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My New Book HOW NOT TO DIE is Now Available for Pre-Order!

It’s hard to express how excited I am that How Not to Die is going to be out soon! Pre-order it now at (all my proceeds go to keep this site running).

When I started writing this book, I thought of it as just another platform through which I could share the same body of nutrition work that exists here on Now, more than a year later, How Not to Die has turned into so much more. It’s actually two books in one.

Part 1: The Why

Part 1 is a compilation of the most exciting life-changing nutrition research published over the last century.

I’ve recorded more than 1,000 videos for, each offering snapshots of some of the most interesting cutting-edge science. The reason I create annual year-in-review presentations is to synthesize the year’s highlights into a more coherent form. The book has enabled me to wrap up decades of groundbreaking discoveries in one place. It’s like my life’s work (so far! :) distilled into about 600 pages.

So on one hand, How Not to Die can be considered a reference book with its 100+ pages of references, gathering together all the most persuasive evidence in one place, including much that isn’t yet up on the site. Woven throughout are patient stories and personal anecdotes and as much humor as I could pack in. But that’s just part 1. The book evolved into so much more.

Part 2: The How

Part 2 is going to be everyone’s favorite. With sections like “What Would Dr. Greger Eat?” I take a deep dive into how I’ve personally translated the mountain of available evidence into my own daily diet. Even for people who’ve seen a thousand of my videos, questions remain, such as what are the best-of-the-best things to include in one’s diet, as well as how much of them to eat and how often?

I developed two simple tools for part 2 of the book. The first is a Traffic Light system to quickly identify green-light, yellow-light, and red-light foods and what role each category might play in an optimal diet. The second is my Daily Dozen checklist of all the things I try to fit into each day–how many greens to eat, how much turmeric to sprinkle, which supplements I take, how much exercise to get, etc. For most of these questions there are not clear answers in the scientific literature, so I’ve been hesitant to recommend specifics on the website. But in the book I offer my professional opinion, based on the best available (yet still incomplete) evidence, as to how to best feed ourselves and our families for optimal health and longevity. It’s been something I’ve been itching to do and am so excited to have this new platform in which to do it. I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering How Not to Die now!

Why Pre-Order?

The book will be available in major retailers on December 8, 2015, in time for the holidays and the burst of New Year resoluting. I’ve got a great publisher, Flatiron (a division of Macmillan), who will do their best to book me through all the big media outlets, but their success depends in part on whether I can get on the New York Times Best Seller List. Listing depends on weekly retail sales compared to sales of other books in the same category. Evidently it’s tough to get on the hardcover “advice/how-to” list, especially at that time of the year, but all pre-order sales from now until launch date all count for sales in that first week. So if the book can build up enough pre-orders, then the blitz of sales going out that first day may take me over the top.

I don’t receive a penny from the book. I put it in the contract that all the money I would normally receive from the advance and sales and royalties instead all go directly to the 501c3 nonprofit charity that keeps alive (and from which I receive no compensation–other than all the warm fuzzies I get from helping everyone! :). The more the book sells, not only the more support gets, but the more opportunity I may have to broadcast this message of dietary sanity to the world. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could get on one of the big morning shows or get my own PBS special? With your help we can reach that many more millions. So please pre-order a copy for yourself, and however many copies you think you may be able to gift to friends and family to get them on the right track for the new year (and the rest of their long healthy life!). And if you’re active on social media, please help me get the word out by directing folks to the pre-order page. I’ll be using the hashtag #HowNotToDie

And you could WIN some great prizes! To encourage pre-orders we’re launching a How Not to Die contest where you can win one of dozens of prizes, like signed books, DVDs, and Daily Dozen fridge magnets. Go to for details on how to enter and win.

It’s been a long journey to get this book out. At first, I thought of writing it as just a way to get my past work into book form to reach a new audience. But as I started pouring my soul into it and coming up with so much new material, I became more and more excited. Instead of just reviewing the latest science, this book has finally allowed me the opportunity to lay out all my personal recommendations based on the preponderance of available evidence. Now that it’s on the cusp of release I’m just trembling with excitement for everyone to read it.

I hope you’ll end up loving it as much as I do!

In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

PS: If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my free videos here and watch my live year-in-review presentations Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death, More Than an Apple a Day, From Table to Able, and Food as Medicine.


Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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  1. This will be a great gift, especially for those that still don’t use the internet for health advice and instead get sucked into some of the various books along the Atkins line.

  2. Congrats, Dr. G! I know it is a tremendous effort to pull together a book of this magnitude. You have a large group of folks eager to pore over each page and, with committed publicity from Flatiron, you should greatly expand your reach for

    BTW, the title you chose is provocative enough and will appeal to the aging baby boomers enough that you should sell lots of copies! So many folks are searching for the proverbial fountain of youth . . . your title will appeal to that crowd. I know your title is not saying: “read this book and you won’t ever die” but “read this book and follow this advice and you won’t die a protracted, painful, preventable kind of death.”

        1. It’s far more likely to be published in paperback if it sells a lot of hardcovers. Maybe buy the hardcover now, and give it as a gift? Gift giving season is coming up!

  3. I’ve pre-ordered—thanks, Dr. Greger! It will especially be handy to have all of the sources in one place, all the better for spreading the word on the power of plants to those still reluctant to give up the SNAD (a little modification of SAD for my fellow Canadians :)

  4. I just ordered 2 copies. Can’t wait to read it. I hope it makes the NYT Bestseller list. Thank you, Dr. Greger, for working so hard for so long to provide information everyone needs to make healthy food choices.

  5. Ordered my copy. Love the cover! I think I will carry the book around with me and see how much attention the title receives. Hopefully, I can start some plant-based promoting discussions! Thanks, can’t wait to read it!!

  6. Almost everyone in western countries are suffering or dying because of their diet, this book should take the world by storm. Pre-ordered!

  7. Normally, I’d be thrifty and wait for it to arrive at the library, or glean what I could from other sources, but in this case, I decided to pre-order. I’ve benefited so much from all the great info on your site, it seems like the only right thing to do – and I’m sure I’ll enjoy having the whole enchilada right at the beginning! Looking forward to it…..

  8. It is commendable that Dr. Greger puts all his royalties from the book – plus supposedly pretty much anything he earns from his work – into the NF nonprofit. Leaves me wondering, though, how he actually pays his bills? ;)

    1. Timar: The following is a quote from the FAQ page of this site:

      “Does Dr. Greger make any money off of this site?

      None whatsoever. is a labor of love. All donations go straight to the 501c3 nonprofit that keeps the site running, from which Dr. Greger draws no salary or compensation. In fact all the proceeds Dr. Greger gets from the sales of his own books, DVDs, and speaking engagements similarly goes to this charity. How does he pay his bills? He’s got a day job! Dr. Greger proudly serves as the public health director for the Humane Society of the United States.”

  9. I understand that we need to restrict methionine intake. Does that mean we shouldn’t use Bragg Liquid Aminos on our food, since it lists methionine as one of its ingredients? Bragg Liquid is a non-fermented vegetable protein from soybeans and purified water.

  10. I better hurry up !
    Thank you Dr Greger for all the work you have put into this book (and for this site) , I am looking forward to putting it into practice.
    I liked the PDF diagram “The anatomy of..” as well, really useful for those of us who are a bit ADHD and need some quick reference !

  11. USEFUL for non U.S.A based citizens as a source of Michael Greger’s book.
    The website as one of the alternate sources for pre – sale purchases.
    I am from Australia and some American companies do not even deliver to Australia (including at least one you have up as a source) and the companies provided do not show prices in Australian dollars which makes for a rude outcome on ones credit card bill – 130+% of prices shown at point of purchase ends up being what shows up on the credit card and postage costs further complicates the transaction.

    The delivers world wide and has world wide delivery for FREE inbuilt into the price of the product and the website shows the sale prices for products in ones local currency – in my case Australian dollars – this makes it easy & clear and (on comparison – which I did) it makes it much less expensive for an Australian citizen to purchase Michael Gregers book. You could choose to investigate this site and see what I mean- USEFUL for non U.S.A based citizens as a source of Michael Greger’s book.

  12. Question 1 & 2
    Does a pre sale purchase of the Audiobook count (& count equally to a physical paper book purchase) towards
    getting the book on the New York Best Sellers list?

    Question 3 & 4
    Does a pre sale purchase of an Ebook copy count (& count equally to a physical paper book purchase) towards
    getting the book on the New York Best Sellers list?

    I understand that getting the Book on the New York Best Sellers list is strategically VERY IMPORTANT so answering
    these relevant questions clearly and putting the answer in the up front communications from Nutrition Facts HQ is important (rather than the questions and answers being buried in some blog that 99+% of people never read.)


  13. I was just going to use the library’s Kindle copy, but your giveaway/contest motivated me to purchase a copy. I also recommended my Library purchase the E book copies as well, and they will when it comes out. If I do not win I would love to be able to purchase the magnet, also I can’t wait to see what is on it. You definitely hyped the book well.

  14. I pre-ordered the book and returned to “sweepstakes” page. At the bottom of the page it asks for a copy of the receipt in file form. I’m not sure what receipt you want. I tried to enter the Amazon order #, but it won’t let me do that. I don’t have a clue how to make any of the file formats mentioned. Signed, confused and discouraged.

  15. Dear Doctor Greger et al…I have a question maybe no one has tackled yet….I haven’t found anything anyway and I did not know where to pose it…

    I was wondering about leftovers…do they degrade nutritionally speaking…? So I make a fantastic daily dozen marinara sauce with black beans, diced yam, broccoli [hacked and held], mushrooms, lots of herbs and spices, red onions, garlic all poured over some brown rice pasta…but I always make way too much…!! It may stay in my fridge for a few days and if I make too much pasta, I freeze it and then dump it back into the boiling water next time…! Have any studies been done regarding leftovers…? Just wondering…Thanks in advance…!

  16. Well, this book is certainly the best I’ve ever heard (I bought the audiobook – it makes walking to and from work MUCH more interesting).
    The daily dozen is brilliant, and I’ve downloaded the app, really appreciating the simplicity and the variety of recommendations, but it brought me to ask a question. If anyone could field this, it’s would greatly appreciated.

    Would it be necessary to get all these servings of the daily dozen each DAY? Or could it be over the course of two or three days? In other words, must the “dozen” be consumed daily?
    As an illustration: Rather than having one serving of flaxseeds daily… would one get the same benefit having two servings of flaxseeds every OTHER day?

    Interested to hear what you all think/know. Thank you!

    1. Ofra van der Laan: The book is available in Spanish. To my knowledge, it is not available in Dutch at this moment, but I think there were plans to expand to other languages. I just don’t know if Dutch was one of them.

  17. Great job, just wish I was a heckofa lot younger than 68, but ‘better late than never’ so they say. Book should be mandatory reading in all schools in usa.

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