¿Te has preguntado si existe una manera natural de bajar tus niveles de presión arterial, protegerte contra el alzhéimer, perder peso y sentirte mejor? Resulta que sí la hay. El doctor Michael Greger (FACLM), fundador de NutritionFacts.org y autor del rotundo éxito de ventas del New York Times "How Not to Die" (Comer para no morir), nos presenta la nutrición basada en la evidencia para añadir años a nuestra vida y vida a nuestros años.

Nutrition Facts Grab Bag 8

Our grab bag of facts today includes adding milk to your coffee, the best food for late pregnancy, and the benefits of blueberries.

Fabulous Fiber

Why is fiber so important, and are you getting enough?

21st Century Gout

You don’t have to be Henry the VIII to get gout. Find out how to prevent and treat gout with food.

Treating Psoriasis

Diet may be more important than you think in treating this autoimmune disorder.

More on Melatonin

Today we figure out a safe way to get the sleep inducing properties of Melatonin.

Just the Flax

Listen to what this little seed can do.

My Slim and Healthy Greek Diet

It’s time to be transported to the Greek Isles. What does the science say about the Mediterranean-type diet?

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