We’re releasing the Daily Dozen Android and iOS apps to the open-source community for collaborative development!

Daily Dozen + Github

Developers and Designers

Are you passionate about mobile development and contributing in an open, collaborative environment? Do you want to contribute to projects that help to improve the mobile experience of thousands of users around the world by providing an intuitive user interface to track daily nutrition habits?

If you are a mobile developer or designer, you can contribute to NutritionFacts.org’s Daily Dozen app for Android and iOS, now an open-source project on Github — meaning anyone, including you, can play a part in its future development.

Github Repositories:

For details on how to get involved in the NutritionFacts.org app community, take a look at the Contribution Guidelines for each application in their respective Github repository (Android or iOS) and start contributing to the Daily Dozen today!

I have an idea for the app or would like to contribute in another way but I’m not a developer or designer!

Post your ideas below in the comments so that everyone can participate in the discussion. There may be tasks related to the Daily Dozen apps in the future that are not development related, but are still incredibly helpful to the developers involved (for example: providing copy or compiling informational resources). Be sure to check the individual repositories for open issues you might be able to tackle as the app progresses.

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