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Twenty years ago I changed my diet. It was the year Dr. Dean Ornish published his landmark study showing that our number one killer could be reversed with simple lifestyle changes. Every year since, another 100,000 Americans have dropped dead from heart disease—needlessly. I wanted to help change that. So I went to study at Cornell, home of nutrition pioneer T. Colin Campbell. Then on to study medicine at Tufts, the medical school boasting the most nutrition training in the nation (a measly 22 hours out of hundreds of days of preclinical instruction).

Ten years ago, after I completed my postgraduate medical training, I started traveling around the country speaking at community centers, hospitals, and medical schools about the power of healthy eating to prevent, treat, and even cure many of the chronic diseases plaguing the Western world.

Five years ago I wrote my first book on nutrition and started a monthly newsletter that morphed into an annual DVD series, in which I review the latest science in the field of nutrition. And now, thanks to the Jesse and Julie Rasch Foundation, I’m able to bring it all online.

All the proceeds I have ever received from my books, DVDs, and speaking engagements have always gone to charity and always will. For me, it’s always just been about getting this potentially life-changing, life-saving information into as many people’s hands as possible, and NutritionFacts.org allows me to do that like never before.

For years now, I’ve scanned through practically every issue of every (English-language) nutrition journal in the world. More than 5,000 papers are published on human nutrition in the scientific literature every year. Of those, I end up saving, sorting, and scrutinizing at least a thousand of the most groundbreaking, interesting, practical papers and then translate their findings into hundreds of new topical videos every year to document the most recent advances in evidence-based clinical nutrition.

Now I do have a day job. My nutrition work is basically just nights and weekends and vacations spent plumbing the depths of the National Library of Medicine.  But I am committed to posting a new video every day for at least the first year, and hope to continue to keep up the pace. My goal is to continue to bring to light the latest in cutting edge nutritional science, straight from the scholarly literature, in (hopefully) a fun accessible format, without commercial bias, for free, all year long.

Welcome aboard!
-Michael Greger, M.D.

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