating when really the studies were looking at strong caffeine tablets.

    Smoking will never be good for you. Neither will a steak unless you’re starving or not taking a B12 supplement. Fibre and antioxidants will never be harmful unless we conduct an experiment with unrealistic amounts of them perhaps. Maybe we’ll one day discover that fibre and antioxidants aren’t as healthful as we thought. Might turn out to be something else in the fibre, antioxidant rich foods that’s helping, but whatever it is, we still know looking for fibre, antioxidant rich foods is a good idea.

  13. Dr, I am a bit confused. The aluminium in vaccines enters the blood directly bypassing all the body’s defenses where as in the case of cookware, cheese, etc, it enters the body but through regular entry points. Surely the body can deal with aluminium differently if it enters through the mouth instead of in the vein directly. Kindly help. Thanks

  14. My friends over in the paleobubble of course say that seeds are trying to kill us all — and soy is especially bad because it has aluminum, aluminum I say! Will I get Alzheimers if I eat organic edamame or drink organic soy milk? [No more than 2-5 servings/day per your excellent video re how much soy is too much, which also does not mention the Al-soy angle.]

    1. Aluminum has been implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease but so have copper, iron, zinc and mercury. Saturated fat and cholesterol are also associated with increased incidence of dementia(multi-stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease). On the positive side to avoid these conditions getting regular physical exercise, adequate sleep, mental exercises and plant based sources of certain vitamins… E, Folate, B6 and B12. You need to avoid taking supplements as the fat soluble vitamins A and E have been associated with increase morbidity and mortality…. see video and more recently see… . By avoiding supplements you will also most likely avoid iron, zinc and copper as many multivits have those as well. You should also view the videos on Alzheimer’s Disease on see… Pulling all this together is the upcoming book, Power Foods for the Brain by Neal Barnard which will be available on Amazon next month. Bottom line I would worry about the minerals in nuts and seeds when taken in moderate amounts such as 1-2 oz per day.

      1. You mention that you would worry about the minerals in nuts and seeds when taken in moderate amounts (1-2 oz. per day). It seems to me that moderate servings of some beans match similar amounts of minerals as do these nuts and seeds. Would you suggest worrying about the minerals in these beans?

        1. I imagine that Dr. Forreser meant to say that he *wouldn’t* worry about nuts and seeds in moderate amounts. Am I wrong?

          1. I would tend to agree with Lyra’s reading of Dr. Forrester’s comments. Also, nuts and beans are high in phytic acid which binds to minerals, such as aluminum which reduces their bioavailability…Also another key takeaway from Dr. Forrester’s comments is more recent studies showing that vascular issues (his reference to saturated fat and cholesterol) may be a significant contributor to the development of dementia.

  15. How can eating something be compared to injecting something? I’d think an injection which doesn’t not get broken down, but goes directly into our blood must me more potent.

    1. Hi Shari, you are correct and indeed scientists have been able to measure the difference in bioavailability of aluminum through injection versus ingestion. The study that Dr. Greger cites, focuses on this very issue. You can find this study under “Sources Cited”, below the video.

  16. We use BPA free canned beans for ease. I’m glad it’s BPA free, but what about the aluminum getting into our food and increased risk of things like Alzheimer’s?

    (Not to mention that I’m guessing that since BPA has to do with plastic, that a plastic coating is what is in direct contact with the food. I’m concerned about the leaching here as well.)

    Is it worth the time and effort to be cooking large batches of bulk beans and freezing them?

  17. Dr. Neal Barnard speaking on PBS, said that aluminum sulfate is used by municipal water treatment plants as a clarifying agent for water that comes out of the tap. He suggested purchasing and installing a Reverse Osmosis Filter in order to protect your brain from the Aluminum. I have yet to purchase an RO filter, but I have found that eating more blueberries seems to sharpen my cognitive ability.

  18. What about immunotherapy for allergies? People get several shots a month containing aluminum hydroxide. It worried me so I stopped my therapy. And I’m happy I’m not eating a sandwich with cheese every day, like I used to.

    1. Aluminum has no known biological function in the body. Our bodies have the ability to excrete Aluminum through our kidneys. Aluminum is poorly absorbed by GI tract so we are somewhat protected. Direct injections by pass that protection. The key issue is the amount since our bodies will get rid of it. It can accumulate so it is best avoided or minimized. Dr. Greger’s video does a nice job at providing the relative intakes given various sources. Clinically it depends on the risks/benefits. Congratulations on moving beyond cheese.

  19. A lot of the confusion about proper diet comes from the assumption that there is ONE diet that is best for EVERYONE. Roger Williams documented the wide variety of structures and functioning in our human species. Scientists like Pottenger, Kelley, Watson, Wolcott, have gone on to show that diets based on ones’ metabolic or oxidative type prove to be more useful than just prescribing ONE diet for EVERYONE. Example: Parasympathetic dominants tend of have overly alkaline blood pH. Eating the “healthy” way with lots of fruits and veggies drives their ph even higher, further away from the optimum pH of 7.46, making them feel worse, whereas Sympathetic dominants have more acidic blood and need the fruits and veggies to bring their blood pH up to 7.46. Find out more about metabolic typing and you’ll find out what your body specifically needs.

      1. I can list several sources of information which if you want to check their references you can find sources for the above statements. To look through and list sources for these statements would take more time than I have for a casual statement in a blog.
        Biochemical Individuality by Roger Williams (sample reference: Motulsky A. Human genetic variation and nutrition. Am J Clin Nutrition 1987, 45:1108-1113).
        Metabolic Typing by William L. Wolcott. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price. The Nutrition Solution: A Guide to Your Metabolic Type by Harold J. Kristal. One Man Alone by Nicholas Gonzalez, MD.

          1. Well I would like the tea party Republicans to quit holding the congress and the American people hostage, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. If you want some solid evidence you’re going to have to look it up and read it for yourself. I’ve given you some reference books with medical references in them to begin with. These are not just author opinions put into print. I’m not going to do your work for you – you wouldn’t believe me or my references anyway if I wrote something that conflicts with your already preconceived paradigm of the one best diet for mankind. I have studied human nutrition for many decades and have yet to come up with a unified nutrition theory that explains it all but I firmly believe that the variability in structure and function of the human species is best served by a variety of diets that are individualized.

    1. Humzee: While I can’t say anything definitively about the particular diets you are talking about, I did want to say that this sounds an awful lot like the “diet for your blood type” – which is simply wrong.

      The reason I feel comfortable saying anything at all about your comment is that this site alone provides such strong evidence that (baring a genetic deficiency), there really is one basic diet that applies equally well to the vast majority of humans.

      It would sure take a whole lot of evidence to over shadow the current mountain of evidence we currently have. I encourage you to take a look at the great information on this site.

      1. There are many “typing” systems out there that attempt to tailor diets to specific populations: blood typing, ayurvedic doshas, metabolic typing oxidative typing, etc. some more useful than others. I agree with the inaccuracies of the blood typing system. The other three mentioned have proven to be more useful. They are based on a person’s individual biochemical and physiological make-up. I have studied the hunter-gatherer diet as put forth by Cordain and others and have come to the conclusion that it works well for those with a parasympathetic nervous system dominance (or protein types as they are sometimes called) and it is a disaster for those with a sympathetic nervous system dominance. As an example Dr. Robert Atkins used a variation of the paleo diet to treat a wide variety of ailments quite successfully but dropped his cancer treatment program using the same because of dismal results. The paleo approach works best with parasympathetic dominant types and poorly with sympathetic dominants who need a more plant based diet. You can check any of the work by Nicholas Gonzalez or William Donald Kelley who used this approach to achieve the best results known to modern medicine in treating cancer.

          1. Hi Jen, thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. The cautions you advise regarding listening to those who practice medicine for profit also applies to those who would criticize them as they too could have their own private agenda. This seems to be the case for the author of the quackwatch website:
            Dr. Gonzalez was given a chance to do a preliminary study to demonstrate the effectiveness of his program on pancreatic cancer patients. He achieved the best results ever demonstrated in the history of medicine and was granted a chance to do the gold standard comparison of his program compared to the best allopathic cancer treatment for pancreatic cancer. His study was sabotaged by the scientists who were running the program who had a conflict of interest because their program was the one being compared with the Gonzalez program, but they were allowed to perform the study. After the study’s conclusion the biased scientists were charged, convicted and punished for their unscrupulous behavior. Read What Went Wrong by Nicholas Gonzalez for Dr. Gonzalez’s side of this story. Follow his references to verify what actually happened. You can also check out his One Man Alone which describes 50 patients treated by the Kelley program that all had clinically diagnosed cancers and all had reduction and disappearances of their tumors following the Kelley approach. On quackwatch it was stated that this manuscript was never published. It has been published. The quackwatch article is pretty old. The manuscript was not published initially because no one could believe that nutrition and diet had anything to do with cancer so no one dared to publish it. It took a couple of decades before the climate had changed to allow for it to be published. Persecution of new ideas that are perceived as threats to the established order, especially when that order is taking in millions of dollars with their expensive, often ineffective treatments has always been met with attempts to discredit and condemn them. Having looked at both sides my analysis says Gonzalez, Kelley, Gerson and others as far back as John Beard all have information and techniques that if objectively included in the current fraternity of cancer treatment approaches could bring a lot of relief and reduction of suffering to a population suffering from this cancer epidemic…

              1. Hi Jen, I have ordered 17 DVD’s so I will get a full dose of Dr. Greger’s knowledge soon! I haven’t watched the one you gave the link to. I have a satellite internet system and am limited as to how much I can download. Alas I am almost out of downloading allotment until Oct 8 so I will have to wait to watch it. I did preview the first minute or so and I can tell you that I like Dr. Esselstyn’s approach but have some reservations about its need to be so draconian – again I think his approach could be refined with some individual adjustments and he really doesn’t go far enough to discourage usage of all refined carbohydrates nor does he take into account the best ways to prepare grains to limit phytates, etc. as we see in traditional ways of preparing these complex carb sources. One of the reasons I’m low on download allotment for this month is that I did watch a lot of Dr. Greger videos and like his manner of presentation although I keep trying to read the actual research papers often shown in the background when he makes some nutritional point… frustrating as it never shows the whole paper..

                Gotta go to bed.. get my fix of natural melatonin…

                1. Humzee,
                  Wow, you will be the expert! :) You are in for a treat! :) Can’t wait to hear what you think about them. Enjoy your DVDs! Cheers

      2. Diet is not the most important factor that determines your health.

        The most important factor is your spiritual state.. your philosoply of life. A positive, caring, loving attitude. A desire to learn. A motivation to seek the truth.

        Second is exercise.

        Third is diet.

  20. I just started reading Dr. Barnard’s Power Foods for the Brain in which he recommends to limit Tea consumption because of its absorption of aluminum into the leaves. And yet Dr Greger has discussed its health benefits at great lengths as well (especially green tea and hibiscus). Is there an optimal range of consumption then? How much it too much? Thanks

  21. I appreciate learning about cheesy aluminum and urge my clients to remove such things. Shell of the book,”Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs.”

  22. I really like this site and the research that is delved into. However, the vegan bias is painfully evident. There are organic, less processed cheeses available that do not contribute aluminum to the diet. There are also vegan soy protein isolate products (not even mentioned) that contribute aluminum to the diet. Instead of painting a picture that demonizes all cheese, I feel a more responsible approach would be to offer straightforward advice to those who wish to continue eating animal products. A diet is a personal choice. While I do not agree with factory farms, I have many malabsorption issues which make a vegan diet an unhealthy choice for me (as I do not absorb many of the nutrients in these foods). Animal products are not synonymous with American Cheese and Egg McMuffins any more than miso and soy protein isolate fall into the same category on a health scale.

  23. Dr. Greger You are blaming (processed) cheese for Aluminum intake, but what about cacao you recommend for HD prevention? EU Foodauthorities registered hi Aluminum contents in various cacao samples. Is there any risk to get Aluminum related diseases?

  24. This very interesting video leads me to think about an issue I haven’t seen discussed on this site; namely, what types of cookware are safest. I have heard that some health professionals argue that aluminum cookware isn’t safe because harmful metals leech into the food — I’ve also heard similar things about cast iron. I’d be interested in hearing Dr. Greger’s opinion of, say, cast iron versus ceramic cookware — what’s the safest? Thanks!

  25. Just watched this, 5 yrs later… I think is important to clarify, that study was about not only processed cheese, but pasteurized processed cheese. I wonder if aluminum is used in RAW cheeses? In goat or sheep cheeses? Guess will have to contact the company itself. RE: injected AL vs. ingested AL, even tho the quantities were estimated in regards of mutual bioavailability, the scenarios are very different. Injected aluminum is combined with a number of other agents, which are intentionally designed to create an inflammatory response; therefore the injected AL is likely to incur more cellular reactivity and/or damage.

  26. Doc, what is your take on zeolite (clinoptilite) as a detox supplement? I’ve heard conflicting info specifically in regards to its aluminum composition…some say its safe because the aluminium in it is bound to silicates, other say its in free form and as dangerous.

  27. Dr. Greger, my question concerns leaky gut syndrom, pealed versus unpealed vegetables.

    Are there any clues or studies which way might be more favorable for which veg? I think having heard such points in a french or canadian film regarding food related autism in ethiopian immigrants.

  28. How do you feel about vaccinating children? My husband and I look up to you in everything food related, but we were wondering about vaccinations. If we watch carefully what goes in our mouths, we should be careful what goes in our veins. Thanks!

  29. Hi Dr Greger and Co. I have a question related to vaccines and since there is nothing I can find specifically on this topic listed on nutritionfacts I thought this was the next best video to comment on. I come from a medical family, 3x surgeons 1x scientist and 2x RNs so grew up knowing a fair an most about medicine and biology etc. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at 15 years old after two years of agony and being well underweight, I was also a sickly child that caught every bug and had quite severe asthma associated with any bronchial infection or strenuous activity. My mother (RN) many years ago said there was research pointing towards the Tripple Antigen shot we received as a child and autoimmune disease, specifically Chrones and Collitis, but I never heard any more of it until recently when the “hippy” anti vaccine movement grabbed hold and ran with vaccines being bad. Since then I have read all measure of things with one side discrediting the other. There was a woman that won a case in the UK proving TA vaccine gave her child sever autism, and I believe there have been other various cases in the USA too. I read that they won campaigns to have all ingredients disclosed in the USA and now pharma has to list Mecury, Formaldehyde and various other potentially toxic substances (hence your video above). I have seen reports and graphs about disease cases improving because of better hygiene instead of vaccines and others discrediting this. I feel that I am very lost in this subject and want some straightforward honest answers. Is their any light you and your team can shine on this subject? It’s such a hot topic in Australia, I have my own illness to think about and friends now vaccinating their new children. Thank you so much :)

    I will add too that after 20 years on steroidal medication I have managed to get off the Meds for 5 years now without a hiccup. I attribute this to dietary changes, juice fasting, natural medicines, less stress, I also stopped antibiotics about 12 years ago when sick and worked on building my immune system naturally. I am very interested in preventative medicine and thank you for your fabulous efforts.

  30. I have heard that the sauna detox with niacin protocol is the most effective and proven way to remove toxins including metals from the tissues. Have you heard of this?

  31. Aluminum toxicity contributes to Alzheimer’s and Autism. One source of it is from chemtrails. This page says the most effective over the counter method to detox the aluminum is with malic acid and magnesium malate:

    You can find malic acid in green apples, or get a high quality product that combines the two ingredients:

    Also check out their info on detoxing other heavy metals:

  32. With numerous vegan cheese slices on the market today I’d be interested in knowing if they also contains these aluminum salts. The ingredients don’t indicate aluminum additives, but I also don’t see that as an ingredient for Kraft singles. Thanks!

  33. In 1996, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a position paper on Aluminum Toxicity in Infants and Children which stated in the first paragraph, “Aluminum is now being implicated as interfering with a variety of cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system and in other tissues.[3]

    Aluminum and Vaccine Ingredients: What Do We Know? What Don’t We Know?
    by Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD, FAAP Pediatrician

  34. One very big difference. Aluminum in vaccines is injected directly into the bloodstream, thus bypassing the digestive tract. Apples and oragnes here.

  35. Someone posted an article on Facebook, talking about a study that was done saying that up to 400mg of aluminum can leach into your food when you cook with aluminum foil. It said the study was done by Dr. Essam Zubaidy, a chemical engineering researcher at the American University of Sharjah, who evaluated the effects of aluminum on cooking and found that a meal cooked in aluminum foil can include up to 400mg of aluminum. Of course there was no link to the study or even the title of the study or where it was published, so I can’t tell you if they looked at aluminum levels in the food, or absorption, or effects, or anything. Can you look into aluminum levels in food, how it is getting there, and what we should do about it, if anything?

    1. Hi Bryan, I am one of the site moderators. I have seen this posted on Facebook as well and it is alarming. One thing that is true and I’ve seen several actual studies on this as well as a science fair project when my sons where young is that aluminum can leach into your food when exposed to anything acidic. If you have citrus or tomato based foods in contact with aluminum wrap or cookware some of the metal can get into your food. Since it is a heavy metal it is not easy for your body to rid itself of this contaminant. Heavy metals are known to complex with some of the enzymes that are necessary for reactions in your body so avoiding heavy metals in this manner as well as in fish, smoking and other sources is very, very important. This article might interest you regarding some of the findings about aluminum in our environment. I hope this is helpful.

  36. Hi Doc,

    Do you know of any research on the effects of the Anthrax Vaccine on the military? I have read some stuff potentially linking side effects to the aluminum hydroxide in the vaccine. If one is having side effects, like neurological effects, what treatment options are available? Is chelation a possibility and will it work? Can it be treated naturally?

  37. There’s a difference between injecting aluminium alongside other toxins in vaccines vs taking it orally, any chance you could look into that more and do an updated video please as I think you’ll find you’ll approach this topic rather differently.

  38. Is there any added aluminum in Kraft Mac and cheese? The cheese ingredient is supposedly cheddar but of course the sauce melts but the info says that it is another non aluminum ingredient added for meltability. I would really like to know if there is aluminum or is it SALP considered safe by the FDA.

  39. First, Ms Shields, as a moderator for this site, I want to congratulate you on the good start your are giving your children by breastfeeding then switching to a WFPB diet. You asked if these two good practices make it safe to skip vaccinations. While childhood vaccinations are very controversial to a few, please look at this closely and remove yourself from the fear and unscientific claims popular in some anti-vaccine circles. Your children definitely DO need protection from the serious childhood illness that vaccines protect against and proper nutrition is not a substitute for. Please review this information:
    Dr. Greger has commented on this in How Not to Die: (p. 228): “You should strive to minimize mercury exposure, but the benefits of vaccination far exceed the risks…” HE was speaking specifically about mercury exposure, but this advice regarding risk v benefits of childhood vaccines holds for aluminum exposure as well. As a former public health nurse well aware of the risks for unvaccinated children, I urge you to carefully consider vaccinating your children to protect them. Talk to your physician if you have concerns so you can be reassured about your decision.

  40. Aluminum is a neurotoxin. Aluminum may be found in brains of people with neurotoxic illnesses. And also, there is no evidence that vaccines (which sometimes contain small amounts of aluminum) cause autism. (Association differs from causation.) There is a large amount of active research into the possible causes of autism, but to date a definitive cause has not been found. In contrast, there are clear personal and societal benefits of childhood vaccination. Here is a helpful peer-reviewed article discussing the conversation about vaccines and autism:

    If a lifestyle cause of autism is found, and if lifestyle changes are found that can decrease risk of this dreaded disease, Dr Greger will share the information and his advice right away.

    Best, Dr Anderson, Health Support Volunteer

    1. Dear Dr. Anderson,

      Thank you for taking the time to answer my question in detail! However, the Michael Davidson MD study pmc/articles/PMC5789217/ you cited is more a history of the all too human tendency to jump on a bandwagon before checking whether it has wheels.
      Davidson rightly concludes that all of the disproved autism theories are “ part of a larger trend of discontent and distrust in the established preeminence of scientific evidence over impressions and opinions.”

      ​I agree with Davidson that ​ ​Andrew Wakefield led us on a merry chase in the early 2000s, and there are still people who do not know that his work has been dismissed as shoddily done – “flawed by severe research misconduct, conflict of interests, and probably falsehood.”

      However, ​the links embedded in the article I cited are real scientific studies done in the last year or two that I’d like you and Dr, Greger to evaluate. For example,

      * *

      ​which ​examines the translocation of aluminium (British spelling) to distant organs and


      which studies “Aluminium in brain tissue and autism.”

      Maybe I’m asking too much, but I hope you’ll evaluate those 2 studies and let me know if they are relevant to the discussion of autism and aluminum.

  41. As I understand it, it’s not the aluminum alone that causes harm in vaccines, it’s the immune activation (or over-activation) caused by the aluminum and/or the vaccine itself when it occurs during periods of rapid brain growth, such as during pregnancy or the first year of life. There is a lot of research on maternal immune activation and autism. Check out

  42. Interesting to know that eating processed cheese has that much more aluminum. A thing that you failed to mention though is the difference between injected aluminum and injected which is gonna trigger different responses to the body and children will obviously have a bigger reaction than an adult would because the dose is not dependent on age or weight, cutting costs and simplifying the money making vaccination business that cant be sued because they were already sued so many times and had to pay out because they were guilty of damaging people and their lives. That is FACT.
    I loved your Monsanto videos though but this ones getting 2 stars for loosely implying that vaccines are okay when in fact it is not.
    Bill gates also said vaccinations are a part of the plan for population control.
    He didn’t say its for herd immunity, or prevent sick from dense overpopulation, he said it should lower the growth of the population by a %. FACT
    Its 2018 Censorship and Disinformation in america is HEAVY. –Super FACTs

  43. Interested in a series on children vaccines. Safe? Necessary? Which ones should you get and which should be avoided? What does the research say? Thank you for you time!

  44. Hello! Comparing eating aluminum versus injecting aluminum, doesn’t make sense to me. New research shows that when injected, aluminum is carried by macrophages and polysorbate 80 (also I’m vaccines), to the brain. And that we’re injecting 50 times the FDA’s safety limit at each appointment. Thoughts?

  45. This video is 2010… They have taken aluminum out of children’s vaccines but not adults..also the cheese industry he uses that phrase what does that mean I don’t eat American cheese is unless they’re goat or sheep. Casein a1 is a real problem betta more phone 7 is what it produces when it is digested…I hate posts like this because they’re alarmist doesn’t mean that all cheese is bad he doesn’t differentiate this is really poor research on his part..

  46. Dr. Greger, could you please take a closer look at the aluminum in vaccines? Prof. Christopher Exley (who has been studying human exposure to aluminum in everyday life for 30 years), recently calculated that the amount of biologically available aluminum in a single shot of INFANRIX hexa given to an 8-month-old baby is equivalent to 150 days exposure to aluminum through breast milk, the former being an acute exposure and the latter being a chronic one. Prof. Exley says that the concentration of aluminum at the injection site is an order of magnitude higher than what is needed to kill cells. You could also look into the work of Dr. Christopher A. Shaw, a neuroscientist by training, who has also studied injectable aluminum and how it might impact the nervous system. Thank you.

  47. A 1997 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, “Aluminum Neurotoxicity in Preterm Infants Receiving Intravenous-Feeding Solutions”, found that any amount greater than 4 to 5 micrograms (mcg) per kilogram of body weight per day of aluminum received intravenously in preterm infants would result in significant negative effects for mental development later in life.

    The Hepatitis B vaccine, administered on the very first day of life, contains 250 mcg of aluminum. At age 2 months, a baby receives four shots containing aluminum: Hep B (250 mcg), DTap (625 mcg), PCV (125 mcg), and Hib (225 mcg). The combined total amounts to 1,225 mcg of aluminum injected in a single doctor’s visit.

  48. Cheri,

    Can’t agree with you more…… you might find the work by Dr. Paul Thomas interesting regarding his ideas on the “best schedule ” way to use immunizations, with limited loading factors.

    Ideal no, but considering the move to prosecute docs who excuse those from immunizations ( ) see next to last paragraph or the very aggressive move to demonize those who even consider this action……., go to the bottom of the article for science based references.

    For clarity there is a need for immunizations, selectively given based on our knowledge of an individual pt. With newer and more accessible work in genetics we have a much higher index for which patients will potentially react unfavorably. The issues with aluminum are a recognized neurotoxin by most researchers. and total intake including in foods, typically processed goods in another concern.

    The real issue should be making safer vaccines, continuing to explore though machine learning those individuals who have been affected and finding commonalities, and not using politics and sound bites to set fear into pediatricians who may consider a patient at risk and excused from some or all immunizations.

    Dr. Alan Kadish moderator for Dr. Greger

  49. When I look at processed cheese labels, I do not see aluminum mentioned. (I don’t eat such cheeses – I have been vegan for 9 1/2 years.) But I am wondering if they took the aluminum out of processed cheese since 2005 or 2010.

  50. Vaccines are injected into the muscle – there is a difference between injecting into the body and topical application perhaps – deodorant. Wonder how much aluminum gets into the body via the small intestines, or does the body just eliminate through the GI tract?

  51. What about “aluminum lake” inactive ingredients in e.g. cholestyramine powder used for treating mold illness? Sandoz company told me that this is not the metal aluminum. Listed in inactive ingredients as “D & C yellow No. 10 aluminum lake” and FD&C yellow No. 6 aluminum lake”? What is this “lake” form of aluminum mean and is it a concern for brain inflammation and neurodegeneration?

  52. Chris,

    For a more in depth look at D&C and FD&C lakes see: For a listing of those used in commerce see: the FDA’s listing of acceptable and not acceptable colors.

    Note that by definition a lake is based on their being an aluminum salt.

    Dr. Alan Kadish moderator for Dr. Greger

    1. Dear Dr. Kadish,

      Does the aluminum salt, even if not considered “elemental aluminum,” get absorbed?

      Do these aluminum salts “lakes” break down into elemental aluminum or any other form of aluminum in the body?

      Do these lake dyes ie “aluminum salts” result in any form of aluminum getting into the brain?


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