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Foods with Negative Calories

What are some dietary strategies for the prevention and treatment of obesity? Large portion sizes are often targeted, so restriction of portion size is an important element of many diet programs. But it’s hard to get people to eat less food. A more effective approach may be to shift the emphasis from the quantity of food eaten to the quality of food eaten. By choosing foods with lower calorie density, we can eat the same amount or even more food and still lose weight.

My video Are There Foods with Negative Calories? explores whether there are foods that take more energy to digest than they provide. Does eating celery, for example, result in a negative energy balance? “Celery is a readily available whole-food that has the ability to add bulk and flavour to a meal, without adding excess calories. Celery is also subject to a renowned health myth, that when consuming celery there is a ‘negative’ intake of calories and therefore the energy required for its digestion, assimilation and nutrient storage is assumed to be greater than the energy it contains.”

So researchers put it to the test. A cup of celery, which is about two stalks, has 16 calories. Digesting that much celery takes about 14 calories. So, no, consumption of celery does not induce a negative energy balance, but you are only left with 2 calories. “This fact combined with the high fibre and water content of celery does make it a good snack for inclusion in a diet for weight loss or management.”

Maybe negative calorie foods are not a myth after all, though. Researchers at Penn State offered people a meal of pasta and instructed them to eat as much as they wanted. What do you think happened when they gave people a small salad in addition to the all-you-can-eat pasta? The subjects consumed about 50 calories of salad. Were those 50 extra salad calories in addition to the pasta calories? No. Subjects ended up eating less pasta overall, and not just 50 calories less. They consumed 65 fewer calories of pasta.

When researchers added an even bigger salad, the subjects ended up eating 100 fewer calories of pasta. So, effectively, the salad did provide “negative calories” in that the subjects ate more food than had they only eaten pasta but ended up with fewer calories in their system because the salad bulked up their stomachs so much. Of course, it depends what kind of salad. We’re not talking about the typically available salads with ranch dressing and cheese. With those types of salads, you may end up eating less pasta, but there are so many calories in conventional salads you end up worse off calorie-wise in the end. But, healthy salads worked. The study concluded, “‘Eat less’ is not always the best advice. For foods very low in energy density, such as water-rich vegetables, larger portions increase satiety [the feeling of fullness] and reduce meal energy [calorie] intake.”

It’s not surprising that filling up on healthy food right before a meal cuts down on overall caloric intake, but what if, instead, we snack on healthy foods between meals? Would we get the same weight-reducing effect? Find out in my video Eating More to Weigh Less.

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In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

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Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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  1. Other than meeting the daily dozen I don’t ever have to worry about portion sizes since I went WFPB. I just naturally keep a healthy weight even though I eat until I’m full and satisfied. It’s great

    1. Absolutely that is how it works for me too. Since going WFPB lost 38 lbs in 5 months, feel amazing, never weigh or measure what I eat, cravings are more manageable, hunger is much less intense, water tastes amazing and I used to HATE the taste of water, no tums needed because acid reflux is gone. Dr. Greger where have you been all my life?

      1. I agree that water tastes better.

        Even the stupid Fiji water, which I am not going to be drinking anymore, because they are on an island where the people are struggling with lack of water issues, because they bought the rights and aren’t sharing it with the locals. Plus, they use stupid Chinese plastic water bottles and don’t ship it in refrigerated shipping methods, so their stupid water is going to be the only brand, which fails the bad bacteria test, though possibly only if it is shipping to the East Coast America, but that is where I happen to be right now.

        Yes, my mini-rant, because I was so happy that the silica in it might be what is helping get rid of my hallucinations and Alzheimer’s symptoms.

        But, yes, I will be upping my intake of barley and oats and rice and green beans and maybe drink Volvic water for the next 11 weeks, if I don’t find the same stupid things with them.

        Apologies to the people who would have a problem with that, just for land fill issues. I don’t do plastic bottles most of the time, but these weeks are an exception.

      2. You actually ate TUMS? It might be good if you did a bit of research on tums, because now, depending on how long you took tums, you may have another problem brewing…just sayin’…..

  2. Much as I love your site, I have to say, as an English guy, who spends a lot of time in Italy, that eating salad with pasta, is a crime against Italian food. By all means serve some salad as part of a little starter, but please don’t serve it with a pasta course.

    Keep up the fantastic work!!

    1. I could never understand why anybody could scarf down the whole salad either before a meal OR directly after. Yes, a few bites of raw salad before the meal to get the digestion juices working, but then (for contrast) I like to stab into something else. I call myself the casserole kid: a little of this and then a little of that. But however it’s done, a raw veggie salad at the “main” meal is a must, IMO.

      1. I am wondering if the “after meal salad” affects calories.

        It wouldn’t be the same mechanism, but there might be an internal sense of “I have to save room for salad.”

        I used to “Save room for….” dessert or even just coffee.

        I still ate way too much junk food in a year and got away with it when I was younger, but those extra 5 pounds a year starts to become noticeable eventually.

        You can go a few years before actually gaining a clothes size, but them saying even the athletic people gained weight, as junk food intake remained steady, and school changed to work and life became more sedentary and caretaking replaced leisure time….. well… you just have to change your paradigms eventually.

        If I had known about Calorie Density decades ago, I wouldn’t have to do this type of a process.

        The thing is, calorie density might also explain why Keto works, because they get rid of junk food and processed food, too.

        I say that, because my losing weight is making people go further in the Keto direction, and they are also losing weight.

        They have waaaaaaaaaaaay more pain than I have, and they have doctors bills and I just have vet bills and that might be what does eventually tempt them to this side.

    2. John

      As another English guy (who hasn’t been to Italy in a very long time), I would say that the counter argument is that pasta-based meals are actually a crime against the Mediterranean diet. And against the traditional Italian diet.

      “While today it’s an everyday meal for the masses, pasta was once only available for Italian nobles.”

      Ancel Keys famously popularised the Mediterranean diet as an extremely healthy dietary choice, sparked by his 1954 visit to Naples where heart disease was basically unknown among the pooer people. Only small amounts of pasta were consumed by them and then apparently only by better-off workers. Rice and bread were eaten instead by the poorer workers. However vegetable soups seemed to be the main staple.

      Dr Greger’s videos on the Medfiterranean diet are worth viewing.

      From a heaklth point of view, I doubt that the modern Italian cuisine high in pasta is optimal. Certainly, heart disease is not now virtually unknown in that country among the poorer classes. I suspect that “cutting” pasta with salad could only be an improvement.

  3. Calorie Density is my favorite concept right now.

    It is the easiest way of tricking everyone around me into eating their fruits and vegetables.

    It is a step outside the Keto debates and people don’t have the negative response they have to Vegan, which came probably from “Political, moral vegan” rather than just “moral vegan” I know that, because they didn’t struggle with me as “moral & allergic to meat vegetarian” but would have seen me as excessive if I had added sympathy for honey or milk or cheese into it.

    I can win some of them by saying cheese is addictive and has 70% fat and is linked to obesity and diseases like Cancer.

    I can’t win any of them by moral vegan.

    The cows being pregnant all the time and giving us hormones…. that works for some of them….

    But, mostly, good vegan brands of cheese and lots of choices of vegan milks worked better than any logic.

  4. Hello again, What are some other high fiber/water dense foods like celery and healthy salads to help us fill up but not gain weight? Are there any foods other than vegetables that are good? What about any fruits? I’ve been trying to follow Dr. Greger’s daily dozen and have figured out a way to make semi-healthful pancakes because I love them. However, I wonder if there’s any fruit or something that I could eat a lot of so I don’t overdo the pancakes. Plus it’s nice to have a complementary side dish with a main course. Before I started this healthy diet, it would have been sausage and eggs, but not now! :)

    1. Every vegetable.

      Every fruit.

      The more water in the fruits and vegetables, the higher the satiety you will feel.

      Dr. Greger is mentioning the salad studies, but what happened is people went out in the real world and added too many oils and cheese and other things to their salad, so the researchers tried other things, like vegetable lentil soup and that worked even better than salad, because of the water in it.

      Juice doesn’t work, because of the fiber being removed.

    2. As long as you stay away from the animal products and oils, and do a less refined pancake batter, you will already succeed.

      But, yes, any fruits added will help even more.

    3. Watch the video in the link.

      It is long, but I put it in, because “processed foods” and “junk foods” are seriously high on the wrong end of the calorie density scale.

      It is a long video, so I will give a hint:

      Even highly active people who ate “junk food” and “oils” gained weight.

      I think “processed foods” was the category where most people gained weight, but the highly active people didn’t gain weight.

      It helps so much to understand that, because this is where refined flours and packaged foods and vegan junk food become something you will know will probably cause you to gain weight, but if you are athletic, you can probably “get away” with some of it, if you are the type of person who wants to know what you can and can’t get away with.

      It switched me to steel cut oatmeal and Ezekiel bread and away from white pasta and affected what recipe I will use for things like pancakes or waffles.

      1. It also affected the amount of “vegan cheese” I eat.

        I do eat it, but some of it has oil in it.

        I can make my own, with nuts, and Dr. Greger caused me to be less afraid of nuts, but to me, “vegan cheese” is the “wrong use of nuts”

        There are other ingredients to use for “cheese” and “milk” and I am not sure at all, whether this is wisdom or not.

        Dr. Lisle said that many people drop most of their excess weight and cutting back on nuts and avocado are the way they lose the last 10 pounds, so those things aren’t things, which are causing as much weight gain (see Dr. Greger’s nut videos, that nuts increase your metabolism and other things, which cause you to not gain weight) but, particularly, over an ounce per day, they can prevent you from losing those last ten pounds.

        1. I am laughing, because, someday, I need to figure out how to use Grammarly.

          Or at least proof read some of my comments before posting them.

          1. My cell phone is anti-Grammarly.

            It accentuates the Alzheimer’s symptoms nicely.

            It regularly changes my words in the wrong direction.

    4. Just about any fruits and vegetables, especially the water dense ones we often eat raw in salads, but the vegetative portion of any plant fit the bill. The storage organs of a plant, like seeds and tubers are higher in calories. I’m one of those who contradicts the advice you can eat all you want on a whole food plant based diet. I follow it strictly but still gain weight if I don’t pay attention to calorie density and portion size. I know complex carbs (whole grains and whole grain breads and pastas, legumes, potatoes, etc) are healthy and I love them, but therein lies my problem because their calorie density is higher. Though I am still far from my ideal, I’m still 100 lbs less than I was before, and feeling so much better!
      BTW, my fave WFPB pancakes or waffles have 3 simple ingredients…oats, banana and plant milk or water, and you can of course add spices and whatever daily dozen items would work. I’m not a banana fan but these are so easy and amazing!

      1. Vegetater,

        I have lost at least 28 pounds, probably more, because I didn’t buy a scale until a few weeks ago, and I am still losing weight, but haven’t hit goal weight.

        I am not measuring or counting anything, but I am not down to my ideal weight yet, so I want to see what this does, before shifting further to vegetables, because this is so satisfying.

        It is a fascinating experiment, and I will be “getting away with” eating as much beans and rice and the rest as possible, then, if I plateau short of goal, it will be re-evaluating white potatoes and other things, but only if I get stuck.

        I am laughing, because I contacted Dr. Lisle, thinking maybe I should have a session with him to review everything to make sure I am on track and he wrote back and said, “You are doing great!” and recommended that I keep going and save my money and only contact him if I get stuck.

        He is right.

        I am doing great.

        I am spending a fortune finding out whether my dog can be healed, but it doesn’t look good.

        This will be the “test” of whether eating these foods will keep me from wanting other “comfort” foods, but I genuinely think that I can have enough comfort foods, which fit into WFPB that I don’t think it is going to be a problem.

        As long as I have enough boxes of Kleenex when I cry my eyes out this weekend.

        He has been with me at work and at home and in my car day and night for so long and his tail is still wagging and his mouth and eyes are still smiling and he can’t eat a bite and can’t move a muscle. I am going to miss him so much.

          1. Thanks Marilyn, that is sweet of you.

            It was a very sudden thing.

            Two nights ago, he ate his supper and walked on the walking path.

            The next morning, I got up and he didn’t move, which never happens. I came over to him and his tail wagged, but he didn’t move and didn’t take even a bite of dog food.

            I did finally get him up and get him in my car, and called the vet for an appointment, but by the time of the appointment, he had to be carried to the car again and had his examination in the car. And was carried into the Animal Hospital.

            He does have an infection, but I won’t find out until tomorrow whether it is infection, plus auto-immune or infection, plus auto-immune, plus cancer.

            He is on three antibiotics, fluids and steroids right now, but if it is Cancer, I am pondering if I should take him home and feed him turmeric. I have looked through the foods, which kill cancer and keep Googling “Can dogs eat….” It is harder, because many of the things are toxic for them. Wondering, is there a Gerson for dogs?

              1. Feels like, if it is Cancer and he is back to eating, I will have to try the superfoods.

                He does like Kale and I think he would eat just about anything.

                It is just, which ones aren’t poisonous to dogs.

      2. Whole grain breads, pastas, pancakes, waffles, all flour products, etc. is what keeps pseudo-vegans fat. And ‘fat and healthy’ is definitely a self-cancelling phrase.

        Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and lots of legumes (with some brown rice) brought my blood pressure down to 109/69, resting heart rate down to 45 bpm, body fat down to 8%, and visceral fat down to 3 (Tanita monitor).

        1. I am laughing at the concept of pseudo vegans.

          Honestly, if any of my friends and family would go pseudo vegan, I would be so happy.

          Congratulations to you for your victory.

          I am up researching using vegan for cancer for dogs and there is very, very, very little information out there.

          Interestingly, T. Colin Campbell’s animal studies is something that does make me ponder it, though there are way more people saying to go the opposite direction.

          I was reading on-line and 60% of dogs get cancer. I won’t know until tomorrow, but, back in March, my vet said that he expected my dog to die right now, based on his experience.

          Based on what I am reading, in a few hours, if I find out he has cancer, my vet will tell me to either put him down or feed him high fat, low carb.

          While I was looking up information for him, I was seeing people saying T. Colin Campbell left out lots of information in his studies and, I have been researching Cancer and things for a year and a half-ish and I am used to getting excited and getting demolished.

          Drink Fiji Water for 12 weeks for Alzheimer’s, nope, Fiji Water is in containers made from plastic from China and has bacteria. Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.

          I am losing weight on WFPB-ish pseudo vegan, who cares about the animals being killed and tortured and impregnated and cares about the people getting sick and who hates that there are so many sources of disinformation on every topic.

          Will I be disappointed if T. Colin Campbell didn’t give the whole story? Sigh, yes, but I am losing weight and WFPB is cheaper than going to doctors and I don’t have horizontal nail ridges or lumps or hallucinations anymore and my mind is improving, so I am on this side of the argument indefinitely.

          But I could have used a hug after reading that.

          I hate medical political spin just as much as I hate political political spin.

        2. No doubt about it. To make matters worse, all the processed foods you listed tend to be high in sodium and low in potassium which causes high blood pressure in those that are sodium sensitive. The diet you currently eat has almost 0 sodium and massive amounts of potassium which normalizes blood pressure.

          Dr. Ben

      3. Vegetater

        As a wholegrain bread and pasta lover, I would say that they are probably the reason why you might still have weight problems.

        They are highly processed foods and that processing makes it easier for the body to extract the calories and nutrients. You’ll absorb fewer calories from wholegrain breads and pastas than from white breads and ordinary pastas.

        However, grains in general are quite high in calories and when highly processed – even whole grains – into floursm, the calories can be relatively easily absorbed. McDougall advises people who want to lose weight to stay away from flours.

        1. I actually find breads and pastas a confusing topic.

          Maybe I am not there yet in the process.

          So far, I am comfortable with Ezekiel bread and lentil pasta.

          The bread, I eat a few times per week and I don’t eat the pasta every week, so I don’t know if going off of them would be a big deal.

          I do know that some of the people who have programs which spun from John McDougall’s program, like Chef AJ and her followers, talk about not even using Ezekiel bread.

          Where I believe I saw Ezekiel bread and some form of pasta on John McDougall’s site.

          I feel like I don’t want to go so extreme that I fail.

          I think I am only able to process this information one experiment at a time and it has to be experiments, because even the WFPB doctors debate it all.

          I am eating a lot of beans and greens and superfoods and have added basmati rice in, because that was the rice my friend gave to me.

          It is disconcerting that it is still so confusing, but I have had so many disease symptoms go away and I am losing weight, so it is like the father of the autistic child and I have to be an n of 1, because I don’t know exactly who to trust, though Dr. Greger is someone I am intentionally trusting, because you have to trust someone.

  5. Wondering if “How Not to Die” is in a language, which Cambodians could read?

    I was just reading an article, which made me tear up.

    Forty years after the Killing Fields, the people from Cambodia who survived that are dying from things like Diabetes and Heart Disease and suicide, because of pain. They called the Diabetes “stress-induced Diabetes from cortisol” rather than from diet and there are some professors trying to “save” their lives.

    I paid enough attention to Cambodia in the 1980’s, between The Killing Fields and Swimming to Cambodia and my friend did a student film on Cambodian refugees who came to America and started businesses to sponsor other family members to come over.

    Wondering if I can either toss the American version of “How Not to Die” to them or toss a translation either to them or over their heads to someone who might be open to the concept that it is related more to diet than stress.

  6. Okay, I went to put my dog to sleep, but he saw me and jumped straight into the car so I am going to be trying turmeric and blueberries and kale and Essentia water and other things.

    It may be too advanced, but he has not been on a vegan diet and has only eaten the superfoods if they rolled off the counter.

    This is going to be my test and the vet said he could die tomorrow but his tail is still wagging, and I am curious whether T. Colin Campbell’s rodent test will work on my dog.

    He has such a big tumor that this is only a test.

    1. Good luck with your dog, Deb. Doctors and vets many times don’t know whether a patient will pull through. I hope the turmeric and other healthy foods work. I always fed my Shih Tzu Science Diet high fiber and she lived to be 18. Also, thank you for the good suggestions on “neg calorie” foods. I will try them. Thank you to everyone here! Please keep us posted on your dog.

      1. Thanks Shasta!

        I am still researching the super foods on dogs, but tonight, he ate vegan dog food, which I had just bought a few days before the diagnoses. He asked for more servings of it, and I also gave him blueberries and strawberries for a snack.

        This on Kangen Water lab tests on animals interested me enough to get some of Whole Foods high alkaline water. I actually know somebody who has a Kangen water machine, but I will have to keep him alive with the super foods, before that can happen.

        This is actually cool, if you wondered if there might be anything to it.
        Warning, this is a not good video for Vegans. It shows dead mice with tumor size compared and things like that and yes, they show the mice and tumor after it is cut out of their body. Horrific, but convincing to me. It is only a good video for dogs with tumors the size of basketballs to help figure out which things to try.

        I am armed with berries and turmeric and kale and 100% pomegranate juice. I saw someone whose testimony was that their dog was healed with decaffeinated green tea, but tea is one where half the people say give it and half say that it can cause problems, but I don’t know if it is one of those long word toxic-to-dog substance or caffeine yet. I have riced cauliflower and broccoli and red cabbage and broccoli sprouts and I am working on a frozen treat for him, because I think I can hide turmeric and other things easier in a frozen treat rather than figure out what to put them in.

        1. I know he is going to be eating pumpkin, sweet potatoes, black beans with no salt, apples, berries, cruciferous in small amounts and turmeric and ginger.

          I am hoping he makes it at least a few days, so I can have a fighting chance.

          The vet said that prednisone will knock the cancer back a little bit, and that was what the person who said prednisone and decaf green tea worked said.

          I am laughing, because my family is so hostile to this concept and if I hadn’t just had an idyllic day with my dog, they would be yelling at me so loudly. I had everybody, except for my sweet vet, tell me to not take him home. Every relative I have is against me not having put him down already. But he came in the house and rolled over tail wagging wanting his belly stroked and we held hand to paw for a long time and just sat out in the shade together and he would not stop looking at me, because I had put him in an animal hospital and he does not like being left alone. If today was all I got, it was the best day I could possibly have.

  7. There has been a change in his energy level and affect after one WFPB meal and one bottle of Whole Foods version of 9.5 PH water.

    he loved black beans and sweet potato with turmeric. He ate some kale and apple slices and a few carrot chips.

    The suspense is killing me. Is this going to actually heal him?

    I have watched all of those Cancer documentaries, but there are so few dog getting healed testimonies out there.

    He walked outside to do his business and walked over to the car wanting to take a ride.

    Earlier today, he walked in and flopped down and only moved to eat.

    It can’t have a change that fast, can it?

    1. I made a change in my thoughts about pets this weekend.

      I didn’t have mine go vegan, because I had a brand of dog food, which claimed lengthened lives, with photos, and because I read science, which said that dogs have different needs than humans.

      BUT, this week, I learned that 60% of dogs get Cancer, so all of the so-called experts are doing something wrong.

      We have this stupid “Don’t feed your pets human foods” as if our foods are toxic for them and yet, when you look at the bag, most of the ingredients are human foods and some of the ingredients aren’t and I don’t want my dog eating things, which aren’t human foods.

      I watched videos on people making vegan whole food plant based dog food and I am going to be doing that right now, so that I know every single ingredient, including that he is going to be getting his B12 from Nutritional Yeast right now. I will also find a vegan pet supplement, but today, my dog and I shared from the same food, which I prepared and he loves black beans and sweet potatoes and turmeric and ginger and pumpkin puree and kale and berries and flax and carrots and peas and edamame and lentils and rice. I can just make what I eat and give him a share and cover his nutrition and that is a pretty good thing.

      1. And I will say that I tried to give him some of the dog food, after a few meals of him eating my foods and he wouldn’t eat it.

        He has never not eaten it before.

        But I looked at it and I don’t want him eating something I wouldn’t eat either.

  8. In one episode, Frasier and his colleagues challenge a rival radio station on who can collectively lose the most weight. At the end of the first week Frasier is the only one to have put on weight. He says,” I don’t believe it. I’ve added a salad to every meal.”

    So not as absurd as it sounded at the time!

  9. What if I don’t need or even can’t lose more weight? I lost a bit recently and if I lose a couple kg more I would be under the limit. What should I do?

    1. If you are trying to gain weight, you need to understand Calorie Density and move some of your calories from green and yellow vegetables to starches or add in a little more healthy fats, like avocado.

      It could be as easy as adding juice, because when people added juice in those studies, they didn’t eat fewer calories, they just added the calories on.

      Taking a little fiber out of the food, by things like juicing or smoothies could help.

      Nuts and seeds are these odd things, because it is hard to gain weight adding them in, but they do add to your total calories, but they also boost your metabolism, so, though adding servings of peanut butter might help, Dr. Greger showed studies that giving even 123 pistachios to people didn’t cause weight gain.

      BUT, if they also changed the order they ate and didn’t let them eat a salad or soup before dinner and didn’t let them eat their green and yellow veggies or fruit until after the starches, then, maybe.

      That is my analysis. I haven’t heard anyone say that.

      But the whole Frazier thing is that salads didn’t work, if they added too many fats. (Juice didn’t work at all, makes juice perfect.)

      1. It has to be hard if you have lost too much weight.

        Make sure you aren’t intermittent fasting normally.

        The other way to gain weight is to go on a diet.

        It will kill your metabolism and as long as you don’t intermittent fast, your calorie expenditure should come into line with what you need.

        However, that way, first you will actually lose weight, but, within 5 years, you will have probably gained weight, because of the lowering of metabolism….

        But I don’t actually recommend that, it is just what every body else did.

        1. The other thing, which you can inverse is how many fruits and things you have with water. Water adds volume without calories.

          For people trying to lose weight, they tell them to add extra water to their oatmeal and to their soup and eat things like watermelon and grapes to add water volume.

          Drier would be how you have to think.

  10. Related to weight loss, while I was looking at alkalizing waters for my dog, I came across PHenomenal water and haven’t looked for information coming against it yet, but I was reading these sentences and am pondering how much of the science is true: (It is such a bummer to not know science well enough to evaluate information properly.)

    “I drank pHenominal water for several years (and still drink it) with good results contolling the MRSA infection and acne rosacea when it suddenly started helping my weight loss efforts, dramatically! I went from a size 24 to a size 8 in a little less than a year, eating regularly. Most of the bad body fat we have is “saturated fat”, being saturated with Hydrogen. Dietary fats saturated with Hydrogen are the really tempting ones such as butter, cream, and animal fats. Being overweight causes the body to be to acidic, because all that fat is saturated with Hydrogen.

    Once the pHenominal water has removed excess Hydrogen from whatever it comes into contact with first, being your mouth, esophogus, intestinal tract, then it starts seeking Hydrogen from deeper and deeper in your body and eventually gets to the fat, starts stripping the Hydrogen away, and, voila! You shrink! The length of time that it takes for this to happen varies in different people. For me, it took a couple of years drinking the water before the fat removal suddenly started happening.

    There are two types of Hydrogen bonds: Covalent and Van der Wals (pronounced “Van der Vals”, after the man who made the discovery known). If you ever noticed in those diagrams in the little printouts which come with some medicines, the diagrams showing either one or two lines to the “H”s are depicting one of those two types of bonds, The double lines are the strong bonds, Covalent, and the single line represent the weak bonds, Van der Wals. The strong bonds, Covalent, cannot easily be broken, they are pretty stable, these are the bonds which bind Hydrogen to Oxygen, such as in water, H2O, a very stable molecule. Fortunately, the bonds which tie Hydrogen to Carbon, such as in food carbohydrates and saturated fats are much less stable and the Hydrogens can easily attracted away by the H5O3 molecule of pHenominal.

    During these past few years of drinking pHenomenal water, I have been studying the causes and effects of acidity, which is very simply the consumption of too many fats and refined carbohydrates, period. Body acidity lowers blood oxygen and starts the whole scenario for cancer development.”

    1. It is part of this cancer protocol:

      It looks like, one way or another, I am going to find out whether: Just not giving animal products and giving alkaline water and super foods will just work without any fancier protocol.

      I overdid it with my immersion blender and basically gave my poor dog glop for dinner. It was glop made of black beans, lentils, brown rice, turmeric, sweet potato, blueberries, broccoli sprouts, kale, strawberries, carrots, tri-colored peppers, peanut butter powder, flax seed, nutritional yeast and a little green tea.

      He ate a few bowls of it, but I tasted it and it was not good.

      It could be in a dictionary next to the word “glop” but he ate it and I told him, “I know, that wasn’t good, but it was good for you and I am trying to save your life.”

  11. Dr. Greger,

    I am sorry for being so talkative.

    I was just watching the Nutritional Yeast video and I love that you are so detail oriented.

    One pinch of Nutritional Yeast worth of Beta Glucan caused humans to live longer with Cancer when the control group had died and it shrunk tumors dramatically in mice.

    I am contemplating it and the various mushrooms.

    White Button mushrooms are what I have on hand tonight and my dog is going to be trying those next.

    I found testimonies on mushroom spray for dog sites with spray and that one interests me and I found a news reports on another type of mushrooms used in a study, which doubled the length of life of dogs with the exact condition my dog has, but that one would cost hundreds of dollars, and it would take 10 capsules per day and my dog isn’t gonna eat 10 capsules every day.

    Nope, I am going to be trying the humble white button mushroom and Nutritional Yeast and your site is what I am using.

  12. It’s not exactly nutrition related, but I found this study: that showed that those who did “intermittent energy restriction” lost more weight than those who were on a continuous and constant calorie deficit. They basically ate their maintenance calories for 2 weeks and then cut back by a third for 2 weeks and then alternated back and forth. Dr. Greger, what do you think of this study? Do you think it’s wise to follow a program like this one if you are eating a whole foods plant-based diet?

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