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Treating Reflux in Kids with Diet 

Even those who test negative for cow’s milk allergy may have hypersensitivity reactions to dairy products. Excessive spitting up and vomiting in infants may be treated by putting them down on their left side after meals—of course, never when sleeping....
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When Is the Best Time to Floss? 

How good is the evidence that flossing is effective? According to randomized controlled trials, what is the optimal toothbrushing and flossing sequence?  “Over the years, it has been generally accepted that the use of dental floss has a positive effect...
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High Oxalate Greens and Kidney Stones 

Given their oxalate content, how much is too much spinach, chard, beet greens, chaga mushroom powder, almonds, cashews, star fruit, and instant tea?  There was a tragic case in which a “green smoothie cleanse” shut down the kidneys of a...
Dr. Greger pictured with his new book
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Preorder How Not to Age Today

I’m thrilled to announce that preorders are now open for How Not to Age, my new book coming out in December after three years in the making. There was so much juicy research on the many aspects of aging and...
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The Best Way to Cook Greens 

What is the best way to prepare dark green leafy vegetables, the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet?  “The main purpose of cooking is to make vegetables more edible, palatable, and digestible…The downside is that cooking may adversely affect the...
Health & Nutrition

The Best Duct Tape for Wart Removal 

Why do some experiments show that duct tape is ineffective for treating warts?  In 1978, a new approach for the treatment of warts was described, complete with compelling before-and-after pictures, as you can see below and at 0:13 in my...

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