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Does Rye Bread Protect Against Cancer?

Previously, I’ve explored the beneficial effects of flaxseeds on prostate cancer (Flaxseeds vs. Prostate Cancer), as well as breast cancer prevention and survival (Flaxseeds & […]

Fish Consumption and Suicide

Depression is a serious and common mental disorder responsible for the majority of suicides. As I’ve covered in Antioxidants & Depression, intake of fruits, vegetables, […]

Can Dehydration Affect Our Mood?

Water is by far the number-one nutrient in our diet. Studies have suggested that proper hydration may lower our risk of heart disease and cancer, […]

La docena diaria del Dr. Greger

En mi libro Comer para no morir, sugiero que intentemos centrar nuestras dietas sobre la lista de la docena diaria de todos las cosas que intento incluir en mi rutina diaria.

Cómo reducir tus niveles de OTMA

¿Deberíamos preocuparnos por los vegetales ricos en colina, como el brócoli, que producen el mismo tóxico OTMA que se produce al consumir alimentos de origen animal ricos en colina como los huevos?

Heart of Gold: Turmeric vs. Exercise

The endothelium is the inner lining of our blood vessels. Laid end-to-end, endothelial cells from a single human would wrap more than four times around […]

Dr. Greger on Avocados and Lectins

My new DVD starts streaming today My new DVD is out today and is available as a streaming video so you can start watching it immediately. In […]

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