Nutrition advice to counter the side-effects of glaucoma medications?

Is there any information that can help with glaucoma. The drops are sight saving. what nutritionally can counter any side effects of glaucoma drugs such as cosopt.

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Answer :

A review of complementary and alternative treatments for glaucoma was published this year (available here). Unfortunately, as you’ll read, the evidence is scarce. In terms of minimizing side-effects, probably the most important thing is to avoid allowing the tip of the dropper to come in contact with your eye or hands or anything (it can become contaminated with common bacteria that can cause eye infections). If you do experience eye redness, pain, or swelling, discontinue it and call your doc at once. If I find any new information coming out on effective alternatives I will definitely let you know!

We do have good data on preventing glaucoma and other causes of vision loss, though. See my videos:

Image Credit: National Eye Institute / Wikimedia Commons

  • Lawrence

    What about eye pressure? My optometrist always measures it and it is fine but can diet effect eye pressure?