Vitamin C for Cancer: Miracle or Mirage?

Dr. Greger Takes on Vitamin C for Cancer in New DVD

Vitamin C is no stranger to controversy. It took 40 years between when citrus fruits were shown to cure scurvy in the 1700’s and their widespread application. Is it possible we’re in the midst of a similar 40 year lag between vitamin C discovery and implementation? Research in the mid-70’s by Linus Pauling (considered the greatest chemist of the 20th century) purported to show that terminal cancer patients treated with vitamin C lived four times longer, and sometimes even 20 times longer than those who hadn’t. Alternative medicine practitioners continue to treat thousands of cancer patients with vitamin C, but why isn’t it the standard of care in mainstream medicine? Has it been successfully debunked or is it a Big Pharma conspiracy to suppress the truth? Find out what the science shows in my three-part video series coming soon to

  • Intravenous Vitamin C for Terminal Cancer Patients
  • Vitamin C Supplements for Terminal Cancer Patients
  • The Role of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Terminal Cancer

If you want to watch all three videos now, though, they are available as a video download as part of my new Latest in Clinical Nutrition volume 28 (all proceeds go to charity). It can also be ordered as a physical DVD. The vitamin C videos are all scheduled to go up on next year, but you can download and watch them right now.

Other topics I take on in this volume include preserving immunity in athletes, how to change your microbiome, the French paradox, the use of fennel seeds and ginger for menstrual cramps. The one that most changed my own family’s diet was Lead Contamination of Tea, in which I do a breakdown of the risks and benefits for green, white, black, and oolong tea for children, pregnant women, and adults in general.

The current batch of videos from volume 27 on just ran out, so starting next month and running until February, I’ll be rolling out the videos from this new DVD, volume 28. The DVDs give folks the opportunity to sneak-preview videos months ahead of time, watch them all straight through, and share them as gifts, but there is nothing on the DVDs that won’t eventually end up free online at If you’d like the works–50+ hours of video–you can get the complete DVD collection.
Here’s the list of chapters from the new volume 28 DVD — a preview of what’s to come over the next few months online here at
  1. Preserving Athlete Immunity with Chlorella
  2. How to Reduce the Risk of Sudden Death
  3. What’s Your Gut Microbiome Enterotype?
  4. How to Change Your Enterotype
  5. The Five to One Fiber Rule
  6. Is the Fiber Theory Wrong?
  7. Evidence-Based Nutrition
  8. What Explains the French Paradox?
  9. Resveratrol Impairs Exercise Benefits
  10.  The Healthy Food Movement: Strength in Unity
  11.  Lead Contamination of Tea
  12.  Are There Foods With Negative Calories?
  13.  Eating More to Weigh Less
  14.  Intravenous Vitamin C for Terminal Cancer Patients
  15.  Vitamin C Supplements for Terminal Cancer Patients
  16.  The Role of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Terminal Cancer
  17.  The Alzheimer’s Gene: Controlling ApoE
  18.  Turmeric Curcumin for Prediabetes
  19.  Heart Disease May Start in the Womb
  20.  The Evidence That Salt Raises Blood Pressure
  21.  Omega-3’s and the Eskimo Fish Tale
  22.  Antibacterial Toothpaste: Harmful, Helpful, or Harmless?
  23.  Fennel Seeds for Menstrual Cramps and PMS
  24.  Protein Source: An Acid Test for Kidney Function
  25.  Preventing Skin Cancer From the Inside Out
  26.  When Drugs & Diets Don’t Lower Diabetes Deaths

Order my new DVD at or through Amazon. It can also be ordered as a video download at

DVD Subscription

If you were a regular supporter, you’d already be a vitamin C expert by now, having already received the new DVD. I come out with new DVDs every 9 weeks. If you’d like to automatically receive them before they’re even available to the public, please consider becoming a monthly donor.

Anyone signing up on the donation page to become a $15 monthly contributor will receive the next three DVDs for free (as physical DVDs, downloads, or both–your choice), and anyone signing up as a $25 monthly contributor will get a whole year’s worth of new DVDs. If you’re already signed up and didn’t receive your volume 28 yet, please email and she’ll make everything all better.

If you’d rather just watch all the videos online as they launch, but would still like to support my work of helping to educate millions about healthy eating, you can make a tax-deductible donation to my 501c3 nonprofit organization using a credit card, a direct PayPal link, or by sending a check to “” PO Box 11400, Takoma Park, MD 20913.

HOW NOT TO DIE Book Update

I can’t wait! My new book How Not to Die comes out on December 8th, so there’s less than one week left to take advantage of my offer to sign and personalize copies for yourself and everyone on your gift list. Go to for more information. All proceeds I receive from the sales of all my books, DVDs and speaking engagements are donated to the nonprofit organization that keeps alive, from which I receive no compensation.

Did you see the Publisher’s Weekly review? They concluded: “This evidence-based guide unpacks information useful to carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike, making a strong case for the healing power of food.” 

I give thanks for all those who have supported my life’s mission to reduce suffering and save lives.

In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

PS: If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my free videos here and watch my live year-in-review presentations Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death, More Than an Apple a Day, From Table to Able, and Food as Medicine.


Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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  1. I’ve watched so many videos now that I always think I’ll be bored by the next volume. Nope. Once again I am sucked in and devouring the information. So, so interesting!

      1. :-) I go back and forth. I take the information in much better when I watch one video each morning. And I enjoy the fun of getting the next installment in the mornings. But since I get the volumes mailed to my house, sometimes I can’t wait. (tsk, tsk on me)

  2. My daughter is doing a course in Podiatry, and her nutrition lecturer stated that only 25mg of Vit C can be absorbed at any time; the rest leaves the system………….just wondering about this. On the other hand, I read about 10 years ago, that taking 13g of Vit C can actually eliminate cancer cells……

  3. i used to look forward to viewing the short, informative videos that i ot in my emails from dr. mcgregor; but now it seems that i have to pay for them. i can’t afford that, so i’ll be canceling my subscription to his emails i’m sad.

    1. The emails are free but if you want to buy the DVD to get the information sooner than you are able to do that. Otherwise stay tuned and enjoy the information in small videos like always.

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