Treadmill Desks: Stand Up For Health

Treadmill and hand

A few months ago the New York Times ran a piece reiterating the hazards of prolonged sitting, which is associated with a shorter lifespan–even in those who exercise regularly. Our bodies were built to move.

My 2-min. video Standing Up For Your Health is my contribution to the subject. In fact, I’m walking on the treadmill desk I feature in the video as I speak! (well, write). I’m now up to 17 miles a day! (though at only 2.5 mph).

More on the benefits of physical activity can be found in my videos Exercise & Breast Cancer and Reversing Cognitive Decline.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that what we eat may be even more important. See:

Michael Greger, M.D.

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  • justme

    Need a better picture of your desk. This could be the answer to my sedentary life as a teacher, writer, and artist.

  • I have the Trek Desk that I ordered from Amazon. Its an inexpensive solution if you already have a treadmill.

  • spwins

    My husband has had a ‘stand at’ desk for 29 years. He can’t imagine sitting down all day. He has a sit down desk also but his phone and computer are at his tall desk and spends most of the day there. I think it was a very positive decision all those years ago. I don’t know if he would do the treadmill desk. He gets a good workout at his home gym most afternoon which is a great de-stresser.

  • Kahsay G/Medhin

    I`m very interested in the facts related to health. Pls continue in the world wide program that you have already started. Thank you again for your important health related committment.
    with regards
    kahsay g/medhin
    from Ethiopia, Adds Ababa

  • I bought a treadmill desk about 2 years ago – the one that adjusts height automatically. As the article notes – our bodies are built for movement, I have found it to be tremendous for things like writing emails, and I spend about 4 hours on average per day on the treadmill desk.

    In the last 2 years I have walked over 5000KM whilst working – and I feel better then before my treadmill desk years.

    Walk and work is the future and I expect more employers will outfit their offices with treadmill desks as it both benefits the employer and employee.

  • Dean Pomerleau

    I’ve found a bike desk to be much more stable and conducive to getting work done than my treadmill desk and it cost less than $200. Here is short clip of it in action:

    and here is a link to the details:

    • Robertt1

      But you’re still sitting…