¿Te has preguntado si existe una manera natural de bajar tus niveles de presión arterial, protegerte contra el alzhéimer, perder peso y sentirte mejor? Resulta que sí la hay. El doctor Michael Greger (FACLM), fundador de NutritionFacts.org y autor del rotundo éxito de ventas del New York Times "How Not to Die" (Comer para no morir), nos presenta la nutrición basada en la evidencia para añadir años a nuestra vida y vida a nuestros años.

Are GMOs Safe?

Much of the information about genetically modified crops is wrong—on both sides of the debate. So what does the best available evidence have to say about the health implications of GMOs?

Food Synergy

In today’s episode, we explore the health benefits of eating a variety of foods in different combinations.

Healthy Pregnancy

What are the best ways to stay healthy during pregnancy?

How Sweet Is It?

Artificial sweeteners may not have calories, but they do have side effects that many people don’t know about.

Paleolithic Diets

In this episode, we go back in time to look at the diet of Paleolithic man and discover what there is to recommend in today’s Paleo fad diets.

The Effects of Alcohol

What are the health effects of alcohol consumption? The results may surprise you.

The Benefits of Soy

The story of a hard working bean that has a positive effect on our nutrition and health.

Healthy Children

What’s the best way to ensure our children grow up healthy? Here are some science-based recommendations. This episode features audio from Should All Children Have […]

The Microbiome Revolution

No, it’s not a political movement. It’s the story of the underappreciated role our gut bacteria play in keeping us healthy.

Beating Colds and Flu

Most of us suffer from colds year round. Here’s a way to bolster your chances of staying healthy this season.

Number One Risk

High blood pressure is at the top of the charts for causes of death in the world. In this episode we explore ways to lessen the risk of hypertension with stories about diet, sodium intake, and the blood pressure lowering effects of hibiscus tea.

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