Our Values at NutritionFacts.org

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve public health by providing the latest in evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine research in an accessible format to enable individuals to make informed dietary and lifestyle choices.

Vision Statement

As NutritionFacts.org becomes the go-to resource—the “WebMD” of nutrition—everyone will be able to make informed dietary and lifestyle choices based on the best available scientific evidence.

  • Evidence-based

    Sound scientific research published in peer-reviewed medical journals forms the foundation of our content.

  • Free

    All of the information we offer will always be provided to the public at no cost.

  • Non-commercial

    We do not accept any advertisements or corporate sponsorships, do not sell any supplements or gadgets, and donate to charity all of the money received from speaking engagements, honoraria, and book and DVD sales.

  • Accountable

    All sources are cited and directly displayed whenever possible.

  • Authentic

    Our message comes from a place of honesty and integrity. We want everyone to have access to the most accurate evidence-based information so they are able to make better dietary and lifestyle choices for themselves and their families.

  • Accessible

    Content is presented in a way easily understood by the general public.

  • Inclusive

    We aim to continuously foster a diverse, supportive, equitable, and globally-inclusive environment for staff, volunteers, and the public.

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