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  1. What about a section in the app with your most common go-to recipes? I’m thinking stuff like the Hibiscus Tea/Cocktail, Breakfast Smoothie, Chocolate Milkshake, Pumpkin Pie/Smoothie, etc. Basically, a lot of recipe ideas you share in the book

    I know you have the daily dozen as separate ingredients, but I think having these recommendations would be very helpful for people who are less creative about getting these things in daily.

    Also another idea: This is a lot more involved, but what about a Nutrition Facts app itself? Although it would be great to read the articles and see videos in a dedicated app, I don’t mean merely a portal to the website. I mean an actual searchable database of items you recommend in addition to access to the site itself. So for instance, if we search for “amla” on the app we see a short description of what it is, the main benefits with hyperlinks to cited papers, how much is recommended daily, ideas for incorporating it into the diet, and possible contraindications. And perhaps you could search based on food item or based on health condition.

    I realize that would be a lot more time consuming, but I’m sure your volunteers would have no problem working on such a thing, as it could be of great benefit to people. I certainly would help compile the data into practical, useful tidbits in an app if I could.

    Anyway, I’m a huge fan, love your style and your work (and that of your volunteers),

      1. Hello. Am l missing filling in certain fields application but l don’t get feedback My Samsung application gives we weekly and monthly reports.

    1. Agree with you about a recipe section in the Daily Dozen app.

      The web site is very mobile responsive, that’s why they never thought of making an an for the videos and blogs.

    2. If you do a recipe listing, can it be automatically converted to a weekly shopping list format so that i can double check my pantry before going out to collect the needed items AND to a nutrient counter which tracks fiber, fat, calories, and other important nutrients, etc.

      1. A second vote for this. I spend a lot of time compiling shopping lists after deciding what recipes I want to make. It would be useful to be able to select the recipes in the app and then have a list of ingredients that is totalled up for duplicates I. E. I don’t want to know that I need 2 tablespoons of flaxseed for this and 3 for that, I want to know I need 5 tablespoons total.

    3. Nutritiondata.org had an awesome nutrition site that broke down food into the essential components, but Self magazine bought it then LiveStrong took that over and it is filled with ads and packaged/junk food now. It still has the data guides for basic unprocessed food which are posted and I find it helpful for looking up the glycemic index, completeness factors, and amino acid components. Here is an example using quinoa grain.


      1. Yes! I love their site! (Or did…) I keep checking for them to make an app. So much complete info that’s found almost no where else at least not all together. Wonder if Nutritionfacts.org could team up or even take over..? I doubt Self is putting much into it anymore, other than keeping it alive for the ad revenue :-/

    4. I love your ideas and agree with you completely. Wish the recipes were easily accessible in the book and not just scattered among the words. Not even in a box!

    5. I think this is a very good idea cuz I’ve often or too often looked for ideas for my more healthful diet and posible issues.Thanks and IM realy pleased to finaly see something of such great help for nutrition.God Bless

    6. The food is most people’s biggest challenge, have all the passionate people who work with you blog there daily meals as dr Greger s,dr Michael Klaper’s,dr mcdougal,Collin campell dean ornish etc! At home , on the road, green juices, smoothies etc! There cheat foods, also would like to see all the plant based wholefood doctors cholesterol,blood pressure,sugar numbers and what medications there taking! As most of the doctors are in the 60”s,70”s&80”s and like Collin csm Le says he doesn’t need any little blue pill to make his unit work at 86 yrs old!

  2. Hi, I really like the app but have some quick (hopefully) suggestions on how to make the interface better. Clicking on the item then it takes you to another screen to click more buttons to increase or decrease portions is way too much friction. I recommend doing one of these:

    1) When you press a selection, it automatically increases the portion number and stays on the home screen. If you want to see more detail, then you have to hold down the selection for a second.
    2) Leave it as is but add a “swipe” interface where you can swipe a selection right to add 1, swipe left to subtract 1.
    3) Press the very right side to add 1, the rest of the bar for the selection will take you to the detailed screen (this may be the easiest to implement).


  3. Love the iphone app and have used it as an “ice-breaker” in introducing people to this way of thinking/living/eating! How about integrating the nutritional content of the recommended portions like cronometer? That would be additionally awesome, thanks for your work.

    1. Bravo!

      Thank you for everything you do for our wellbeing!!! In all ways, your excellent, “How Not to Die” book scared common sense and food smarts back into me. I now start my quest for the latest accurate medical research questions at Nutrition Facts.org. Your vast and ever increasing information on a mirade of subjects matter has me spoiled by your honest and trusted findings. I want a one stop Nutrition Facts everything!* Dirty Dozen, Recipes, etc., too. Please consider an Nutrition Facts App, a NutritionFacts cromometer and a NutritionFacts/Keto cromometer. Sign me up!!!

      *Please contact me and I will share a really good name suggestion for these.)

    1. I concur. I use DailyDozen daily.
      It would be great if DailyDozen app would sync with MyFitnessPal or Cronometer. Ideally there would be one central place that gives reminders that one can check off and tracks your data.

    2. That’s my thought… how many times do we need to reinvent the wheel? All recipes . Com has many of the other ideas which were mentioned.

      1. No metric units are there, but they are the default. Like most Americans, though I use imperial units! I would live for the app to either “remember” my last units selected for each food group, or allow me to set my unitsthrough a global setting for the app.

    1. Also how much kcal is a full day? I get a bit confused by this app and I really can’t eat so much because I’m full all of the time.

      1. Try intermittant fasting. Try having just 2 or 1 big meal, spread out over a few hours for the 1 meal with breaks between your dishes. Try not to mix sugars and protein ect, keep fruit with fruit, greens with greens along with veggies and your beans ECT, look into nutritional yeast (b12 powerhouse, complete protein) as a seasoning to add flavor or as a dip. You do not need to eat a lot of meals a day. Avoid snacking, avoid sugars, avoid dairy like the plague and above all else make sure you exercise.

    2. Yes please. I think sizes in Australia are different so using grams rather than tablespoons or cups would be very helpful. Also having weights for fresh options of eg ginger and garlic. I don’t know anyone here or would use powdered garlic. Maybe even an Australian / UK recipe book? The American recipes are quite different.

    1. Hi!

      I had a look at this for you, thank you for the suggestion-

      From what I can see, the picture of cruciferous veg looks like collards/silverbeet on the left and mixed leaves on the left, which could be arugula and some kind of lettuce mix? So yes probably not the most accurate, but not specifically incorrect. The mesclun mix looking bowl would be more accurate on the greens page, I agree here.

      The greens picture looks like kale/mustard greens on the right and the left looks like some kind of sprout or maybe watercress.. I agree that the pictures could be a bit more obvious (such as broccoli/cauliflower for cruciferous) but I think because there is cross over between the two categories, it’s not terrible…I have made a note to others involved to see if they think it should be clarified :)

  4. As you say frequently, “all plants and not created equal.” It would be very informative to see a summary of why each food is on the recommended list. For foods that are high in antioxidant content, for example, list the ORAC score (per serving not for 100 mg) for each recommended food item. For recommended foods that are not high in antioxidants, it would be useful to identify the characteristics or components of that food item that make it beneficial.

    The app could also be turned into a game, “the daily dozen with friends,” by awarding points based on the nutrient content or ORAC score for each food consumed. The app would need to be modified to allow the user to select the specific food eaten and identify the quantity in common units. Your friends could be notified every time you consume foods with antioxidants and you could compete with them on the points collected each day.

    These points could be compared to an antioxidant RDA for each day (the RDA customized by user characteristics). Bonus points could be awarded for achieving the RDA.

    It would be useful to be able to record partial servings well. Bonuses could be awarded for consuming a complete serving but partial credit should be allowed as well. Of course, for example, it is best to do 90 minutes of exercise but there should be some ability to acknowledge some exercise even it doesn’t reach 90 minutes.

    A bonus should be awarded for eating a variety of food as well.

    Points can be awarded for avoiding foods and activities (like cigarettes) with a net oxidizing effect.

    A recommended “my plate” for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, would help the user organize the 18 servings of food (24 daily items minus five beverages and 1 exercise) that need to be consumed each day. Beans, for example, would be on each plate since they are recommended with each meal. Spices should be on each plate for at least three servings a day.

    Food should be grouped according to their nutritional profile. So that if, for example, snap peas are similar nutritionally to beans and legumes, they should be grouped there instead of with vegetables. Tomatoes should be categorized with fruit and peanuts as a bean, for example.

    Mushrooms should not be listed under vegetables. They should have their own category as should alium vegetables like garlic and onions because of their rare nutritional components.

    Turmeric might deserve its own category as well like flax seed.

    1. I’m really enjoying this app and the simplicity helps to use it daily, but planning meals with it is a bit difficult – it would help if I could record in the app what “type” of food I’m going to eat (from the list under each category, i.e. strawberries under berries) & which meal/time I plan to eat it. I picture a drop down menu for the types instead of checkmarks. As for categorizing the meals/times, that could be more complicated… it would be nice if I could point and drag but that may be asking too much. Maybe you could customize to show the list multiple times under different sections the user can name, i.e. “breakfast.”

    2. A game is a good idea to help encourage friends and family just to eat properly. I think once you start eating properly you naturally start cutting out the bad food.

      1. I would love if the app would be shareable with friends to encourage those we choose to share it with. Maybe make it a simple graph of total checkmarks per day. And be able to share it with multiple people, just to be an encouragement and a fun competition between friends.

    3. Love the ideas in this post. Adding, would like to subtract points for non-plant foods. Question – where do potatoes fall? Other vegetable? I think of them as starches.

  5. 1) It would make more sense to have the different categories weighted unequally instead of equally which is how it is now. For example: that 5th cup of water probably isn’t as valuable in one’s day as that 1 cup of berries or greens.

    2) Right now the app shows you how much % you have completed. It would be cool to see a score card that would show 1) Your average % score. 2) Your lowest score. 3) Your highest score. 4) Your least check-marked item.

  6. I started using the iPhone app just a week ago and love it. Could someone have a look at pictures for cruciferous and greens. I think they are matched wrongly and need to be swopped.
    Well done though. Very useful.

    1. Hi Aileen-

      I had a look at this for you, thank you for the suggestion-

      From what I can see, the picture of cruciferous veg looks like collards/silverbeet on the left and mixed leaves on the left, which could be arugula and some kind of lettuce mix? So yes probably not the most accurate, but not specifically incorrect. The mesclun mix looking bowl would be more accurate on the greens page, I agree here.

      The greens picture looks like kale/mustard greens on the right and the left looks like some kind of sprout or maybe watercress.. I agree that the pictures could be a bit more obvious (such as broccoli/cauliflower for cruciferous) but I think because there is cross over between the two categories, it’s not terrible…I have made a note to others involved to see if they think it should be clarified :)

  7. Maybe include something that is hard to come by- optimal daily amounts of essential nutrients and their optimal sources- vitamins, minerals, omega-3, lysine, fiber, and an “add your own” marker, and an “add your own condition” for easy recommendations. If this is already incorporated, please ignore.

  8. Hello I am wondering if someone can help me. I am a Dietetic Intern and I am teaching a class on heart health. I wanted to know if I could use a copy of Dr. Greger’s daily dozen as a handout to the class. Am I allowed to use this? Also is there somewhere on this site that I can print a pdf version or any other version? Thank you for your help.

  9. The option to switch locations so that the serving sizes are in countries weighing measurements would be great! E.g. at the moment beans are displayed in cups hut for the UK grams would be useful.

    1. Not sure whether a conversion chart link (similar to the size guide charts in online clothing stores) would be easier, therefore faster to implement?? I have one a fridge magnet version at home – it’s really helpful :)

  10. Wonerful App Michael. Just started using it. Very practical reminder at the kitchen food table as well as the produce isle.

    -The picture on the “greens” and “cruciferous vegetables” seem to be reversed.
    -You won’t be surprised that many of the produce named are unfamiliar to the public. Clickable Popping picture could greatly help identifying it at the local store.
    -Was missing out on some recommendations from your videos:
    -Peanuts at the nuts section?
    -Seaweed for iodine?

    Well done.

  11. One of my greatest concerns in life is the power of social media in the hands of the popular, but uneducated. It would be great to develop a ‘Truth Test’ for those without a health or science education to decode misleading media articles – I developed a similar tool in my role as a Preventative Health Educator (Chronic Disease), would love to get something together for you!

  12. I’d like to see an option where you can select the number of items per category yourself – ie instead of greens showing just two boxes to tick, having a feature to allow me to have five boxes etc

    1. Agree, I would also like the option of adding boxes (not deleting) – for example, in the cruciferous veg category since I love broccoli.

      Having the cup sizes in metric measure and having the option of filling in partial portions -as others have suggested – would also be good.

  13. move this idea section to its own web page.
    then add a menu item, perhaps titled
    “Suggest improvements”,
    to the drop down menu in all platform versions of the app.

  14. add an item to the drop down menu in all platform versions of the app, perhaps titled
    “What’s new!”,
    that would have a user level description of the changes of each new release.

    newest entries at the top to oldest at the bottom.

    this would help users learn about & benefit from new features sooner.

  15. Heya! From my understanding, it takes 20 years for our b12 stores to depleat so the bloods are not a gpod indication of whether you’re feeding your body right. Vegans win healthwise in all departments except vegetarians and vegana have higher rates of Altzymers than meat eaters and it is because they aren’t getting the b12. Our bodies need b12 to process the flaxseed’s omegas into beneficial substances. Taking b12 is so easy and cheap if you buy online, and there is zero shame in suplementimg because animal eaters are being indirectly suplemented b12 becuase the animals are fed the b12.

    1. Hi Zabel,
      I am a volunteer moderator for Dr. Greger and am happy to help. B12 stores in the body take around 4 years to deplete. Measuring blood levels of B12 only is not the best test for minimal B12 deficiency. Markers like MMA and holoTC are more sensitive. Its always important to get your baseline levels tested and if you consume no meat a quality, active form of B12, methylcobalamin is best.

      Here is some more info:


      Hope this helps,
      Dr. Laura Belus, ND
      Moderator for Nutrition Facts

  16. Hey all. Would like to see B12, iodine (or seaweed) and Vitamin D added to the daily dozen. If I’m not mistaken Greggor and co site these three as the potential weak points of most diets, including vegans. Having B12 pills, at the very least, I think would be a great way to get more people on track with this important vitamin. Perhaps these three could be appended to the existing flaxseed entry for convenience and asthetics, seeing as flax is probably only there because it is essentially an omega source.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Vaughan: Since you asked, I have some thoughts… ;-) But first note that I’m not speaking for Dr. Greger nor do I have any special insight or connection to “da man.” I’m just sharing my thoughts.
      I had something of a similar thought in that I was thinking we should have “baker’s dozen” with “select supplements” on their own page. But the only simple one is B12. Everything else is a “it depends” on the situation, which makes it hard to convey in a simple list format like the Daily Dozen. Also, Dr. Greger tends to think B12 is easiest to just do as a weekly supplement rather than daily. So, working that into the free Daily Dozen phone apps gets a lot more complicated.
      In addition, there are more than just the three “nutrients of concern” that you pointed out. Here is the whole list: http://nutritionfacts.org/2011/09/12/dr-gregers-2011-optimum-nutrition-recommendations/
      And here’s one more final thought: If you watch the NutritionFacts videos about a) flaxseed and b) the recent series on DHA, I think you will see that Dr. Greger definitely does not recommend flaxseed because of the ALA/omega 3 is has. I would say that Dr. Greger is recommending flaxseed, because of it’s lignans which help to fight cancer and do other nice things.
      It does disturb me some that B12 is not mentioned on the chart. Maybe it could be a footnote? Anyway, those are my thoughts. Do you have some back?

      1. Hey Thea, thanks for your thoughtful reply. Great to get some feedback from someone more onto it than I.

        I like your idea of having a kind of sublist. Perhaps a supplements item could replace flax, containing the recommendations listed in the link you provided. (Otherwise it would cease to be a dozen! :P).
        Headings within the description might show some of the information contained in that same link you sent me, with check boxes with each heading, for example:

        • x grams of Wakame
        • x grams of Dulce
        • 150mcg Supplement

        Vic D:
        • x hours sun exposure
        • 2000IU supplement

        • 1 TBS flaxseed meal, refrigerated

        Having various heading in the description was previously implemented in the exercise section to distinguish high and moderate intensity exercise.

        It would become more technically challenging for developers to implement want I am about to suggest but is very doable. B12 could appear weekly on the list, on a day of the week indicated in the Settings, or set as a daily indicator like the rest in settings if desired by the user. Maybe defaulting to weekly on Monday.
        Vit D sun exposure hours could be automatically calculated by accessing the devices time zone data.

        Maybe too ambitious? :P

  17. I love the simplicity of this app, but it hasn’t worked right since the most recent update. When I check just 1 box in a category, all the boxes in that category are automatically checked.

  18. I love this app! I want to have a new year resolution contest with my husband. At the end of each month, who so ever should have the highest serving average, is the winner. I think in order to do this, we will have to uninstall and reinstall the app every month, to restart the calculations. Maybe one of you smarty pants app developers can add some sort of game option to this so people can compete by eating healthy. How fun would that be?!
    Thanks and happy new year everyone!

    1. Angela, I agree with you. If we can add friends total points compared to our total points in a fun competition on our app, it would be a great encourager and add a degree of accountability as well as some fun

  19. 1 Add option to set other time than 2400 to switch to next day as default view. If a user opens the app one minute after midnight they most likely intend to add data for the previous day.

    2 B12! Hard to understand why that is not included. The app should express the importance of regular B12 intake! Let users choose a “plan” – one very large dose weekly, two large doses weekly, or daily – and add check boxes accordingly.

  20. How about a simple toggle to lock a day once it’s past so u don’t accidentally update the wrong day and get lost.

    Also like the recipe idea.

    But I love the uncluttered simple app design.

  21. I would love to see the Exercise section broken down into 15 minute sections so it isn’t all or nothing. Would rather have more boxes to check off so I could see progress over time. Much like the beverages section is set up.

  22. Dr Greger.

    I have been studding Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, and would like to know how I can help popularize your mission.


  23. Hi,

    Any future updates to include multiple languages?

    I’d be willing to help that as my father speaks a different language.


  24. I’m not a developer, but I was considering learning to code to make a simple sorting chart which would allow the user to input nutrition data for foods then cross reference. For example; you want to limit your carbohydrate intake for fruit to 20 grams, but also want fruit with a higher fiber content, high in vitamin C and low GL. After selecting the desired option the app would populate items based on your request.

  25. It would be so amazing if in the app there was a place you could type a food and it would tell you if it was a red light yellow light or green light food.

  26. I’m enjoying the app. The opportunity to add your own food items would be a great addition, as a means of the user experience being more specific.

    1. I would definitely use this feature, could also be useful for people who want to add a specific supplement or activity such as meditation.

  27. It would be wonderful if there was a box to check off for taking your vitamin b12 supplement. I could use the reminder and the satisfaction of checking it off daily.

  28. It would be great, if multiple languages could be supported. Especially for older or younger persons a version in their own language would be a great improvement.
    I would contribute the german translation.

    1. The Android Version seems to work fine in German, but people with IOS cannot find the app right away in the Itunes store. When circumventing via the nutritionfacts.org site only an english version is downloaded. Is there a german IOS version im missing out on? If not I can help with translation/review. Thanks for all the work allready!

      1. It seems there is no german or other language besides the english Version in iOS apps. I could help with translation.

  29. Hi there, Thanks a lot for the app, I’ve been using the Android version for a week now. Might it be possible to have “portions” for exercise, too? I rarely manage the full 40/90 minutes, but do exercise most days.

  30. I love the check off but would like a memo or notes section. I need to track ny actual exercise I do. I am disabled and have cardio, strength, and swimming. I addition., I have, some foods I am suppose to eat for health issues. If I could just have a notes section, I could see and so could doctor. Finally a check box for B-12 and Vitamin D. THANK YOU

  31. You could encourage more healthy habits by allowing users to add more daily goals by creating a “+” button at the bottom, so they could then write “Floss” and try to check the floss box every day. You can’t encourage all that nut and berry eating without encouraging flossing too, now, can you? :)

  32. Hello and thank you for this app! I have been using it for a while now and think a forum where I could talk to others about using it and sharing recipes and ideas would be a helpful addition. I specifically would love ideas on how to get my three bean servings every day. I have some ideas and some successes, but not getting all 3 servings is one of the Daily Dozen which stumps me the most often!

    Keep up the hard work; I appreciate all that is being shared here!

  33. I’m assuming each box represents one serving, and we are to have 5 servings for example water. It would be helpful to just be able to check off one at a time.

  34. Hello,

    I really like this app! And keeps me on track to eating what I need to focus on.

    One minor suggestion is including a weekly view along with the daily, monthly, and yearly.


  35. I would also love to see the exercise broken down into portions. If there were 3 check boxes then each box could represent roughly 30 mins of moderate intensity or 15 minutes of high intensity. This would mean you could mix up your exercise eg half an hour of moderate intensity in the morning and a half hour of high intensity in the evening. Or whatever suits the person.
    I also like the idea of adding in your own specialised foods. Having said that I would worry that people might get overwhelmed if theres too many items added in and may loose focus on getting the top 12. Having said that, there are a lot of foods here that have specific benefit for people with various health conditions. My son has autism so we’ll be adding in broccoli sprouts as soon as we can grow them, for instance.
    All in all, this is a great app. In the last week that Ive been using it its theres been phenomenally huge shift in the quality of my nutrition. Im telling everone about it.
    Is there a promotional video about the app anywhere I can share on my social media??

    1. Hi Kylie, thank you for the feedback! We don’t currently have a promotional video for the app, but we will be promoting it more once the iPhone version is updated :) We will be updating followers once that happens, and will definitely have more social media posts about it at that time.

  36. Thanks, this is great etc…
    An idea. Can this app be connected to chronometer? Do they have an API so if I enter my exact food there, it is checked of here? This wold be nice for 3 reasons.
    1. One would get the nutrition values from chronometer but the clean simplicity you provide.
    2. Your app helps plan the next meal, where as crono.. does not (their pit fall)
    3. It wold take the classification question out of feeding the info to your app, e.g. where to check for (vegan) sushi?

  37. Been using the Daily Dozen app for a month now and it’s been a huge help in getting me to eat healthier. But i had an idea: if any of you are able to add a modification wherein you could add a few checkboxes users can fill in with their own items i think that would be extremely helpful. For example, I’ve been trying to include yogurt and green tea daily and as we know how healthfully addicting trying to fulfill a quota and seeing your chart success can be i think having those on the list would only be a positive.

    1. Thanks for your comment and suggestion,

      It would indeed be a useful modification but keep in my mind that dairy based yogurt may not be a healthy food itself (for example, the casein or fat content may not be advantageous), but rather a signature of a healthy diet. As one review states:

      “adults who were greater consumers of fresh dairy products, including yogurt, also reported a greater intake of fruits, fish, legumes, nuts, and water; ate fewer pre-prepared meals; and had lower alcohol consumption than did those who consumed fewer fresh dairy products. In addition, frequent consumers had a better diet quality score (…) and exhibit healthier nonnutritional behaviors, such as reduced smoking and greater participation in physical activity, than do nonconsumers”

      Hope this answer helps.

  38. I would like to make note of issues on the calendar for days that I travel or such. Also, a blood sugar entry field for fasting reading and daily readings would benefit diabetics.

  39. I would love to see a rank ordered list of the best source for certain vitamins and categories .. Like Potassium and then a rank order of best sources. I also love the idea of recipes on app.

  40. These questions may have been answered before, so apologies if this is the case.

    Could Seitan and Cous cous be added to the relevant categories within the app?

  41. It’d be great if there were more check boxes for exercise so it could be recorded as broken up into more check boxes. Like a check box every 10 or 20 minutes. It’d make it easier to remember and record all the active things you do during the day.

  42. I think it would be helpful to have the app produce a suggested meal or recipe based ok any categories I have left for the day that are unchecked. Some items can be left on the side, such as nuts for a snack if the recipe cannot accommodate nuts.

  43. I would love it to have s tracking feature with charts so I can see over time any improvements or areas that are neglected and need improvement. It is nice to see each day, but it doesn’t give me the bigger picture.

  44. I tried to email Christi Richards, to get access to the Slack channel and chat about development, but haven’t gotten a response. Is there someone here who can help me connect with others working on the software side of NF? Thanks!

    1. I’d use this too – I worry that I’ll end up eating the same veggie etc every day when I’m busy and missing out on some nutrients.

  45. Would love to be able to track progress over time — for example, look back over how I’ve grown in checking off the Daily Dozen during the last # of weeks, months, years.

    It would also be great to be able to see how body measurables have changed over time, such as weight, BMI, blood lipid markers, BP, etc. — those things that directly relate to How Not to Die measurables.

  46. Great app. I am really enjoying it except for the fact that not selecting B12 or vitamin D every day prevents me from getting that perfect score! I wish it was a way to select weekly bi-weekly or daily for those items. Would also love to see separate selections for mushrooms and for onions or garlic due to their specific health benefits. Possibly even the option to add more boxes to selection such as greens or cruciferous vegetables.

  47. Love the simplicity!!

    Could we have a notes section for each day?

    I want to track my food choices and recipes so I can share it with others one day!

    Also I want to track when I have sugar or desserts for example.

  48. Would it be possible to exclude zero days in the moving average for more accuracy? Or perhaps make it an option? There are days when I, and probably others, don’t track for one reason or another.

  49. Hi. First of all i want to say i love this app.
    One thing is why there is no egg in the protein section.
    I eat boiled egg every morning and want to check it off but there is no choice for egg in protein.
    Is it because egg is not preferred protein source?

    1. Hi Selina, Indeed, eggs are one of the poorest sources of protein because they are not just “protein”; they are also filled with cholesterol and fat. The egg industry can’t legally call eggs, even boiled eggs, “safe” because boiling them for 8 minutes doesn’t kill salmonella. (They also can’t legally call them “a rich source of protein” or “healthful,” or even say “eggs contribute nutritionally,” or even “eggs contribute healthful components” (see pages 95-6 in What the Health. There are so many more reasons not to eat eggs, but here is a short NutritionFacts.org video on them: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/eggs-vs-cigarettes-in-atherosclerosis/ In short, if it’s from an animal, don’t eat it. There are always healthier options in the plant kingdom.
      To your health,Adán

  50. A million times…Thank you,!!
    I LOVE the updates to the Daily Dozen app!! Just what I wanted and needed!
    I am spreading the word! This is my favorite app!!!

  51. It would be nice if the App had a few customizable spots for checking off. I would add Mushrooms, Alliums and Amla. Some may want to use them for Rx or Supplements.

  52. LOVE ❤️ the newly improved app and all the great added features. Is there anyway you all could list all of the spices recommended daily so they could be included as individual items on the checklist?

  53. Enjoying the app. Good reminder for me to be conscious of adding some nutrients that are in the kitchen but I sometimes forget about (I.e. ground flax, extra fruit, spices, etc.)

    It would be great if you added kombucha, kefir and other healthy drinks to the Beverage section. :)

    Thank you to all who have contributed to this free app, and to Dr. Greger for all his free resources!

  54. I would love to have the option to default to all metric or all imperial measurements in each category! Right now the only default is imperial but I’m in America so use metric much more.

  55. Let people add additional things to their personal checklist? Ex: probiotics , maca, avocado, other suppplements, etc. would be nice!

  56. First of all a very big Thanks to all who contributed to app, and off course a very big thanks to Dr. Greger. I would be happy to see some more health drinks in beverage section. Thanks

  57. Great app! Would love to see a graft showing my compliance results over a period of time, say a month or a week or since I began using the DailyDozen app!

  58. Love the updates to the app. One extra thought: it would be great if you could add you own items in the vitamin area that don’t count towards your total but are health behaviors you are working on such as meditation. Could this be added?

  59. The app is amazing, I am so happy you guys did this. It’s so much easier to keep track of what I eat and making sure I check as many boxes as I can. Thank you!!

  60. I like to be able to put in what I ate and know what i areas I have left to complete.

    Ie for lunch I had black beans and a sweet potato.

    Then under servings will show I still need two other servings of beans etc.

  61. Expanding the breadth of the app with nutritional information for each food item, a library of food (healthy foods, high vibration living foods, don’t include junk), for individuals to look up especially when on a restricted diet or personal/spiritual choice such as a paleo or keto (excluding the junk food disinformation), and so on.

  62. If the app for the daily dozen also had a widget to accompany it I can put it on my home screen and see it throughout my day to remind me to eat right.

  63. So much for this fantastic app! I love the simplicity of it. I would love to see meditation and sleep added. Just simple text boxes, and people can check them if they achieved whatever their particular goals are for those two categories.

  64. Is there a way to edit our comments? I see the thank you is missing from the beginning of mine. Also it would be great if the new comments would show up at the top so that you didn’t have to go all the way down to the bottom to see any new comments. Thanks!

  65. I’m a huge fan of yours since before I became vegan in November of 2015. And of course I use and recommend your daily dozen. On your new version of the App, is there a way to keep a history of accomplishement? In other words, look at a calendar and see at a glance all the days I have been able to accomplish all twelve? I was thinking of something like the Apple Activity history tab.

  66. Hey, I would love to be able to edit my previous day’s information (and other day’s too), incase I forget to put it in.

    Also, it would be great if when you click on a bar on a graph, it would take you to that day’s daily dozen info.

    The other points are more important, this one is more of a wish-list additional extra: and maybe some sort of encouragement/tips, similar to that when playing a game… e.g. you’ve eaten 1 serving of berries everyday for 5 days in a row! *or* oh-oh perhaps consider getting more beans in! – or perhaps being able to see separate charts for each of the daily dozen, or something that can easily show you where you need to focus more attention…

  67. I would love to see the app have to have the capability to be available on my Apple iWatch! Then I could tick off my daily dozen on my wrist instead of (every time) have to do so on my phone!

  68. Would be great to have say 3 blocks of 1/2 hr exercise instead of the one box to keep track of incremental exercise. Meditation/mindfulness tick box would also be very useful.

  69. I would like to see a weekly or daily summary or how many of each target I achieved ie, 20/24 on Monday and 18/24 on Tuesday etc. I wanted to add information to “yesterday’s” food categories and it was no longer there, only today’s boxes.

  70. This app is great !
    I read the books , the cook book is amazing ! Finally I found someone who shares my vision of healthy ! Healthy vegan , yeay keep rocking !!! Thank you so much x HI from Belgium x

  71. Is or has there been any suggestion to be able to sync the same account of the Daily Dozen application between mobil devices? This would be a great addition.

  72. I would love to be able to add in some personal ‘servings’ I.e. goals per day specific to me, could be a specific exercise, meditation, for example, or an aspect of well-being I enjoy. So the ability to set these extra servings and their tick boxes. Otherwise, great app to stay focussed and motivate!

  73. I’m very new to your books…videos…app…drinking from a fire hose. (New as in 4 Days)
    So here are a few thoughts I have on the daily dozen app
    1) love that I can click for more info to see what counts in that category (like hmmm where is the Tomato listed?) think it would be great to list the foods not alphabeticaly but in order or biggest nutritional bang for your buck (maybe seasoned people know this already…)
    2) today was the first day I tried the app and started checking off the categories. I think it would be nice to have a quick fill in of “what” it was….bc I keep forgetting what I had added…so fruit: ✅apple✅orange ✅Bananna (for example. ) Same with water:space for ounces same w exercise: type and duration. (None of these extra fields would be manditory to the user just helpful if user wanted it.)
    3) in the “my macros” app it gives you a weekly summary (most common foods and if you’ve met your goals for the week) that’s nice for tracking progress and consistency which is good when you are trying to form new behaviors
    4) another nice feature would be being able to plan future days….again when changing behavior you learn to be intentional and plan ahead. Being able to plan for the next day and prepopulate (using the fruit example) would be very helpful. So you know what to pack for your travel day etc.
    5) love the concept and any tool I can use to help me learn …and make my life easier ….AND more likely to be intentional about making healthy choices.
    Thank you for your dedication !

  74. Can you let me account for additional servings like the old version did. This way I can track if I am heavy on one category.

    For example I need 2 servings of leafy greens, but I ate 3 one day, so I will count 3 servings. Right now I can only go up to 2 servings

  75. This app is great! Thank you for making it available! As an idea to make it even better would be giving users the option of adding other individualized things they might need to have daily (e.g., other supplements). Would this be possible?

  76. The app should also have boxes to tick off for all the junk that I’m eating,I feels so good about myself when the healthy part is done , mostly because I don’t have to see the relation to all the foods I shouldn’t have on a Daly basis. This app is great but it’s only half the picture.

  77. would be useful to be able to add items in next day menu. If I eat a lot of berries one day can the extra portions go to the day/days after? (Where I may otherwise not have points for it?) thanks

  78. Thanks for making this great app free and keeping ads out. I really appreciate it. It makes me trust the advice even more. Is it possible to segment the exercise choice into “half” check-boxes? I would like to keep track of the days that I reach half my goal of exercise rather than leaving it at zero. When I havent had the full hour and a half to exercise. I am so grateful to have found the book and love listening to it on audible. Now to find this app is even better. It’s really helping me change my life

  79. I love this app! I am wondering if it set for male proportions? As an active women who’s almost 50 I find I can’t possibly eat as much as the app calls for. When the boxes don’t get checked off I feel like I might be missing something… I hate seeing unchecked boxes. Lol

    1. Its set for what Michael Greger eats man size portions.

      as long as u eat 3 meals with starch and both starchy and low carb vegetables and beans and whole food fats and fruits you will be great.

      Rivka Freeman 347-351-5929 nutriph@gmail.com

      http://facebook.com/nutriph http://facebook.com/thinkgoodbook http://facebook.com/rivka.freeman.3 http://facebook.com/groups/donorsgroup

      http://instagram.com/rivkafreeman http://plus.google.com/rivkafreeman https://twitter.com/rivkafreeman

    2. I agree Pam. Even though it’s a general recommendation, males/females have different requirements. It is difficult for me to eat this much too. I have accommodated by simply lowering each serving size slightly. But still, I would prefer to not have to guesstimate. It would be nice to have a male/female option. I would even love to see a child/teen option.

  80. I love this app! And I especially love the latest update. I have two suggestions…
    1) Change the beverage cups to 8 oz. It’s technically a cup and it’s what most people are accustomed to.
    2) Please, please, please put in multiple check boxes for exercise!! I can’t exercise 90 minutes a day. I just can’t. I always get 30, and sometimes I can manage 60, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get 90. That is not going to change anytime soon. I love checking off the boxes and it has encouraged me to eat better. But it’s very discouraging to know that this category will never get checked off.


  81. PLEASE it would be SO helpful if you would have the app “remember” the units (imperial vs metric) last selected for servings (when you touch the i-in-a-Circle “info” button next to the food).

    Or, if the app had a app-wide user setting that allowed user to select which units (imperial or metric) to display.

    Even better would be if the serving size showed up with the food, so that the use doesn’t have to constantly select the “info” button.

  82. Could you please change the reminder time so that users can select the best time for themselves to receive reminders? 8:00 a.m. is not a good t8,e for me and I suspect many other people too!

  83. It would be great to have some analysis tool, like which part of the list the user was most frequently lacking over the last week or month. This would lead to user specific suggestions for improvements.

  84. Three video series I would love to see:

    1) A series on pregnancy (to some extent this has been addressed, but not very systematically. I think it would be helpful to address the difference between Intra-Uterine Growth Restriction and Small for Gestational Age. In my experience from being in a vegan pregnancy group, many OB’s do not distinguish between the two diagnoses (despite the fact that the best-practices literature does), resulting in many women being unnecessarily induced because of something as inane as a small fundal measurement.
    2) A series on infancy and early childhood. Simply addressing the American Academy of Pediatrics position paper which affirms the suitability of a plant based diet for children would be a good start, especially since many pediatricians seem unaware of that position paper.
    3) A series on plant based nutrition for dogs, if there’s even anything in the literature.

  85. Hi! Love the app! Getting a bit obsessed, starting to find it like a game ha!

    Also I’m a user experience (UX) researcher and love the apps purpose but have some ideas to make the interface even better! May I suggest another (if you’ve already done one) UX usability study or expert UX review as well!?

  86. Dear,

    We have growing plant based diet community in Serbia. Could we use mobile application open sorce and translate in Serbian at least “Servings” page?

    1. Hello, the best way to get an answer for this is to submit your question through the “Support” button on the bottom of the page and address your question to Christi. Thanks!

  87. First of all thank you so much to the volunteers for creating and supporting app! Tracking the daily dozen really helps make do changes!
    About exercise, is it ok to use fitbit’s goal of “daily active minutes”? As they count both moderate and vigorous intensity, I have set it up to 90 min.

    If so, there is an IFTTT for the goal itself https://ifttt.com/create/if-fitbit?sid=13. How complex would it be to integrate? Sorry for asking, it is ok if it is not in the immediate roadmap, if it was beginner´s level even it it takes time, I would be eager to give a hand as a personal learning project.
    As a NutritionFacts user, I would like as many checkboxes to check automatically, so that I save the time remembering what I have done and spend it planning how to reach the dailydozen goals.

    Thank you again!

  88. Hi and thanks! It is so helpful to know what to eat instead of knowing what not to eat only.

    My suggestion: it would be wonderful if i could link to my friends, so that we can challenge each other using the app!

    Thanks a lot!

  89. Pictures of all individual ingredients would be really helpful for non-native english speakers! It would really help me shopping by opening the app and not having to check google as well!

  90. I’d love to be able to set the app for Imperial settings. They’ve been trying to teach us metric in the US for my whole middle aged+ life and it just won’t stick. It’s a minor adjustment but would remove that small annoyance. Thanks!

  91. The daily dozen is it terrific tool!
    In order to manage something you have to measure it…
    The daily dozen would be even more effective if each days results were added to previous days and then displayed in a graph so users could monitor their progress over time. Then the daily dozen would become an even greater tool to manage one’s healthy food consumption resulting in an ongoing motivating factor to improve ones diet.
    I wish I had the skills to be able to build that feature in the daily dozen!

  92. Would really like to be able to manually add my personal additional foods, supplements, specific exercises, tasks, etc and assign them a nice or cute icon so that I can use one app for my daily health check list.. Loving the app so far! Thank you!!

  93. Would like to see 3 x 30 minutes each boxes to check for exercise instead of just one 90 min.
    Or better yet, 4x 30 minutes each to account for overachieving days.
    That way, one could keep track of and get “partial credit “ for days when you can fit in 30 or 60 min but not 90 minutes that day.
    Appreciate this app and site.
    Thank you!

  94. Would be helpful in the app to have the ability to add blank spaces at the bottom for people to track things unique to their needs. “Yoga” or “apple cider vinegar” e.g.

  95. I love Daily Dozen! There is one thing that would be extra beneficial – a search area to find out what category we can check ~ thanks for a wonderful help to us wanting to be healthier

  96. I love this app! Is it possible to track data across time longer than a day? I see that it tells me when I’m on a several day streak. I’d like to see how I’m doing over the week or month, to both celebrate improvement and see if I’m neglecting an area as a pattern. Something like the activity charts in the Apple Health app is what I picture.

  97. Suggestions:

    (1) Make a settings tab where it can be set to imperial measurements by default

    (2) Make the tabs removeable: For example, seeds & nuts trigger brain fog & headaches for me. (I get the same thing with sweet potatoes, and hear it is the tyramine.) I’d love to take the nuts and seeds off my daily dozen. People with allergies would find this helpful as well.

    (3) Allow chia to be substituted for flax:
    For some reason—I’m guessing the tyramine again—chia doesn’t have the same headache impact for me as flax. I know chia doesn’t have the lignans of flax, but avoiding flax means avoiding:
    – brain fog (swelling of the microglia)
    – headaches, and
    – blood pressure dips (when mine is already low)

    For me flax is toxic—but I can’t remove flax from my daily dozen screen.

    Customizations would be handy.

  98. Love this app, and all the incredible work that Dr Greger and all the team does.

    I wonder if there could be a tips page with each of the daily Dozen items, for example:
    How long can one store ground flax seeds (in the fridge?) before the goodness disappears?
    A brief description of the best way to prepare broccoli?

    Also maybe there could be a ‘users section’ of tips for mixing some of the ingredients , like grinding flax seeds and pumpkin seeds together, to save time in the morning!

    Many thanks!


  99. I’d like to be able to track my weight as I track my intake of beneficial foods.
    Also might be good to track the negative foods as well as the positive foods consumed and have a place that can chart vitals, so the charts would show more than just positive foods consumed.

  100. I love this site and my kids now make plant-based- diet jokes I go on about it so much (we have all 6 been converted!). I don’t find the daily dozen app that great mainly because I just don’t eat that much! So I never get a good score even on a day like today where not a mouthful of anything other than PNW food has passed my lips! But it’s a good reminder of the range and ratio of foods I need to include.

  101. The only thing I would like added to the app would be an option to add your own food item with box(es). For example I would like to add the item ‘Mushrooms’ and then have one box to check next to it, and other items at the user’s discretion. Of course there would not be any additional content connected. It would also be nice to be able to increase the number of boxes (servings) for people with higher caloric needs. Or if possible have a calorie goal setting that adjusts the boxes across the board for the user accordingly.
    I would pay for this version of the app!

  102. I’d like to see the ability to share my profile with my spouse so she knows what I’m lacking and what to prepare for dinner. Or the ability to create multiple profiles so my spouse and I can have each other’s profiles to help with what each other may be lacking.

  103. It would be really great to be able to track my entire family’s Daily Dozen and not just my own. Maybe a drop down menu where I can toggle between names?

  104. Feedback from my patients:
    Maybe consider badges to earn like a lot of other fitness apps have and animations for completion: For completing one day, one month, 2 months, etc

    Add check boxes for:
    7-9 hours of sleep
    Mindfulness (be in the present moment)

    You’re doing a great job team!

  105. Hi love the app. There’s a nucleus for a really powerful tool here. First suggestion would be to let us plan ahead and use the checklist for tomorrow at the very least. It would be nice if integration with something like MyFitnessPal or LoseIt! could happen though I know that would be a massive task.

  106. In the daily dozen is the amount listed the maximum or minimum
    Daily amount , say for instance , could a larger male increase the daily amounts?
    If anyone knows please respond looked all over trying to find an answer. Also curious approximate total calories in the listed daily dozen ?

  107. Love this app! I have only one suggested change. I would love it if the days listed with the categories for completion were the total for successfully completed days since the program was begun by each user, rather than consecutive days that must restart when you miss one. It’s just a psychological switch, but offers a lot more incentive I think.

  108. I’m not familiar with this project, but I’m a web developer who’d like to contribute to perhaps a web-based offering. Is there something like an open JSON api? One could build a compelling web-based application with open data. Please advise. Thanks!

  109. Just really want to say THANK YOU! I think of Dr. Greger as Jiminy Cricket, kinda look alike. Theme song, “ And always let nutrition be your guide…” Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!! Your life’s work is awesome.

  110. This may have been mentioned, so disregard if it’s a duplicate. Where the Vitamins are listed at the bottom of the page, you should be able to tap on it for a listing of foods rich in those vitamins.

    Many people don’t know which foods are rich in B12, or Vitamin D, and would leave the app to look it up. People would prefer to tap on a button and have a window pop-up with a list of foods rich in that vitamin.

    I am in my late 40’s, married with two adult children, working in healthcare and am taking pre-requisite classes for nursing. It took a nutrition course to open so many of these concepts to me.

  111. I would love it if my data was saved and I could look back to earlier days. I would also like to be able to add to earlier days. It was showing a great “run” of days I’d had flaxseed, which I am trying to increase. I was busy yesterday and didn’t get a chance to add it as complete, and now I am back to it showing one day. Aside from that I love it.

  112. Very easy to use. Love the background info. Very interesting site regarding nutrition. I’m talking to 2 friends and they’re talking to 2 friends………… Easy app. to use. Thank you.

  113. I like to think this wouldn’t be too much of a complicated idea. But I would find it really helpful if we could have four or five different coloured ticks to distinguish between meals/time of day.
    I hope this is possible!
    Thank you so much for your times

  114. Is there a way to go back to the previous day to check more boxes if you forgot to input them all? Surely there’s a way to do it but I can’t figure it out. I’ve tried clicking back on the chart but it won’t open any other day than the current one.

    Also is there a way to add more boxes. For example on “other vegetables” there’s only 2 boxes but I’ve had like 5-6 so I can’t input them.

    I might have to use a different app or something else if I can’t do these things because it’s not very user friendly unfortunately.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for your comment and for trying out the app. There should be a “Today” button at the top of the app. If you tap that, you should be able to select a previous date from there and it will show you the check boxes for that day. Since the app is specifically for tracking your progress on the Daily Dozen, which calls for specific serving amounts, there is no option to customize the number of servings. I’m sorry for the lack of flexibility there and hope you’re still able to benefit from the app.

  115. Can someone please improve the app by allowing you to set imperial as the unit of measurement? It reverts to metric even though metric is not widely used in the US.

  116. Hi!
    Can you put the metric volume units in the app? Like in desiliters or milliliters? It’s not very practical to put everything you eat on a scale first. Thank you!

  117. I’m loving the new app! It would be very helpful though if we could set our default measurements (metric or imperial). Currently for every entry we’re checking, they default to metric. Every time we click into something we have to hit the imperial. It’s very inconvenient and makes it harder to remember how much we’re supposed to eat. Thanks!

  118. Please you can make a setting to *always* have it be metric or imperial? It keeps changing on mine and it’s a bit bothersome. Thanks!

    1. Hi! This is a popular request and we are hoping to be able to accommodate it. Thank you for the input!

  119. Cross reference the health attributes of foods in a searchable database tagged with multiple categorization so people can use app as a reference in designing their meals or as a guide to learn about the health benifits of foods. Include study references. Include recommendations to meet a well rounded level of nutrition in the combinations of foods selected. Recommend recipes in conjunction with search results.

  120. I would like to see a breakdown for partial exercise. Possibly 3 x 30 min moderate so if I walk for 30 minutes at lunchtime, it will count as something. It’s more motivating.

  121. Would love to see a meal planning and shopping list section. Would love to be able to select or enter a recipe, and have it check off my daily dozen automatically or give me a shopping list. Could even go further and have it recommend recipes that include items I haven’t yet checked.

  122. It would be awesome to be able to check a box if I have not consumed any dairy product during the day. This way I could reward myself. This good for the environment and also for my health.

  123. I really liked the app and have two ideas :

    1) daily dozen app- instead of checking the box manually how about using mobile camera to detect foods and automatically check those.this can be done using image detection AI(machine learning)

    2) lots of information about diet can be put together in a chatbot , intelligence can be built using natural language processing which can answer user about any question on their diet and health.
    User can chat with both either by text or voice

  124. This app seems like a great idea. However, I am blind and I use the voice over screen reader on my iphone. I cannot figure out how to add any servings to my list. Maybe there is something that my screen reader is not reading to me? I don’t think your app is totally accessible to the blind, or else I’m doing something wrong. Please advise. Thanks, Debbie

  125. I would like to be able to see my sum of data as charts or statistics to get an overview of which foods i usually eat and what food i often miss out on.

  126. Hi,
    Thank you for your generous and amazing work! I use you app all the time. It’s fun and motivating! As a a new feature idea, It would be useful for me if there was a way to add a few extra elements recomended in your book which I am trying to eat regularly and which apply to my own specific health issues. Maybe it could be useful for others too…
    Wishing you all excellent health!!

  127. Hi, I was enquiring about why turmeric in plastic bags gets sticky on the outside and found out that the nature of the oils in turmeric breaks down thin plastic packaging and some of chemicals in the plastic thatare carcinogenic could migrate to the the food. On a more general note on storing food with spices or even lemon I found this article. Maybe Nutrition Fact could look further into this subject.


    Thanks for all the great work. Nutrition Facts is my first go to for food and diet questions.

  128. Hello. Love the app. I wonder if there could be a way to adjust the list to make it more personalized? Like to add another supplement that you take daily, or track just how much exercise you have done (ie more than one box). Even to change the amount of portions of whole grains for example (3 portions is way more than I ever achieve especially with all those beans) Obviously within healthy limits.

  129. Thanks a lot for this handy app, i’ve been using it for three months now and I can see how this gentle feedback made me modify my eating habits!

    I also realized I tend to usually let aside the same sort of foods so…

    My idea was to add the option to see graphics for each category, and see how I would evolve in introducing the missing ones!

  130. My name is Taty Roth
    I am from Israel
    I want to ask if it is possible for me to translate this app to Hebrew for Israeli users
    Can you add something about rest , stress reducing method and sleep?

  131. I’ve been doing really well eating the quantity in all your daily dozen. However, it is really allot and I can’t help but wonder what someone eats that is much larger than me or much smaller than me. How do you adjust the size of the person? It is definitely hard for me to eat this much every day. I looked in the book and the cookbook but don’t seem to see anything that addresses this.

  132. Hi,
    In the section Units
    …….as an American I would like the default measurement to be in Imperial (currently Metric) and/or give the user an option to choose the default measurement.
    Also I would like to see more examples, such as ….in the Cruciferous vegetable section I would like to know about how much broccoli is one serving. (currently the example is for ‘chopped vegetables ‘
    Thanks for providing sound research based nutritional information for us all!

  133. Great application overall! However, it would be nice to have the ability to default either metric or imperial for serving sizes.

  134. It would be nice to have option to put in servings this morning, Sunday, for what I ate last night, Saturday for dinner. I don’t always remember to do it. Also, half portion servings would be nice and also being able to put in all your servings in a category. For instance, maybe I have more than 3 whole grain servings today, nice to review the trend to see if Im kind of a grainiac type etc. Highlight the min requirements but allow for what you actually eat! Thanks!!

  135. I would love to see what I eat as a trackable chart that might show possible deficiencies that could develop from missing certain foods consistently and suggestions for the future, as in tips to improve in areas I am lacking…food hacks perhaps :)
    Thanks for all the important work you do to improve people’s lives!

  136. I’d love to have the ability to click on one of the dirty dozen and see a list of the foods included and the portion size.

  137. I think at the end of each week we should get a score lol and congratulations or a not to good you need to include more fruit ect…. then hints on improving the not so good score

  138. I happen to be a blind iPhone user and therefore require apps to be fully voiceover accessible which is apples built in text to speech screen reader. Overall the DailyDozen app is voiceover accessible, except you cannot check off the boxes for each serving of each food group using voiceover. Hope you can improve this-thank you!

    1. Thank you, Chris. Accessibility is something we are working on for the new updates. I’ll pass on your comment, also.

  139. Is there a open source code available for this website too? I am planning to create a similar website, but focusing psychology content for non-profit org for my sister. How can I leverage this source code.

  140. Not sure if this has been suggested before but.. It would be really great if there was a family option for the daily dozen. I can only monitor one person on my phone but I have 2 kids who eat different due to allergies..
    Ps I want to add thank you for all your work. You have inspired me to change direction in my career and I am now training to be a teacher and completing a level 5 diploma in nutrition because I feel so passionately that as a population we need more information regarding our diets and the benefits of healthy eating

  141. Unless I’m not using it properly, one thing I find frustrating about the daily dozen app is that I can’t see my user history. I’d love to be able to use it to track my goals, not to just use it every day as a reminder. Thanks!

    1. Hi CBnyc – There is a little calendar icon associated with each food category. When you push on that it will show you, in a graphical format, your history. Not the best way to do this if you ask me but there are many improvement opportunities here. Maybe I’ll ask Dr. Gregor if I can lead the evolution of this as I use it often. Bob

  142. It would be amazing if the users could opt into sharing their data on their consumption… also self report diagnosis… and the app have a symptom tracker. Could be the worlds largest trial!

  143. I would like to be able to add custom criteria to track or have the option of tracking additional healthful activities (meditation, deep breathing, etc) that Dr. Greger prescribes outside of the DailyDozen. It would be awesome to have any videos that have been featured linked into these categories as well.

    Thank you so much for this app. It’s become the most important daily habit I have.

  144. Thanks for that great app, which helps me great times to change by eating habits.

    As add on in the app, I would love to have some form of weekly statistics, e.g. in a pie chart – one could then compare it to the general recommendation.
    I normally do not manage to eat all food recommend, so I mix during the week.

  145. Hi Ursula Schuller – Thanks for your comment and suggestion! I would like to point out that currently in the app there is a mini bar graph icon in the upper right section that is in line with the bolded “Servings” word when you open the app. If you click on this, it gives you a weekly summary in a bar graph format that shows how many of the recommended 24 items on the list that you achieved each day.

    Also, next to each food item on the checklist (Example: Flaxseeds), there is a calendar icon that you can click on. This pulls up a calendar that highlights days in dark green to show you how many days over the past week/month that you consistently consumed the recommended # of servings for that item. If you consumed some but not all of the recommended servings of the food, it will be highlighted in a lighter shade of green. These are some additional features in the app to check out if you haven’t already done so to help you track your progress!

    I hope this helps!
    -Janelle RD (Registered Dietitian & Health Support Volunteer)

  146. I would find it so helpful if there was a “notes” section for each day so I could look back and see what meals and snacks I had on my good days (and bad days!)

  147. I’m a huge fan of the videos, the book and the app.

    I still have some suggestions for the app (I only know the Android version):
    – In the spices sections, it’s unclear that tumeric is mandatory and herbs are a plus.This is special because it doesn’t follow the typical A or B pattern. Maybe this should be more clear.
    – It is unclear if the exercise category includes all activity like when you move a lot at your job.
    – I also thought about a new view to easily answer the question “what should I eat today?”. Let’s call it “Recommendations”. It’s a prioritized list of food you haven’t eaten for a while. Example: You have not eaten berries for 7 days, so it’s recommended to eat some today. You haven’t eated flax seeds for 5 days, so it’s the second item on the list, and so on.

    Any thoughts?

  148. I wish I could use multiple devices (my phone and my iPad) to record my daily servings and have the entries sync up into one account.

  149. Just discovered the Daily Dozen app. Downloaded to my iPhone. From my initial cursory exploration of the app here are my suggestions for additions to the app.

    1. A feedback link. I stumbled upon this page on the Open Source button, but would have never thought to look under Open Source as I’m not a developer. I was looking for a feedback method within the app and didn’t find one.

    2. Add to Exercise types:
    ‘Circuit training with some cardio’. There’s more than circuit training than weight lifting.

    ‘HIIT routine on cardio machine’ (such as on a rower, recumbent bike, treadmill…)
    ‘HIIT routine without equipment’ (such as a running/jogging routine, or circuit training class)

    ‘Super slow weight lifting’


    ‘Aerobics class’ (jazzercise, Zumba, body bar, etc.)

    3. What about golden raspberries?

    Any other grapes besides purple Concord?

    Gooseberries? Kiwi berries?

  150. Idea: In the days/months/year views it shows a statistical view in green with numbers. I would like to have two futher options for viewing this information. I would call this current view standard.

    In 1st other option, I’d like to see the food categories I have eaten as colours. Unchanged would be the graph line of moving average, and numbers but the graph bars would be individually multicoloured appropriate to the data given. The colours would be stacked in order similar to the list, unless a category was missed and thus would be restacked to skip it. Likely the completed categories would be solid, and any almost complete categories could be possibly included in the stack (but shorter respectively and faded/pale).

    In the 2nd other option I’d like to see the food/exercise/vitD/vitB12 etc categories I have missed. It would display as a graph, with numbers and the graph line of the total moving average number missed, but the graph bars would be multicoloured appropriate to the categories I didn’t fully complete and completely missed.

    This last optional view is important to me to be watching the categories I want to monitor and concentrate on improving.

    Another idea would essentially combine these two. The positive numbers and graph line would remain. But the graph bars would change significantly. The new view would show the bar as a multicoloured stack. The coloured sections would be in the same order as the list. These would not “restack” if a category wasn’t fully completed or missed. They would be solid if complete or pale if not. Including symbols might not work but a info page (via icon/graphic in the corner/menu) could visually link the coloured stack order to the coloured list order of the categories.

    This would greatly improve my experience of the app and the information I am trying to improve on.

    P.S. I have loved the book and all the detail and quick Principles your team have given out and continually work on! Fantastic substance!!

  151. It’d be nice to have a feature where you could check off other customizable boxes that you’d like to add! Like to add a box for turmeric and amla per the doctor’s orders ;)

  152. It would be great if the measurement would stay for the offer we pick.
    I change the serving size from metric to imperial and when I go back it’s metric again.

  153. Such great initiative as large number of people are using mobile devices if such kind of apps are available there they could maintain their nutrition very well and healthy life can spent. And disease that occurred due to lack of nutrition can be treated or cure like piles and hemorrhoid medicine.

  154. I would really like to be able to view all 12 lines on one screen without having to scroll up and down to find something. I would also like to be able to see the portion sizes listed in small print under each title so I don’t have to go to the next page to keep checking that.

  155. Great app. I ate great before but now I eat excellent and I don’t skip a day of exercise because I want to click all the tabs and feel like it’s complete. Which got me to think what if there was a spot or two that you could make up yourself. Maby meditate, practice and instrument, even just make your bed. Just cause it does motivate. Great job and God Bless

  156. I really hope that the app will be translated into Dutch, so that more people in our country can use it and so it’s easier for me to use the app.
    Also, I would like advice in how to eat enough of each category. For each category (e.g. “other fruits”) there are different possibilities provided for which kinds of fruits one can pick, but it might be helpful if there would also be some tips in how to easily combine certain things, for instance by preparing hummus, giving an easy recipe. I’m aware of the fact that the cookbook has lots of advice, but maybe this way it’s just somewhat easier for students like me.

    1. Hi, Chuck Lindholm! You’re lucky I saw your question. This page is for comments on app development. You can find everything on this site related to omega-3 fatty acids here: https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/omega-3-fatty-acids/ Everything related to triglycerides may be found here: https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/triglycerides/ Weight loss, stress management, healthy, whole food, plant-based dietary patterns, and exercise are the best ways to control triglyceride levels. I hope that helps!

  157. Daily Dozen keeps defaulting to metric measurements. Can a setting be added that allows one to set imperial as the default. Thanks.

  158. The app is very useful & fun. Love tracking my eating daily to stay on target. I would like to see even more variety of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, grains, spices & herbs, etc listed under each category. Plus their suggested serving sizes. I find this helps to open my eyes to of all the amazing variety out there that I may not remember or think of. I’ve added things to my grocery list that i enjoy searching for like a treasure hunt!

  159. Would love to see a custom option to add other items to the “daily dozen” list (maybe someone wants to remember to take a certain medicine or something else specific to themself!). Thanks for an awesome app!!

  160. I love this site. I was a vegan when I started the book. But I ate junk, it was vegan for the most part. Now I’m eating apples, dates, oranges, nuts, more veggies, and I’m baking bread. I have stopped eating junk. No chips, nothing from a box or processed. It’s three weeks now. I’m really proud of myself!

  161. Personalized

    Hi, first, thank you so much to the volunteers & Dr. G for excellent work creating nutritionfacts.org, the videos & this app!! Your work is truly appreciated!!

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to add personalization to the daily dozen? For example, i need to have green tea, soy & something from the onion family every day. I need the flax too, but it’s already part of the daily dozen as it’s own section. I know the above are part of the daily dozen, but since I’m new to this diet (March 2017) and all the information is excellent yet overwhelming to remember, I have a tendency to forget to have the above. I’m sure once I get into a routine I’ll be fine but this would help out newbies immensely.
    As I’m typing this, an idea just came to mind. What about adding to the daily dozen by way of ailment / diagnosis? For example, I’ve had breast cancer & skin cancer, so if I clicked on those toggles they would add the green tea & soy automatically to my daily dozen list?

    Thanks again for your dedication & hard work!

  162. I would LOVE to have a serving checklist for different family members. Multiple serving lists would help to easily keep track of what I’m serving my kids vs my husband, since we do not all eat the same amounts or ingredients on the daily.
    Thank you for this app!

  163. Love your app and have used it for 2 years now. It would be great to have a yearly /monthly graph of compiled data of each food group to get a birds eye view of the nutrients that need improvement.

  164. Really useful app, could do with a calendar that is an overall one, one were is could see they I have only completed a certain amount that day but comparing it to other days that month. This would help me see if I am improving overall then

  165. As a user of the app
    It Would be really useful to know if under each food heading, if we need to eat each of these in order to tick all the boxes, or if each example is a tick itself.
    Because this will help clarify how much I should be eating etc.

    For example, under ‘other vegetables’ listed are 4 different serving sizes and on the main section of the app, two tick boxes. Do I need to eat all of these 4 serving sizes to tick the two boxes? Or will two of the serving sizes suffice?

    Acceptance criteria:
    – have the answers to the above clearly stated on the app somewhere
    – users should be easily able to read about how much of each food equates to a ‘tick’

    1. Not a glitch… start with right-most checkbox for single check. You can quickly check 2 or more by tapping the boxes further to the left! It’s a Quick Entry feature!

  166. This app has been a tremendous help in keeping me on track since my doctor prescribed a plant based diet. I would like to be able to track extra servings of vegetables, fruits and grains, since sometimes I exceed the check boxes in those categories. Love those gold stars!

    1. Hi Veronica,

      We have updated the Daily Dozen app to reflect only required supplements. For example, Vitamin D is only needed for people who get inadequate sun exposure and so it was removed from the app (as explained on our page here: https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/vitamin-d-supplements).

      Our formal recommendations here: https://nutritionfacts.org/2011/09/12/dr-gregers-2011-optimum-nutrition-recommendations. The app was changed to include the new 21 tweaks from Dr. Greger’s new book, How Not to Diet.

  167. Suddenly the vitamin D listing has been removed from the app. Looking through Dr. G’s postings, I see no reason for the removal.
    Has there been a research update by him?

    1. We have updated the Daily Dozen app to reflect only required supplements. For example, Vitamin D is only needed for people who get inadequate sun exposure and so it was removed from the app (as explained on our page here: https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/vitamin-d-supplements).

      Our formal recommendations here: https://nutritionfacts.org/2011/09/12/dr-gregers-2011-optimum-nutrition-recommendations. The app was changed to include the new 21 tweaks from Dr. Greger’s new book, How Not to Diet.

      1. IMO removing this was a mistake. Dr Greger’s actual recommendations on that page are that people outside of a narrow latitudinal band around the equator supplement, and that *everyone* supplement during winter months. Given that NutritionFacts is a US-based nonprofit that delivers information in English as a primary language, the majority of your audience requires year-round Vitamin D supplementation in some form. To remove it from the app implies that it’s not necessary, which can negatively impact many people’s health — especially people of color.

  168. So after about 100 days of using the app, someone updated it. This resulted in my history for the day, month and year disappearing. Furthermore the graphic for today shows as December 3.
    Open architecture may sound great but there seems to be no ine checking the integrity of updates.
    Consider me more than a little unhappy!

    1. Hi Joe, I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with the app. Please submit your issue and what platform you’re on (iOS or Android) by using the green “Support” button in the bottom right of the page, and someone may be able to help you.

      1. Kate, thanks for the offer but I just deleted the app and reloaded it. So I lost the history. Not a big deal in the long run. I was just monitoring if I was consistently getting close to the full Daily Dozen portions.
        I just will measure each day and call it a day.
        I’m on iOS.
        Final thought: today the date line on top would not roll forward so you could not get empty boxes. Following reload it seems to be working. Seems hard to believe I’m the only one who would have experienced these occurrences

  169. Are there any sort APIs set up for serving page links by topic and the like? I have some significant usability nits with the newest version of the app and am considering writing a revamped version in react native, which would be more maintainable than trying to contribute to two independent codebases.

  170. Hi Allison,

    We do not currently have a public API available for consumption by the app. We will be addressing the separate app issues in 2020. If there are issues you’d like to see addressed in the meantime, please consider creating an issue or a pull request with your suggested changes on Github.

  171. It would be really REALLY great if you added an unhealthy food checkmark. So that people can also track the cconsumption of their unhealthy foods. like oil sugar, salt, etc. Adding tick boxes por animal products aswell would help (withinformation on their risks). People can always eat unhealthy foods on top of alresdy healthy ones The app overall is great, the spanish traduction is quite… weird. At least for those in latin amerca

  172. So in my continuing quest to get back to a more functional checklist for the Daily Dozen on an iOs platform, it seems that version 2.0 was very good. Now the tracking graph shows 2 days in this order, 12/20 and 12/19. Is there a method to get rid of the most recent update and return to 2.0?
    Hard to believe I’d be the only one experiencing problems since the last update a week ago.

  173. IODINE is not mentioned which is a deficiency in vegans & good for pregnant women. I suggest the app input a tweak for sea-vegetables like arami, dulse & nori with it’s own check box.

  174. Newest update has bugs? For example you can’t select only one serving of something, all boxes get checked when you check just one

    1. In my Android version at least, it’s not a bug, it’s a shortcut feature to allow checking them off all at once if desired. If your first check is on the right box, you can check them off singly.

  175. Awesome app!!!!
    Suggestions for developers:
    Please add metrics for waist, hips and/or height, and gender. Give a chart showing predicted increases in longevity based on decreased waist/hip ratio and/or waist/height ratio.
    Please add check boxes for whether or not the user is diabetic, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, with or without medication for each. This in conjunction with the weight will show whether or not the user has metabolic syndrome, associated with decreased longevity. This will allow users to use the app to reverse their metabolic syndrome. Over time users will uncheck these boxes and overcome the indicators of metabolic syndrome.
    By adding these features, users can be very focused on morbidity outcomes beyond weight loss alone. Doctors might take hold of this app as an extremely useful tool for their patients in reversing disease and attaining health. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true!

  176. I’d love a feature in the Settings to remove the Trendelenburg checkbox. My mother had glaucoma so that’s not an option for me, which means I could never check all the boxes – and it’d be nice to say I checked them all.

  177. Hi NutritionFacts.org team,

    I’m a huge fan of Dr. Greger and the work you are all doing here, and I’ve been thinking about ways to contribute myself.

    Something I’m personally interested in is developing “Alexa skills”, which are custom voice commands for Amazon Alexa voice assistant. I would love to work with your team to create a NutritionFacts branded skill that provides users with easy access to the facts available here.

    Although there are many possible approaches to this project, one idea I had was to source information from the topic descriptions (https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/). For example: “Alexa, tell me nutrition facts about green tea” would trigger Alexa to read out the first paragraph of the relevant topic (https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/green-tea/).

    Please follow up by email if this is something you would like me to develop. Or happy to continue the conversation here for now.


  178. I like the daily dozen and am intrigued with 21 tweaks. Would you ever offer an option for combining them into one list? Also, having the ability to add your own self-named daily goals would be nice, so for example I could add “strength training” or “avoid sugar” in the daily dozen, so we can make it our one stop goal tracking shop. Thanks for your good work.

  179. I’m not finding the updated Weight Loss setting with updated tweaks that is mentioned in How Not To Diet. Does anyone know where to go to find that

  180. Pleas split up the “servings “ of exercise into at least 30 min chunks. It’s frustrating to not be able to check a box if I’ve done some exercise, but not the full 90 minutes.

  181. Using iPhone, iOS 12.4.4, I’m experiencing a bug that started a few days after I began using 21 Tweaks. At first, I was able to view my graphed weight data by selecting the scale icon for Weigh Twice Daily. But now when I touch that icon, the whole app immediately quits on me. Help?

    1. I’ve deleted and re-loaded the app (had to lose the data) and once again am able to access the Weigh Twice Daily data graph. Hope I don’t lose access again; I’ll come back here & report it if I do.

  182. First, let me say I am a huge fan of all the work everyone does at NF!! Bravo!
    Next, I’m hoping this is the forum to let you know I am having technical difficulties with the app. I am finding when I check off my 21 tweeks for the day they somehow get erased either that same day or when I open the app the next day. I have started a mini 21tweeks group and the others with iSO have the same issue but the person with Android has not experienced this. Is this a user error or can this be fixed in the app. Thanks!

  183. The ability to import weight data or show a graph of weight fluctuations over time would be great. Also ability to import other data as well.

  184. I am totally confused exactly what black cumin is – looks like there are lots of different names but really not the same product. For instance what Penzeys spice uses for black cumin name in literature is said to be put on Jewish Rye. That is definitely not black cumin. Please explain more specifically which plant it comes from and absolute scientific name. A source for the actual product would be helpful. I’ve gone to Indian stores but don’t feel the black cumin Dr Gregory recommends is the same. Please look at the literature to see why I’m confused!
    Thanks for your help!

  185. Are curcumin and coumarin one and the same? Also is it harmful to the body to take a large number of supplements like turmeric, ginger, garlic, black cumin, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cumin, etc all in one day, spread out over the day?

  186. Curcumin and coumarin are not the same. Coumarin is an anticoagulant while curcumin is not. Excess coumarin will cause death.

    Evidence clearly demonstrates that eating a WFPB diet will reduce the risk of disease and premature death. This evidence does not exist for supplements, which can make you sick. The items you listed are spices. It is likely safer to simply spice your food to taste and enjoy it, instead of overloading yourself with unproven items that may make you sick when taken in excess.

  187. Thank you for this work, but one tweak would make it infinitely more appealing. With the new book (and updated app), the information (21 Tweaks) is daunting. (Most days I can’t even bring myself to open it!
    Others may feel the same about the Daily Dozen—so this may apply there too.)

    How about allowing people to select (turn on and off) and/or arrange (by sliding) individual tweaks or goals. That way all the info is there, but if one doesn’t do the 21 (plus the daily dozen), one doesn’t feel like a failure. One could set goals (ex.: two new habits this month) then turn on two habits not previously acquired and aspire to check them off daily.

    It would put this in bite-sized chunks, as opposed to—as my sister put it—drinking nutritional advice from a fire hydrant and feeling condemned when you open the app and see you can’t absorb it all.

  188. How about dividing Exercise into “servings”? Many of us lack the time or physical capacity for the full daily recommended amount. “Servings” of 15 minutes of vigorous exercise or 30 minutes of moderate exercise would allow us to record something.

  189. How about an ability to list ingredients you have for a meal and a matcing or near matching recipe is suggested? Also those with the appropriate creative capabilities could upload a recipe expanding the database. For example I saw a recipe for a WFPB meal of conchiglie pasta in a newspaper which is lovely and includes a ‘cream’ made from 500g cauliflower, 400g canned chickpeas, 200g mushroom pesto, 1L vege stock, 2 Tablespoons minced garlic, 1L non-dairy milk of your choice and 2 Tablespoons or more of seasoning to taste. Blend ingredients and strain – so easy.

  190. My daily dozen app was working great until I clicked on the new one. Now I can’t access any history from the past two months. Can someone please restore it so we can access our progress!

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thank you for reaching out. We are currently aware of this issue and are working to fix it! Can you tell me what platform (iOS or Android) you are on and which version of the app are you using? Once you send that over, I’ll add your information to what we’ve compiled to help our developers in coming up with a solution!


  191. Can we get more checkboxes to track how many servings in each category we consume – even when it’s above the recommended amount? Maybe the daily dozen checkboxes are bolded, but extra check boxes are available just to track everything we consume? Thanks!!

  192. Hi! The iPhone Daily Dozen app is showing that a portion of beans can be “75 g cooked beans, split peas, lentils, tofu, or tempeh” and “63 g of fresh peas or 77g sprouted lentils” but in the book and the website [1] one serving should be 130 g of cooked beans and 150 g of fresh peas. I can also see in the code [2] for the iPhone app that it looks correct, but it’s not reflected in the actual app.

    Same thing applies for other vegetables, where on the app is say “75 g raw or cooked nonleafy vegetables” but in the book and website [1] it says “50 g”. Again the code looks correct [3] but it’s not reflected in the actual app. The “7 g dried mushroom” that’s mentioned in the book is simply “7 g” in the code [4] and the app.

    I’ve tried to remove the app and download it again, but it is still wrong. Could it be that the code changes has been made but the new version of the app hasn’t been published to the app store correctly?

    [1] https://nutritionfacts.org/app/uploads/2018/03/metric.png
    [2] https://github.com/nutritionfactsorg/daily-dozen-ios/blob/f671d1d1d514bbe422af46b2b97818d9b353dcc2/DailyDozen/DailyDozen/App/Texts/Details.plist#L12
    [3] https://github.com/nutritionfactsorg/daily-dozen-ios/blob/f671d1d1d514bbe422af46b2b97818d9b353dcc2/DailyDozen/DailyDozen/App/Texts/Details.plist#L443
    [4] https://github.com/nutritionfactsorg/daily-dozen-ios/blob/f671d1d1d514bbe422af46b2b97818d9b353dcc2/DailyDozen/DailyDozen/App/Texts/Details.plist#L445

  193. I’ve been using the DailyDozen App for over a year without any difficulty , recently when I go to check off a single serving box all of the serving boxes get checked off. For example, if I try to check off one grain serving box, all the grain serving boxes get checked off. Can someone help me with this?

  194. My version of the app is two days behind the calendar, and doesn’t reset each day, is this correct? I live in Scotland and have operate on GMT.

    1. Hi Charles, sorry to hear you’re having an issue. If you submit this question through the green support button on the lower right corner of the page, someone should be able to help you out.

  195. I am trying to figure out a gooddway to treat a patient with high triglycerides. He has genetic disposition to make ridiculously high triglycerides. I started him on atorvastatin 20 and Co q10 at 600mg. I will next add ezetimibe. I was thinking of giving him red marine slgae. I’m hoping a dr has had experience with bring down levels at 2000.

  196. It would be very helpful to have a place each day to note sickness such as cold/flu, poor appetite, etc. But ALSO an area to note night shifts, too. I must work day & night combinations at this point in my life.

    Thank you for this app. the videos, and your Instagram posts. I am SO enjoying this. I’m an unhealthy vegetarian and am eating MUCH better, however, am not eating enough yet to “Challenge” anyone, yet am telling EVERYI ONE about this MARVELOUS app!!

  197. Considering how many people are following your suggestions, wouldn’t it make sense to add a tracking section on the mobile apps and gather data for epidemiological studies?

  198. Dr. Greger, great work as usual. Also, to be considered is the fact that our life style choice to eat meat has resulted in the crisis of over production and huge numbers of Factory Farms raising chickens by the millions, all over the world, in conditions so deplorable that the workers have to go in with breathing gear because of the nasty fumes of death, of rot and fecal matter. So, this is such a pandemic causing problem that the World Health Organization alerted and urged governments to act to stop Factory Farming in 2008. Governments varied in their response to this, but when they did pressure the meat industry, the industry choose profits over public health. And, now here we are! We know that Coronavirus is from birds, and specifically chickens. But the government says its being spread in the air, and its possible but does not explain the rapid rate of infection of distant populations. But the widely available access to infected chicken products in all supermarkets, all over the world, means the bacterial contaminate which has to be ingested, to find itself in a new host is easily achieved via peoples mass consumption of contaminated chicken, from factory farms with hygiene and sanitation problems (filth) totally out of control. The perfect pandemic storm. Now, what is a virus: contrary to the explanation Rockefeller Medical Education would have us believe, it is nothing more than the biological equivalent of a seed from the bacteria. All beings are partially made up of beneficial bacteria, which clean up the genetic debris and serve a purpose. But the bacteria of a bird, a cow, a pig, a lamb, a fish belongs in that host, NOT in a human! Consequently, a virus from a chicken seeding itself in the susceptible cells or (human equivalent of fertile soil to a virus), will duplicate itself using our RNA or DNA. Covid 19 is already in the food supply, and in the people all over the world. Authorities are being dishonest and using the crisis to promote vaccine agendas. But the people who get the massage that we should stop eating meat (chicken in this case), and remove this toxic bacterial contaminate from their bodies will live, and be fine. I also suggest a solid food vacation! Vegans are the least at risk for these diseases. But the media will say nothing about nutrition, or lifestyle change. Let the people know Dr. Greger.

  199. Hi all,

    I’m upgrading my iPhone to a new model and want to transfer my Daily Dozen historic data to my new iPhone. What are my options to do this?


  200. I would like two make some suggestions:
    (1) enable to individually sort the Daily DOZEN [DD]. It may help people who eat the DD in a specific order/routine, e.g. cereal in the morning, greens more in the evening
    (2) integrate some monthly (or so) summary of your DD. This may make it easier to find some bias in your diet.
    (3) enable to add your own preferred fruit/veggies in the example list. The ones I extracted from the book differ from the ones in the app.
    (4) Add some kind of permanent (though individually adjustable) DD “shopping list”.
    Keep up the good work!

  201. This is an incredible app!

    I love sounds so I wonder if a voice (perhaps Dr. Greger’s) can remind the user at certain times of the day how many or what kinds of foods from the daily dozen one should have consumed maybe by midday or at intervals after getting up.

  202. Hi, I very much like the app. I’m using it in Italian though, and there are some imperfections in the translations of the categories:

    – beans, rather than just ‘fagioli’, should better say ‘legumi’
    – ‘frutti di bosco’ should better say ‘bacche e frutti di bosco’
    – greens are translated as just ‘verdure’, which is just vegetables, instead it should say ‘(verdure a) foglia verde’).
    – ‘altri ortaggi e legumi’ should just say ‘altri ortaggi’
    – ‘nocioline’ should better be called ‘frutta a guscio’


  203. Are you able to open the app up to different time zones? I’m in the U.K. and can only enter that days data from the afternoon when I would like to enter it throughout the day so I don’t forget.

    1. I am in the United States and I can’t get the app to add any data today which is Saturday, June 6. Although I move the picker item to that day, after I have chose a number six on the picture, it goes back to June 4 and will not let anything be added over the weekend. Something is definitely wrong. Also, I am vision impaired and use voiceover on my iPhone and my iPad. Some of the features in the app do not work when voiceover is on. Someone needs to please examine the app and all its features to make sure that they all work for vision impaired people because some of the things that don’t work cause the app to be nearly inaccessible to us. I totally appreciate Dr. Gregor making both his books available to us vision impaired people from the national library service for the blind and physically handicapped. I hope he plans to make his upcoming cookbook available to the library service also. I think the app is very good, but please do some tweaking on it for accessibility to everyone. Thank you very much.

  204. Hi
    I am in Australia and my Daily Dozen app does not progress to the current day until about midday. My phone settings are correct but the app must think I am in the US.

  205. Nice app!
    For me it’s missing the daily recommended vitamin D.
    It would be great if we could add “Other” or specify our own favorite recommended foods and amounts to the list.

  206. I love this app! I have two humble suggestions: 1) I would love if there were an added “bowel movement” category. I know that sounds gross but having consistent and easy BMs and tracking that helps me stay motivated. 2) Is it possible to remove the “i” information circle in every single box? Right now it’s located right above the check mark, which makes for a bad UI. Since the boxes are already shaded, one would assume you click the entire box (not the check marks at the end of each box) or the name of the entry (e.g. berries) to see more information. If clicking the box or title is too much, could you move the “i” button next to the title text? Having it above the last check mark box makes no sense to me. Thank you for a great app overall though.

    1. Excellent QA feedback, Larry! Waste management & the frequency, character of the bowel movements are extremely important information.

      The fact that it was missing makes me feel they do not have a qualified RN or an MD on their team.

      The other thing that I would give feedback on globally is: Why aren’t any of the nutrition companies or MDs that make & sell their health & wellness products in the online Live Well Health & Wellness Cooperative of Wellness Weavers.

      We must have critical mass before we have clout to weave the gaps in the national “health”care (chronic illnesses care & “disease management” is NOT a real health & wellness system).

      It is a profit sharing program for the companies tied into mutual funds that get middle class workers to be the investors of the 401K stream of cash flow, that own the food factories, the diagnostic & treatment centers, the progress care system that starts with Home Health-Assisted Living-Full Care…and they control the education of Doctors & ARNP…and the lawyers.

      They hire top PR-Marketers & professionals that are motivated by the salary & benefit package so they look very fit, rested because that’s a job requirement. They also have to “stick to the Talking Points”…not matter what.

      Their bosses control the hierarchy of funded researchers with grants and salaries.

      Meanwhile, the researchers, caring professionals who are motivated by truth & the natural ways that health is protected or restored are belittled, unpublished, and blacklisted if they are making waves. There needs to be a comparative research fact check on the death rate of those that are negatively impacting the profits & stories told my the predatory business corps.

      Thus, a measure of the companies that are talking a good game is whether they are actually vetted members or probationary members of the Wellness Weavers system.

      In order to be a member, they have to be letting their customers, employees, & their governing Board know about the in-kind online Live Well Health & Wellness Cooperative.

      The website from 2010 is no longer secure and it is not ADA-compliant.

      Therefore, we will see which companies decide to get vetted or start the process of proudly declaring & proving they are Wellness Weavers.

      I have let Wellness Weavers go into “Deliquent Status” as of June 15,2020 as a means to reboot with the fully functional board & partnerships.

      People are creating history every moment by our actions.

      Helen Stucky-Weaver, RN-retired, one of the Wellness Weavers.

  207. Minor thing but it would be nice if simple modifiers were included for foods where this makes the difference in green lighting that food – eg, nut butter = “raw nut butter”.

  208. Wonderful app, gives me what i need to learn how to eat better in a very digestible (I know) form.
    I would also like ability to add own daily reminder with checkbox if possible.
    If you do add gamification (unlikely I think, does not seem to fit with your informational approach), could you also please provide facility to switch it off. I find gamification a turn off in general, everyone has own motivations.
    Thank you all for your amazing commitment

  209. Is there a plan to allow translation to other languages please? I would gladly provide full translation to Czech and Slovak languages, if necessary.

  210. I really LOVE your App. I would prefer the exercise Section to be divided in like two boxes (45min moderate-intensity activity or 20 min vigourous-intensity activity each), since I think that is more motivating to do little steps. Maybe that is my personal preference though. Also translation into german would be so cool! And while I like that theres the option to switch to metric units sometimes it can be confusing since the “grams” is not really the equivalent to “cups” and some vegetables for example weight much less though theyre probably similar in regards to the nurtitions and the examples do not always cover the specific vegetable/fruit or whatever.

    1. Same. I do moderate exercise almost daily but not the recommended amount and then either I don’t get to check it off or I have to check off more than I actually did, which both don’t feel right. Beeing able to track exercise in small amounts would be really great!

  211. Oh and I would also love the option to add personal supplements for example. It would be great if your could add your own preferences in the supplement section. Therefore it wouldn’t necessarily be counted but would save me other reminders in my phone for like Vitamin D (in germany it’s really hard if even possible to get enough sunlight in winter and it should be even worse in other countries like norway for example) or Vitamin K2. Thanks!

  212. Hi, I installed the app on my mothers iphone and wanted to change the language because she doesn’t know english. But neather on the iphone app nor in my android app i could find the possibility to switch language in the settings… were can i find it? Probably it should be easier to find it ;)

      1. If you need help for the translation in German I can help, an important app like this is worth it :) Thanks for your quick answer.

  213. Can you speak with Dr. Gregor and ask him to consider going back to his original format. Although I love seeing his handsome face and his demonstrative hand motion it’s distracting.
    I like looking at where he gets the information be able stop the video and read the articles, but he’s standing in the way of seeing the articles.

  214. Love the app, but the spanish translation seems to be missing the “other fruits” category altogether. The app in English has this category for 3 servings of other fruits, but it doesn’t appear on the app on Spanish – so even if you check off all the boxes you are at 21/24 portions.

  215. **App Improvement ideas**

    – I’d would be great if the shows you (or notify you) the foods that you’ve been neglecting in the past so that you prioritize eating those today and the future days.

    – while you browse left and right through the days, it would be great it the list of foods stayed static. Because now when you swipe left or right it automatically scrolls to the first foods and you have to scroll, down every time you sweep. It’s not ideal. You want to keep the view static througout the days when sweeping. Hope I made myself clear.

    *android user

  216. I love the app!!! It is so simple. And as a long time vegetarian and a year of vegan, I somehow thought I was eating a lot of veggies. Boy was I wrong!

    I use this app to track my B12 and servings and I can easily see where I am slipping. I was going to suggest week/ monthly metrics but you have already done that. I love the info box. I love that you get a flag for # of days in a row!

    It is simple and perfect.

    My suggestions:
    1) Allow users to remove an item that they won’t use. For example, adjusting the bed won’t happen because of my husbands health.
    2) Allow a custom item, like if I want to add my D3 and check it off daily.
    3) Scrolling Right to Left on the iPhone app to go back a date is counter intuitive. Reverse the direction.
    4) Allow me to check of weighing without adding the value. My scale tracks this in a different app. Better yet, connect this item with the popular scale apps.

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