Does wild rice contain the same levels of arsenic as brown rice?

I eat rice 2 or 3 times a week. When i go out to eat, I eat brown rice. When I make it at home, it is generally a wild rice blend. Does wild rice contain the same levels of arsenic?

Rick / Originally posted on Arsenic in Rice


Wild rice appears to have levels of arsenic comparable to regular rice, whether sourced from China, sold in the U.S., or specifically from Wisconsin.

For more on the arsenic and rice story, see my blog post How Much Arsenic In Rice Came From Chickens?, which references my video Arsenic in Chicken and prior post about Dr. Oz, Apple Juice, and Arsenic. Recently, Consumer Reports vindicated Dr. Oz’s concerns about the unregulated levels of this toxic element in juice.

Image Credit: Swanksalot / Flickr