Have you ever wondered if there’s a natural way to lower your high blood pressure, guard against Alzheimer's, lose weight, and feel better? Well as it turns out there is. Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, founder of NutritionFacts.org, and author of the instant New York Times bestseller “How Not to Die” celebrates evidence-based nutrition to add years to our life and life to our years.

Just the Flax

Listen to what this little seed can do.

My Slim and Healthy Greek Diet

It’s time to be transported to the Greek Isles. What does the science say about the Mediterranean-type diet?

Nutrition Facts Grab Bag 7

Today we unlock the power of chia seeds, detox mercury, and study dietary approaches to female sexual dysfunction.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine prescribes healthy habits to prevent and reverse some chronic diseases. Why don’t more doctors study and practice lifestyle medicine?

Knowledge Is Power

Today we explore the vast nutritional research resources available to us online.

More on Vitamin Supplements

Most of the vitamins we need come from plants. So, should we supplement? Here’s what the science says about a few key vitamins.

Tea Tree Oil

The pros and cons of tea tree oil.

The Power of Tea

This natural beverage is a staple around the world. And it can even reverse the progression of some diseases. 

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