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Are you passionate about mobile development and contributing in an open, collaborative environment? Do you want to contribute to projects that help to improve the mobile experience of thousands of users around the world by providing an intuitive user interface to track daily nutrition habits?

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  1. What about a section in the app with your most common go-to recipes? I’m thinking stuff like the Hibiscus Tea/Cocktail, Breakfast Smoothie, Chocolate Milkshake, Pumpkin Pie/Smoothie, etc. Basically, a lot of recipe ideas you share in the book

    I know you have the daily dozen as separate ingredients, but I think having these recommendations would be very helpful for people who are less creative about getting these things in daily.

    Also another idea: This is a lot more involved, but what about a Nutrition Facts app itself? Although it would be great to read the articles and see videos in a dedicated app, I don’t mean merely a portal to the website. I mean an actual searchable database of items you recommend in addition to access to the site itself. So for instance, if we search for “amla” on the app we see a short description of what it is, the main benefits with hyperlinks to cited papers, how much is recommended daily, ideas for incorporating it into the diet, and possible contraindications. And perhaps you could search based on food item or based on health condition.

    I realize that would be a lot more time consuming, but I’m sure your volunteers would have no problem working on such a thing, as it could be of great benefit to people. I certainly would help compile the data into practical, useful tidbits in an app if I could.

    Anyway, I’m a huge fan, love your style and your work (and that of your volunteers),

      1. Hello. Am l missing filling in certain fields application but l don’t get feedback My Samsung application gives we weekly and monthly reports.

    1. Agree with you about a recipe section in the Daily Dozen app.

      The web site is very mobile responsive, that’s why they never thought of making an an for the videos and blogs.

  2. Hi, I really like the app but have some quick (hopefully) suggestions on how to make the interface better. Clicking on the item then it takes you to another screen to click more buttons to increase or decrease portions is way too much friction. I recommend doing one of these:

    1) When you press a selection, it automatically increases the portion number and stays on the home screen. If you want to see more detail, then you have to hold down the selection for a second.
    2) Leave it as is but add a “swipe” interface where you can swipe a selection right to add 1, swipe left to subtract 1.
    3) Press the very right side to add 1, the rest of the bar for the selection will take you to the detailed screen (this may be the easiest to implement).


  3. Love the iphone app and have used it as an “ice-breaker” in introducing people to this way of thinking/living/eating! How about integrating the nutritional content of the recommended portions like cronometer? That would be additionally awesome, thanks for your work.

    1. Also how much kcal is a full day? I get a bit confused by this app and I really can’t eat so much because I’m full all of the time.

    1. Hi!

      I had a look at this for you, thank you for the suggestion-

      From what I can see, the picture of cruciferous veg looks like collards/silverbeet on the left and mixed leaves on the left, which could be arugula and some kind of lettuce mix? So yes probably not the most accurate, but not specifically incorrect. The mesclun mix looking bowl would be more accurate on the greens page, I agree here.

      The greens picture looks like kale/mustard greens on the right and the left looks like some kind of sprout or maybe watercress.. I agree that the pictures could be a bit more obvious (such as broccoli/cauliflower for cruciferous) but I think because there is cross over between the two categories, it’s not terrible…I have made a note to others involved to see if they think it should be clarified :)

  4. As you say frequently, “all plants and not created equal.” It would be very informative to see a summary of why each food is on the recommended list. For foods that are high in antioxidant content, for example, list the ORAC score (per serving not for 100 mg) for each recommended food item. For recommended foods that are not high in antioxidants, it would be useful to identify the characteristics or components of that food item that make it beneficial.

    The app could also be turned into a game, “the daily dozen with friends,” by awarding points based on the nutrient content or ORAC score for each food consumed. The app would need to be modified to allow the user to select the specific food eaten and identify the quantity in common units. Your friends could be notified every time you consume foods with antioxidants and you could compete with them on the points collected each day.

    These points could be compared to an antioxidant RDA for each day (the RDA customized by user characteristics). Bonus points could be awarded for achieving the RDA.

    It would be useful to be able to record partial servings well. Bonuses could be awarded for consuming a complete serving but partial credit should be allowed as well. Of course, for example, it is best to do 90 minutes of exercise but there should be some ability to acknowledge some exercise even it doesn’t reach 90 minutes.

    A bonus should be awarded for eating a variety of food as well.

    Points can be awarded for avoiding foods and activities (like cigarettes) with a net oxidizing effect.

    A recommended “my plate” for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, would help the user organize the 18 servings of food (24 daily items minus five beverages and 1 exercise) that need to be consumed each day. Beans, for example, would be on each plate since they are recommended with each meal. Spices should be on each plate for at least three servings a day.

    Food should be grouped according to their nutritional profile. So that if, for example, snap peas are similar nutritionally to beans and legumes, they should be grouped there instead of with vegetables. Tomatoes should be categorized with fruit and peanuts as a bean, for example.

    Mushrooms should not be listed under vegetables. They should have their own category as should alium vegetables like garlic and onions because of their rare nutritional components.

    Turmeric might deserve its own category as well like flax seed.

    1. I’m really enjoying this app and the simplicity helps to use it daily, but planning meals with it is a bit difficult – it would help if I could record in the app what “type” of food I’m going to eat (from the list under each category, i.e. strawberries under berries) & which meal/time I plan to eat it. I picture a drop down menu for the types instead of checkmarks. As for categorizing the meals/times, that could be more complicated… it would be nice if I could point and drag but that may be asking too much. Maybe you could customize to show the list multiple times under different sections the user can name, i.e. “breakfast.”

  5. 1) It would make more sense to have the different categories weighted unequally instead of equally which is how it is now. For example: that 5th cup of water probably isn’t as valuable in one’s day as that 1 cup of berries or greens.

    2) Right now the app shows you how much % you have completed. It would be cool to see a score card that would show 1) Your average % score. 2) Your lowest score. 3) Your highest score. 4) Your least check-marked item.

  6. I started using the iPhone app just a week ago and love it. Could someone have a look at pictures for cruciferous and greens. I think they are matched wrongly and need to be swopped.
    Well done though. Very useful.

    1. Hi Aileen-

      I had a look at this for you, thank you for the suggestion-

      From what I can see, the picture of cruciferous veg looks like collards/silverbeet on the left and mixed leaves on the left, which could be arugula and some kind of lettuce mix? So yes probably not the most accurate, but not specifically incorrect. The mesclun mix looking bowl would be more accurate on the greens page, I agree here.

      The greens picture looks like kale/mustard greens on the right and the left looks like some kind of sprout or maybe watercress.. I agree that the pictures could be a bit more obvious (such as broccoli/cauliflower for cruciferous) but I think because there is cross over between the two categories, it’s not terrible…I have made a note to others involved to see if they think it should be clarified :)

  7. Maybe include something that is hard to come by- optimal daily amounts of essential nutrients and their optimal sources- vitamins, minerals, omega-3, lysine, fiber, and an “add your own” marker, and an “add your own condition” for easy recommendations. If this is already incorporated, please ignore.

  8. Hello I am wondering if someone can help me. I am a Dietetic Intern and I am teaching a class on heart health. I wanted to know if I could use a copy of Dr. Greger’s daily dozen as a handout to the class. Am I allowed to use this? Also is there somewhere on this site that I can print a pdf version or any other version? Thank you for your help.

  9. The option to switch locations so that the serving sizes are in countries weighing measurements would be great! E.g. at the moment beans are displayed in cups hut for the UK grams would be useful.

    1. Not sure whether a conversion chart link (similar to the size guide charts in online clothing stores) would be easier, therefore faster to implement?? I have one a fridge magnet version at home – it’s really helpful :)

  10. Wonerful App Michael. Just started using it. Very practical reminder at the kitchen food table as well as the produce isle.

    -The picture on the “greens” and “cruciferous vegetables” seem to be reversed.
    -You won’t be surprised that many of the produce named are unfamiliar to the public. Clickable Popping picture could greatly help identifying it at the local store.
    -Was missing out on some recommendations from your videos:
    -Peanuts at the nuts section?
    -Seaweed for iodine?

    Well done.

  11. One of my greatest concerns in life is the power of social media in the hands of the popular, but uneducated. It would be great to develop a ‘Truth Test’ for those without a health or science education to decode misleading media articles – I developed a similar tool in my role as a Preventative Health Educator (Chronic Disease), would love to get something together for you!

  12. I’d like to see an option where you can select the number of items per category yourself – ie instead of greens showing just two boxes to tick, having a feature to allow me to have five boxes etc

    1. Agree, I would also like the option of adding boxes (not deleting) – for example, in the cruciferous veg category since I love broccoli.

      Having the cup sizes in metric measure and having the option of filling in partial portions -as others have suggested – would also be good.

  13. move this idea section to its own web page.
    then add a menu item, perhaps titled
    “Suggest improvements”,
    to the drop down menu in all platform versions of the app.

  14. add an item to the drop down menu in all platform versions of the app, perhaps titled
    “What’s new!”,
    that would have a user level description of the changes of each new release.

    newest entries at the top to oldest at the bottom.

    this would help users learn about & benefit from new features sooner.

  15. Heya! From my understanding, it takes 20 years for our b12 stores to depleat so the bloods are not a gpod indication of whether you’re feeding your body right. Vegans win healthwise in all departments except vegetarians and vegana have higher rates of Altzymers than meat eaters and it is because they aren’t getting the b12. Our bodies need b12 to process the flaxseed’s omegas into beneficial substances. Taking b12 is so easy and cheap if you buy online, and there is zero shame in suplementimg because animal eaters are being indirectly suplemented b12 becuase the animals are fed the b12.

    1. Hi Zabel,
      I am a volunteer moderator for Dr. Greger and am happy to help. B12 stores in the body take around 4 years to deplete. Measuring blood levels of B12 only is not the best test for minimal B12 deficiency. Markers like MMA and holoTC are more sensitive. Its always important to get your baseline levels tested and if you consume no meat a quality, active form of B12, methylcobalamin is best.

      Here is some more info:


      Hope this helps,
      Dr. Laura Belus, ND
      Moderator for Nutrition Facts

  16. Hey all. Would like to see B12, iodine (or seaweed) and Vitamin D added to the daily dozen. If I’m not mistaken Greggor and co site these three as the potential weak points of most diets, including vegans. Having B12 pills, at the very least, I think would be a great way to get more people on track with this important vitamin. Perhaps these three could be appended to the existing flaxseed entry for convenience and asthetics, seeing as flax is probably only there because it is essentially an omega source.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Vaughan: Since you asked, I have some thoughts… ;-) But first note that I’m not speaking for Dr. Greger nor do I have any special insight or connection to “da man.” I’m just sharing my thoughts.
      I had something of a similar thought in that I was thinking we should have “baker’s dozen” with “select supplements” on their own page. But the only simple one is B12. Everything else is a “it depends” on the situation, which makes it hard to convey in a simple list format like the Daily Dozen. Also, Dr. Greger tends to think B12 is easiest to just do as a weekly supplement rather than daily. So, working that into the free Daily Dozen phone apps gets a lot more complicated.
      In addition, there are more than just the three “nutrients of concern” that you pointed out. Here is the whole list: http://nutritionfacts.org/2011/09/12/dr-gregers-2011-optimum-nutrition-recommendations/
      And here’s one more final thought: If you watch the NutritionFacts videos about a) flaxseed and b) the recent series on DHA, I think you will see that Dr. Greger definitely does not recommend flaxseed because of the ALA/omega 3 is has. I would say that Dr. Greger is recommending flaxseed, because of it’s lignans which help to fight cancer and do other nice things.
      It does disturb me some that B12 is not mentioned on the chart. Maybe it could be a footnote? Anyway, those are my thoughts. Do you have some back?

      1. Hey Thea, thanks for your thoughtful reply. Great to get some feedback from someone more onto it than I.

        I like your idea of having a kind of sublist. Perhaps a supplements item could replace flax, containing the recommendations listed in the link you provided. (Otherwise it would cease to be a dozen! :P).
        Headings within the description might show some of the information contained in that same link you sent me, with check boxes with each heading, for example:

        • x grams of Wakame
        • x grams of Dulce
        • 150mcg Supplement

        Vic D:
        • x hours sun exposure
        • 2000IU supplement

        • 1 TBS flaxseed meal, refrigerated

        Having various heading in the description was previously implemented in the exercise section to distinguish high and moderate intensity exercise.

        It would become more technically challenging for developers to implement want I am about to suggest but is very doable. B12 could appear weekly on the list, on a day of the week indicated in the Settings, or set as a daily indicator like the rest in settings if desired by the user. Maybe defaulting to weekly on Monday.
        Vit D sun exposure hours could be automatically calculated by accessing the devices time zone data.

        Maybe too ambitious? :P

  17. I love the simplicity of this app, but it hasn’t worked right since the most recent update. When I check just 1 box in a category, all the boxes in that category are automatically checked.

  18. I love this app! I want to have a new year resolution contest with my husband. At the end of each month, who so ever should have the highest serving average, is the winner. I think in order to do this, we will have to uninstall and reinstall the app every month, to restart the calculations. Maybe one of you smarty pants app developers can add some sort of game option to this so people can compete by eating healthy. How fun would that be?!
    Thanks and happy new year everyone!

  19. 1 Add option to set other time than 2400 to switch to next day as default view. If a user opens the app one minute after midnight they most likely intend to add data for the previous day.

    2 B12! Hard to understand why that is not included. The app should express the importance of regular B12 intake! Let users choose a “plan” – one very large dose weekly, two large doses weekly, or daily – and add check boxes accordingly.

  20. How about a simple toggle to lock a day once it’s past so u don’t accidentally update the wrong day and get lost.

    Also like the recipe idea.

    But I love the uncluttered simple app design.

  21. I would love to see the Exercise section broken down into 15 minute sections so it isn’t all or nothing. Would rather have more boxes to check off so I could see progress over time. Much like the beverages section is set up.

  22. Dr Greger.

    I have been studding Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, and would like to know how I can help popularize your mission.


  23. Hi,

    Any future updates to include multiple languages?

    I’d be willing to help that as my father speaks a different language.


  24. I’m not a developer, but I was considering learning to code to make a simple sorting chart which would allow the user to input nutrition data for foods then cross reference. For example; you want to limit your carbohydrate intake for fruit to 20 grams, but also want fruit with a higher fiber content, high in vitamin C and low GL. After selecting the desired option the app would populate items based on your request.

  25. It would be so amazing if in the app there was a place you could type a food and it would tell you if it was a red light yellow light or green light food.

  26. I’m enjoying the app. The opportunity to add your own food items would be a great addition, as a means of the user experience being more specific.

  27. It would be wonderful if there was a box to check off for taking your vitamin b12 supplement. I could use the reminder and the satisfaction of checking it off daily.

  28. It would be great, if multiple languages could be supported. Especially for older or younger persons a version in their own language would be a great improvement.
    I would contribute the german translation.

  29. Hi there, Thanks a lot for the app, I’ve been using the Android version for a week now. Might it be possible to have “portions” for exercise, too? I rarely manage the full 40/90 minutes, but do exercise most days.

  30. I love the check off but would like a memo or notes section. I need to track ny actual exercise I do. I am disabled and have cardio, strength, and swimming. I addition., I have, some foods I am suppose to eat for health issues. If I could just have a notes section, I could see and so could doctor. Finally a check box for B-12 and Vitamin D. THANK YOU

  31. You could encourage more healthy habits by allowing users to add more daily goals by creating a “+” button at the bottom, so they could then write “Floss” and try to check the floss box every day. You can’t encourage all that nut and berry eating without encouraging flossing too, now, can you? :)

  32. Hello and thank you for this app! I have been using it for a while now and think a forum where I could talk to others about using it and sharing recipes and ideas would be a helpful addition. I specifically would love ideas on how to get my three bean servings every day. I have some ideas and some successes, but not getting all 3 servings is one of the Daily Dozen which stumps me the most often!

    Keep up the hard work; I appreciate all that is being shared here!

  33. I’m assuming each box represents one serving, and we are to have 5 servings for example water. It would be helpful to just be able to check off one at a time.

  34. Hello,

    I really like this app! And keeps me on track to eating what I need to focus on.

    One minor suggestion is including a weekly view along with the daily, monthly, and yearly.


  35. I would also love to see the exercise broken down into portions. If there were 3 check boxes then each box could represent roughly 30 mins of moderate intensity or 15 minutes of high intensity. This would mean you could mix up your exercise eg half an hour of moderate intensity in the morning and a half hour of high intensity in the evening. Or whatever suits the person.
    I also like the idea of adding in your own specialised foods. Having said that I would worry that people might get overwhelmed if theres too many items added in and may loose focus on getting the top 12. Having said that, there are a lot of foods here that have specific benefit for people with various health conditions. My son has autism so we’ll be adding in broccoli sprouts as soon as we can grow them, for instance.
    All in all, this is a great app. In the last week that Ive been using it its theres been phenomenally huge shift in the quality of my nutrition. Im telling everone about it.
    Is there a promotional video about the app anywhere I can share on my social media??

    1. Hi Kylie, thank you for the feedback! We don’t currently have a promotional video for the app, but we will be promoting it more once the iPhone version is updated :) We will be updating followers once that happens, and will definitely have more social media posts about it at that time.

  36. Thanks, this is great etc…
    An idea. Can this app be connected to chronometer? Do they have an API so if I enter my exact food there, it is checked of here? This wold be nice for 3 reasons.
    1. One would get the nutrition values from chronometer but the clean simplicity you provide.
    2. Your app helps plan the next meal, where as crono.. does not (their pit fall)
    3. It wold take the classification question out of feeding the info to your app, e.g. where to check for (vegan) sushi?

  37. Been using the Daily Dozen app for a month now and it’s been a huge help in getting me to eat healthier. But i had an idea: if any of you are able to add a modification wherein you could add a few checkboxes users can fill in with their own items i think that would be extremely helpful. For example, I’ve been trying to include yogurt and green tea daily and as we know how healthfully addicting trying to fulfill a quota and seeing your chart success can be i think having those on the list would only be a positive.

    1. Thanks for your comment and suggestion,

      It would indeed be a useful modification but keep in my mind that dairy based yogurt may not be a healthy food itself (for example, the casein or fat content may not be advantageous), but rather a signature of a healthy diet. As one review states:

      “adults who were greater consumers of fresh dairy products, including yogurt, also reported a greater intake of fruits, fish, legumes, nuts, and water; ate fewer pre-prepared meals; and had lower alcohol consumption than did those who consumed fewer fresh dairy products. In addition, frequent consumers had a better diet quality score (…) and exhibit healthier nonnutritional behaviors, such as reduced smoking and greater participation in physical activity, than do nonconsumers”

      Hope this answer helps.

  38. I would like to make note of issues on the calendar for days that I travel or such. Also, a blood sugar entry field for fasting reading and daily readings would benefit diabetics.

  39. I would love to see a rank ordered list of the best source for certain vitamins and categories .. Like Potassium and then a rank order of best sources. I also love the idea of recipes on app.

  40. These questions may have been answered before, so apologies if this is the case.

    Could Seitan and Cous cous be added to the relevant categories within the app?

  41. It’d be great if there were more check boxes for exercise so it could be recorded as broken up into more check boxes. Like a check box every 10 or 20 minutes. It’d make it easier to remember and record all the active things you do during the day.

  42. I think it would be helpful to have the app produce a suggested meal or recipe based ok any categories I have left for the day that are unchecked. Some items can be left on the side, such as nuts for a snack if the recipe cannot accommodate nuts.

  43. I would love it to have s tracking feature with charts so I can see over time any improvements or areas that are neglected and need improvement. It is nice to see each day, but it doesn’t give me the bigger picture.

  44. I tried to email Christi Richards, to get access to the Slack channel and chat about development, but haven’t gotten a response. Is there someone here who can help me connect with others working on the software side of NF? Thanks!


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