Have you ever wondered if there’s a natural way to lower your high blood pressure, guard against Alzheimer's, lose weight, and feel better? Well as it turns out there is. Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, founder of NutritionFacts.org, and author of the instant New York Times bestseller “How Not to Die” celebrates evidence-based nutrition to add years to our life and life to our years.

Preventing Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is a serious autoimmune condition that affects many parts of our digestive tract.  Diet can play an important part in developing and alleviating symptoms. Listen in to find out how.

A Healthy Bladder

Bladder infections are a common and painful problem. Can diet help to prevent and treat bladder issues?

Coping with Allergies

You sneeze, itch, break into a rash.  What can you do?  Today we look to our diets for an answer.

Nutrition and Addiction

We come across many temptations every day. Here’s is how good nutrition can help.

Food as Medicine: TEDx Talk

If you’ve ever wanted the back story on how I became such a strong advocate for information based nutrition – here it is!

Getting Political: Putting the Public at Risk

The tobacco industry, the food industry, and the chemical industry are powerful players in creating the products we use every day. And their profit is our peril. Here’s the story.

What to Take After Surgery

Today we look at some surprising dietary strategies that can help us speed recovery after surgery.

Improving Immune Function

If you want to help your body defend itself against invaders that attack your immune system, you’ll want to take a listen.

New Research on Autism

There may be some steps we can take when it comes Autism awareness and prevention.

Men’s Health: Counting Sperm

Today we consider some ways to ensure sperm health and fertility. Hint: you may want to put your cell phone down.

Nutrition Facts Grab Bag 5

Back by popular demand, it’s the Nutrition Facts grab bag with new research on coconut oil, good gut bacteria, and calcium supplements.

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