Does “organic” chicken contain less arsenic?

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Does “organic” chicken fare any better?

Kristen / Originally posted in Dr. Oz, apple juice, and arsenic: chicken may have 10 times more


Great question, Kristen! In a survey of arsenic levels in U.S. chicken, while nearly three-quarters of the breasts, thighs and livers from conventional producers carried detectable levels of arsenic, of certified organic or other “premium” chicken parts or whole chickens, just one-third had detectable arsenic. This suggests consumers who continue to eat chicken can lower their arsenic intake by choosing organic.

Unfortunately, arsenic-laced chicken manure can still be used to grow organic produce (and rice! See How Much Arsenic In Rice Came From Chickens?).

For more videos on chicken, see and for more on organic versus conventional in general, see

Image credit: / Flickr

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