Dr. Greger’s New DVD Available For Download

volume 16

The newest volume of my Latest in Clinical Nutrition DVD series is now out. Order on my website or through Amazon (all proceeds go to the 501c3 nonprofit charity that keeps NutritionFacts.org up and running). It can also now be ordered as a video download.

The current batch of videos from volume 14 on NutritionFacts.org is set to run out soon, so starting this month and running through November I’ll be rolling out the videos from this new DVD, volume 15. The DVDs give folks the opportunity to sneak-preview videos months ahead of time, watch them all straight through, and share them as gifts, but there is nothing on the DVDs that won’t eventually end up free online at NutritionFacts.org. If you’d like the works–more than 30 hours of video(!)–I have a special on my complete DVD collection.

Here’s the list of chapters from the new volume 15 DVD — a preview of what’s to come over the next few months here on NutritionFacts.org:

 •    Treating Multiple Sclerosis With the Swank MS Diet
 •    Prostate Cancer Survival: The A/V Ratio
 •    Breast Cancer Survival Vegetable
 •    Alkaline Diets, Animal Protein, and Calcium Loss
 •    Testing Your Diet With Pee & Purple Cabbage
 •    Tell Your Doctor If You Eat Grapefruit
 •    BOLD Indeed: Beef Lowers Cholesterol?
 •    Eggs and Choline: Something Fishy
 •    Eggs, Choline, and Cancer
 •    Chronic Headaches and Pork Tapeworms
 •    Enhanced Athletic Recovery Without Undermining Adaptation
 •    Preserving Immune Function in Athletes With Nutritional Yeast
 •    Nutrient-Dense Approach to Weight Management
 •    How Many Poppy Seeds Are Too Many?
 •    Increased Lifespan From Beans
 •    BRCA Breast Cancer Genes and Soy
 •    Canned Beans or Cooked Beans?
 •    Lifestyle Medicine: Treating the Causes of Disease
 •    The Broccoli Receptor: Our First Line of Defense
 •    Counteracting the Effects of Dioxins Through Diet
 •    Phosphate Additives in Meat Purge and Cola
 •    Phosphate Additives in Chicken
 •    How to Avoid Phosphate Additives
 •    Are Sugary Foods Addictive?
 •    Are Fatty Foods Addictive?
 •    Fish Consumption Associated With Brain Shrinkage
 •    Mercury vs. Omega-3s for Brain Development
 •    Cavities and Coronaries: Our Choice
 •    One in a Thousand: Ending the Heart Disease Epidemic

As usual, I’m honored to feature some of the most groundbreaking research (as in BRCA Breast Cancer Genes and Soy and Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Diet) and practical tips (Canned Beans or Cooked Beans? and How to Avoid Phosphate Additives–hint: they’re often not labeled) along with some mythbusting (BOLD Indeed: Beef Lowers Cholesterol? and Alkaline Diets, Animal Protein, and Calcium Loss) and life-changers (Cavities and Coronaries: Our Choice and Ending the Heart Disease Epidemic) thrown in for good measure. And of course there are the fun ones (with a name like Testing Your Diet with Pee & Purple Cabbage you know it’s got to be good!).

Order at DrGreger.org/DVDs or through Amazon.

DVD Now Available For Video Download

All the money from DVD sales goes to keep NutritionFacts.org alive and kicking. Because NutritionFacts.org’s financial situation remains precarious, the price of new DVDs has been raised to $25. However, you can still get the new DVD for $20 as a video download. That way you can watch these two hours of new material instantly rather than waiting on snail mail.

To encourage everyone to become a regular supporter, anyone signing up on the donation page to become a $15 monthly contributor will receive the next three DVDs for free (as physical DVDs, downloads, or both–your choice), and anyone signing up as a $25 monthly contributor will get a whole year’s worth of new DVDs.

Why You Should Consider Supporting NutritionFacts.org

I have been writing, researching, and speaking about nutrition for more than a decade. In that time, every penny I received from the sales of all my books went to charity, as did every penny from the sales of every DVD and every penny from every speaking engagement. In retrospect, instead of giving the money away, maybe I should have saved it so that should I ever start a website to give all my work away for free, I’d have enough to keep it going!

NutritionFacts.org started out offering new videos 7 days a week. This year I’m down to 3 new videos a week. Ideally, fundraising efforts would allow me to bring on more staff to free up my time to do more research, make more videos, write more books, and personally answer more questions, but alas I’m in a situation where I just need funds to keep the website afloat. Because there’s so much video content, the ongoing server costs alone exceed $10,000. Please join the hundreds of viewers like you who have already stepped up to help out.

To make a contribution to NutritionFacts.org you can use a credit card, use a direct Paypal link, or send a check to “NutritionFacts.org” P.O. Box 11400 Takoma Park, MD 20913.
Sifting through the voluminous and often conflicting science of nutrition is a full-time job. And guess what? It’s my full-time job (well, at least one of my full-time jobs :). I’m happy to do all the work and share it with the world, but please consider supporting my efforts to spread some dietary sanity into the world.

-Michael Greger, M.D.

  • Mike Quinoa

    Hope everyone can spare a little to keep this jewel of a site afloat. NutritionFacts is an amazing resource for us all. Dr. Greger welcomes all viewpoints, whether in agreement or in opposition.
    The bandwidth costs for just the videos alone are enormous. So, please let’s help Dr. Greger carry on his critical work. As Joni sang, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

  • VegAtHeart

    This is a uniquely amazing website with the potential to positively change the lives of millions of people, which is why I continue to provide financial support. Please listen to Mike and let’s all contribute.

  • Diana Harrison

    Dr. Gerger’s site has been an eye-opening inspiration for me and my family – garnering so many decades of nutritional research into easily digested nuggets. Like other commentators I wish I could donate more, but will happily give what I can to keep this excellent resource running. Thank you Dr. Greger.

  • Dr David Browne

    Dr. David Browne

    I’m in Australia, and found out about Dr Greger through Dr McDougall, whom I have been following for years, having had Heart Failure, now controlled at the age of 76. It is amazing the work that goes into this series, as being a doctor, I know how much time would go into the research. I particularly like the fact that all the studies are from peer reviewed papers, that nobody can dispute. Certainly, becoming a Vegan has changed my life and I hope to have many more years left to enjoy it and my family.

    Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

    • Thea

      Dr. David Browne: Your story shows that it is never too late to start to live a healthy life! Thanks for taking the time to share.

  • Great, thanks!

  • fshah48

    Hi Dr Greger
    Living in an area of low speed internet, we are not able to benefit from your ground breaking work in nutrition. More than half the world is in my situation, means being in majority is a disadvantage.
    Is there text and slides version also available on your site to reduce bandwidth and to reach more people.

    I constantly get “server refused connection”. Is this something speed related OR has it been noticed earlier and perhaps resolved.

    • Thea

      fshah48: Maybe this will help? Under each video is a section called “transcript”. You can see most of the text from the video in the transcript section. This does not include the visuals/charts, etc., but I think it is still pretty good information.

      Also, while I understand that the following may not be practical/possible/too expensive for some people: If you purchase the DVD(s), you can play the videos locally without having to worry about internet speed. Maybe your local library could acquire the DVDs?

      Just some ideas to hold you over for the time being. I’m sure Dr. Greger will keep your request in mind for when he has the resources to follow through on your suggestion. Good luck to you.

      • fshah48

        Thanks a ton.
        After browsing an hour or so and using a webproxy (youtube is banned in this country) I figured out the “transcript”. It is helpful but lacks graphs. Something is better than nothing.