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Health & Nutrition

Limited-Time Summer Merch Is Here

  Show off your healthy lifestyle while supporting Our limited edition tee and tank are perfect for your summer activities, and all proceeds go to keeping going and growing. Don't wait to order, though. These items are only available until July...
Health & Nutrition

Is the Casein in A2 Milk Healthier?

The casomorphins—breakdown products of casein, a milk protein, with opiate-like activity—in bovine milk appears to have opposite effects than those from human breast milk on infant development, but what about A2 cow’s milk? “One of the main sources of opioid...
Health & Nutrition

Lead in Seafood and Wild Game

Most hunters may not be aware of the health risks related to consuming meat from animals shot with lead ammunition. I’m often asked in lectures whether microwaves are safe. Not if you drop them on your foot! But, otherwise, it...

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