Fresh fruit versus frozen–which is better?

Are there published studies providing evidence about the efficacy of frozen fruit (vs fresh)? What are viable sources of acai in the US? Sambozan adds soy lecitihin to their acai product.

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I found two good studies comparing fresh to frozen fruit. One on strawberries and one on raspberries. They both found the same thing: “no statistically significant differences between the…[antioxidant levels] for fresh and frozen strawberries” and “It is concluded, therefore, that freshly picked, fresh commercial, and frozen raspberries all contain similar levels of phytochemicals and antioxidants per serving.”

In fact, frozen last longer than fresh, are available year-round, and tend to be cheaper and more convenient. If you look in my freezer, normally it’s half frozen greens and half frozen berries (though this time of the year it’s also stuffed with 20 pounds of fresh dates!).

In terms of your acai question, I’m not sure what your concern about soy lecithin is. Even people with soy allergies are often able to tolerate lecithin (and soy proteins are more than 100 times less allergenic than other allergens such as eggs and dairy). I love the frozen packs of unsweetened acai pulp (featured in my videos Superfood Bargains and Antioxidant Content of 300 Foods), though if you’re extremely allergic to soy you may just have to stick to less exotic berries. See my video Best Berries.

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  • Hunniliz

    What’s your method for freezing greens.

    • LentilLover

      A freezer? lol

  • Chan Ngo

    I’ve just wondered if the pesticide concentration is the same or different between the two – fresh fruit vs frozen.

  • beccadoggie10

    Juicing vegetables or fruits can result in abundant amounts of pesticides in the juice IF you don’t grow or purchase (certified) organic. But, freezing the veggies or fruit should not matter.

  • Tina

    Can diet help with PAH(pulmonary artery hypertension)? Do you know of any natural treatments? Thank-you! Tina

  • bereniceweber

    @beccadoggie10 thank you for the blanching times, I live in San Diego, California, so I have to problem getting fresh fruits and veggies all year-round, yet I love blanching veggies, but I am not always sure about the times. I also find hard to find organic blueberries, and blackberries in near-by grocery stores, unless they are frozen, I am thankful for this post Dr. Greger, as for many others. Your website has literally saved my life, thank you!

  • Vlad

    Dr Greger,

    I came across the study where was said that non organic berries have high level of pesticides and herbicides, sounded that it is not worth to consume non organic berries .

    How unsafe are non organic berries

    Also wanted to hear your opinion on GMO produce

    Thank you


  • Maama

    Here is a link regarding the lecithin(any source) concern.

  • Strawberry Racist

    I fucking hate STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!!!

  • drew4021

    I’ve seen many studies on how bad whole eggs are -but what about organic egg whites?

    • Thea

      drew4021: One of the more memorable lines from Dr. Barnard’s book on Preventing and Reversing Diabetes is, “There are just two problems with eggs: the yolk and the white.” So, what’s the problem with the white? Dr. Barnard talks about the problems that animal protein presents for kidney health. Other experts talk about the (strong in my opinion) link between animal protein and cancer. The question scientists then want to answer is: Is there a causal link? If so, what is the mechanism by which animal protein might cause cancer?

      If memory serves, Dr Campbell in The China Study mentions several ways in which we think that animal protein causes and promotes cancer. Here on NutritionFacts, you can get a great education on how animal protein is linked to the body’s over-production of a growth hormone called IGF-1. IGF-1 helps cancer to grow. To watch the series about IGF-1, click on the link below and then keep clicking the “next video” link on the button to the right until you get through the bodybuilding video. Then you will have seen the entire series.

      With all of the information we have about the harmful effects of animal protein, I think it’s best to stay away from egg white. Why not get your protein from safe sources? Sources which are known to have lots of positive health effects and will naturally give you a balanced amount of protein? (ie: whole plant foods) Make sense?

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