Watch videos about sushi

  • Tongue Worm in Human Eye
    Tongue Worm in Human Eye
    A case report (and video) of the worm-like, bloodsucking parasite Linguatula serrata found in organ meats that can migrate through the intestinal wall, into the bloodstream, and then inside one's...
  • Allergenic Fish Worms
    Allergenic Fish Worms
    The role of a parasitic worm in allergic reactions to chicken and fish.
  • Fecal Contamination of Sushi
    Fecal Contamination of Sushi
    The proportion of sushi that exceeds the national food standards guidelines for fecal bacteria levels.
  • Sexually Transmitted Fish Toxin
    Sexually Transmitted Fish Toxin
    There are neurotoxins in certain fish that can survive cooking and cause unusual symptoms.